Unwritten Legends


Set in the expansive world of Thrael, Unwritten Legends is a text-based multiplayer role-playing game of epic proportions.

Boasting unprecedented staff interaction and plot development, Unwritten Legends is committed to providing the finest interactive fantasy fiction the web has to offer, allowing you to mold the history and set the storylines.

Come explore a magical world composed of breathtaking locations, where amazing characters and terrifying monsters roam.

Create an alternate persona from our huge array of races and professions then join friends as you adventure throughout the lands.

Note: We are under new management, and are currently in the middle of a code-freeze as we develop a new engine on an updated server. Issues with the game will largely go unaddressed unless they are game or economy breaking.

Mud Theme: medieval high fantasy

Unwritten Legends Mud Reviews

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Review posted by Lysander
Posted on Sun Aug 13 05:57:38 2017 / 0 comments
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It's been a little under a week since I got through the application process and joined the little community at UL and let me tell you, I almost wish it had taken longer! There's so much lore and so many systems to learn and figure out before you jump in! I agonised over what kind of character I would be for days! The system is an amazing array of choices. You pick class (and subclass, in many cases) to give you your base build and basic spells but, after that, you can do whatever you like!I love the combat system, honestly. I was so tired of 'round based combat' where you just type 'kill (whatever)' and let it all scroll while you just monitor health.

In UL, you control every action. It's a RoundTime based system, with rolls of offense vs. defense with every attack. A wide array of weapons with different styles (and verbs) of attack, and a wound system that actually includes limbs, bleeding, etc. It feels like a more fleshed out Gemstone, all around, even though UL is still in its testing stages. The players I've met are friendly and helpful and, individually, so interesting!

I highly recommend dropping in on the website (and forum) and checking things out.

As a warning, the community is pretty sparse, at the moment. They're under new management and also migrating to a new engine. But character info and stats, etc. won't be lost from what I gather so jump on in! Get lost in Thrael with us!

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Review posted by Kalani
Posted on Fri Feb 19 10:28:19 2016 / 0 comments
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I have been playing Unwritten Legends for some time now, and it never ceases to amaze me. The role-play is absolutely riveting, and all the players really work at their characters and their roles in the world of Thrael. The world is incredibly detailed, with interactable objects in just about every room of the game. Not to mention the massive scale of the world. With huge cities and small villages littering the country side, there is never not a place to find adventure or fun.

The staff are always helpful and working with the players, not only to improve the game, but to also play out plots, both staff and player created, and quite frankly fantastic storylines that span from weeks to months long. Ever storyline I have ever been involved with has turned out fantastic, and always surprises me with their outcomes. Players even have places in high places, playing Royal Bards, Royal Mages, and even Captains of the Royal and Imperial Guard or Nobles.

Recent additions allow players to earn their own homestead, instead of relying on an Inn Room system, and build their own castle, mansion, house, or hovel. Role-play is absolutely mandatory, and absolutely encouraged. With systems like the Fame Rewards, which is earned by logging in, or role-playing, and even by player submitted recommendations, you can customize just about anything you can own. Mounts, clothing, Inn rooms, weapons, armor and more!

The combat is one of my favorite aspects beyond the role-play, and is always fast paced, and always a lot of fun. With Mobs of all different styles and races, ranging from your little bunny, to massive orc beast riders and mages, there is always something to fight, loot, and generally destroy in one way or another.

Classes are amazing, with really awesome skillsets and abilities. They are decently balanced to give everyone an edge in combat. While player killing is restricted, it is done so to prevent griefing. A character must have a valid reason to attack another, and there are always consequences in the game. Either by the Imperial Guard or other players. This is one thing I adore, seeing as it very closely resembles real life.

Lastly, I love the races. My favorite being the Vulfen. There are many races, and tons of subraces for any sort of character one might consider. Be it a Haefdin mercenary or a Sylvan priest. A violent Il'lthye Onu Cleric, or a savage Inda'sim Rehar barbarian. The combinations are endless in a world that has an immense lore and background. I would recommend this MUD to anyone, new or experienced. It is still amazing to this day and will continue to be amazing as it develops.

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Review posted by Ange
Posted on Tue Mar 1 21:38:27 2011 / 0 comments
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I have been playing MUDs for the last ten years and fancy myself somewhat of a connoisseur of Text - Based RPGs. We all know that every game has its strengths and its weaknesses, but there are precious few that can be emboldened by their deficiencies.

Unwritten Legends, under the direction of nine highly qualified staff members, is a free (more on this later) RPG experience offering a flavor for almost anyone. The creative staff have blended together knights and wizards with the steampunk of engineers. Each profession is on a fairly level playing field and the staff strive to keep it as such. The exact period the game takes place can be anywhere between 1000 and 1750 in terms of technology, philosophy, education and lifestyle.

In having such a diverse range of colors on the palette, they can paint each individual plot or plot grouping to whatever is most desired. You can play an archaic nobleman with strict values and ideals or you can play a radical engineer, bent on seeing social reformation. The choices are expansive.

One very unique aspect of the Staff Philosophy lies in how things unfurl. This pertains to staff lead events as well as profession updates and expansion. The opinion of the players is highly valued and can often alter the direction the staff originally intended to go. The world is malleable and the lore is ever changing. This is the idea of the name itself. Unwritten Legends.

A character can cause drastic change in an event, as the staff are not playing by a set script. They are willing to bend and shape their ideas to allow full participation and to show that all actions have consequences. All concepts are welcome, providing they fit the theme. Thieves and Criminals, an Evil Ritualist Housekeepers, and Demented Religious Officials: all have a place in Unwritten Legends.

As mentioned previously, Unwritten Legends is a -completely- free to play MUD that does not offer any player an advantage for their monetary contribution beyond customized items. Players cannot buy their way to the top ranks, but must earn it through their time and role play. This point, in conjunction with the previous is why I highly recommend UL to any player, young or old, experienced or less so. There is a place for anyone who is willing to try.

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Review posted by Christian
Posted on Mon Jun 30 21:13:34 2008 / 0 comments
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I started playing Unwritten Legends in its first incarnation, as Realms of Exile. Even in the beginning stages, the game was amazing, and I was drawn in right away. It was actually the first MUD I'd ever played, and it's really been the only one. I try other games, and they just don't measure up.

The level of detail in the game is incredible and the sheer size of the world is astounding. The staff in the game are very friendly, and actually listen to the input of every player, even those who are jerks. Like me. :D

During my time with Unwritten Legends, my character rose to a position of power and some small prestige, and also influenced major events, in both the in character world and game policies. I've never really been involved with a game that allowed such a high level of influence from its players.

If you have been looking for a new MUD to try out, I sincerely recommend that you give Unwritten Legends a go. It's very much worth it, and likely you won't look at MUDs the same way after.

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Review posted by Erica
Posted on Wed Jun 22 20:59:00 2005 / 0 comments
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This is one of the best roleplay games I have ever played. It is not a game where you just go and hunt hunt hunt (Although you can if that is your thing). There are actual people roleplaying. All hours of the evening and night you can find staff jumping into the bodies of our wonderfully written NPCs and actually roleplaying WITH YOU. Great player to staff ratio. If you want to be part of a major plot you can be. If your the type to start up your own plots the staff works with you and will accept ideas from any player.

Special item made often, TONS of scripted items. Great web boards. Come check out the site and read about it. TONS of LORE. Tons of rooms, tons of cities. Come check it out apply to play it's great you won't be sad.

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Review posted by Dave Haugh
Posted on Mon Apr 12 22:43:45 2004 / 1 comment
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I have been mudding for many, many years and this is by far the best one I have come across. The content is incredibly deep. Each room in the MUD has objects that can be interacted with. When you see something in the room description you can look at it to see a more detailed description along with performing several verb actions with it. Same goes with your equipment. Look at the item, see more detail and manipulate it with other verbs.

The staff interacts on almost a daily basis. Anything from special merchants where you can buy custom gear to elaborate plotlines that involve an outstanding adventure.

The game mechanics itself are great. Your skills are raised by using them, but they can only be raised to the max for that level. So you must try to gain experience. There are several ways this can be done. One is of course hunting the various monsters. However, hunting is not the only way. You can gain experience through working a job at the local shipping companies. Fishing will gain you experience, even foraging. You can even get levels by playing a simple game of maedin with your friends or raise levels on roleplaying bonuses.

The builders, or as they call them, painters. Are excellent writers who can “paint” an amazing world with their words. The staff are friendly and very helpful.

It is in testing right and is not without it's problems. However the staff members are eager to help resolve any problems one might have and other players are just as helpful.

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Comment posted on Tue Apr 6 17:25:57 2004 by Christopher Hartsock:

I've been involved with Unwritten Legends since its early incarnation as Realms of Exile, and David is right, but I'd go a step further in my praise of this ground-breaking MUD. Staff Interaction: extraordinary. System complexity: extreme, but very user-friendly Gaming Community: helpful, dedicated and steadfastly loyal. Roleplaying Environment: outstanding promotion of RP over power-leveling mentality.

That's rather sparse praise, in fact. This game has been in testing for no less than 6 or 7 years, and that has nothing to do with laziness. The refusal to release the product to the general public until it is absolutely the best MUD out there in the Fantasy genre has kept this one under wraps, and improving every day.

It surpasses the games it intends to replace on an order of magnitude.

With 12,000+ rooms, and still growing, this is a serious attempt at world-building on a scale so grand it truly does leave the first time player stunned, even if they have years of MUD experience. The sky, sun, moon and stars are THERE. The sun sets, and the triple moons rise and set as well, and the rooms actually change (all 12,ooo+ of them) to reflect that realism.

In its final incarnation, there will be a very user-friendly in- between-world, to acclimate the novice player, and help give direction to the advanced ones, and all of this is done in character. The end result is to provide a staggering series of tools to augment any, and I mean -any- type of character you'd like to play.

It doesn't stop there. This world, Thrael, will never be completely built, and the emphasis on player-motivated player-driven player-run player-designed elements is absolutely unique. Even after it's built, any character, with some hard work and creativity, can leave a lasting and actual mark on the planet. The Realmforgers program allows players to submit designs for regions they'd like to see, subject to approval, and the Maedin Society Publishers permit characters to write their own documents, IC, and have them sold as merchant items. Anyone can write articles for the newspaper found in the game, and law enforcement is code-supported for players to be the Imperial Guard...in fact, everything above in final incarnation, if not code-supported now, will be.

If one thing -must- be said about this game, it is highest praise for an outstanding and ingenious staff. Mature individuals with a serious mind for roleplay, professional-level coding, unprecedented accessibility, a tireless IA department, and an ethical conscientiousness have set them very high on the pay-for-play food chain.

Testing is still underway, and testers are needed for every element. I highly recommend filling out an application to test, or join staff, and if nothing else, some terrific reading and a good prev2iew may be had at www.unwritten.net

A glimpse of the custom FE is available, as is the painstakingly researched and created history, calendar, deity system, ecology, geography, and even astronomy of this limitless universe.

Nuff said. Check it out.

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