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Shattered Kingdoms is a roleplay-enforced MUD that successfully unites quality roleplay with the tactical considerations of challenging PK. Established in 1996, SK is one of the few top MUDs whose gameplay is completely free--no pay-to-play, no pay-for-perks. Shattered Kingdoms is known for high-quality building, its abundance of unique quests, and its well-written code, which is regularly improved and expanded.

Shattered Kingdoms boasts an exclusive tactical formation system. Players can march in 3x3 formation with other players and NPCs, letting warriors take the brunt of physical attacks while mages, archers, and pike-equipped fighters join the fray from the relative safety of the second and third ranks. Weapon variety, siegecraft, mounted combat, dueling, and auto-targeting combine to make Shattered Kingdoms' unique, tactics-based combat engine.

Player killing must be roleplay justified, and peaceful characters can gain experience through quests, roleplay rewards, discovery, mentoring and spell casting. Characters with consistent roleplay become Paragons with the ability to reward others. The world of Pyrathia boasts more than 180 completely unique areas, each with its own story. New areas are continually added, while players influence changes to old ones.

Pyrathia has a wide variety of sentient races, each with unique armor, culture, strengths, weaknesses and abilities. There are six starting kingdoms with player-led tribunals whose actions influence local political and economic conditions. Prices of goods and services fluctuate with recessions, inflation, supply and demand.

Religions are important in Pyrathia. Though the gods rarely reveal themselves, their powers are seen throughout the realm. Secret cabals brandish ancient magics granted by powerful relics, adding intrigue and motive to the battle ground. Whether your pleasure is roleplay, exploration, combat, achievement, or a mixture of all of the above, Shattered Kingdoms has the adventure you seek. By which name would you like to be known?

Mud Theme: Fantasy Roleplaying with Tactics

Shattered Kingdoms Mud Reviews

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Review posted by Kamekrazi
Posted on Tue Jun 7 15:03:43 2016 / 0 comments
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ShatteredKingdoms is a great mud from an RP/scene standpoint. In the game itself, there's a great variety and mix of RP, PK, enemies and friends. Leveling is a little tedious, but overall the game is very enjoyable despite the lack of players.

Unfortunately, outside of the game, there appears to be a constant battle of players vs admins, and neither side is particularly mature in the fights. IMMs often act snobbish and lord even the tiniest mistake a player has made to diminish their opinion, code changes that impact the pbase majorly are often snuck in without an announcement despite the large impacts on the game it will have, and views of rules are changed at a whim to suit the new 'Rules Manager' immortal. I admit, I have not been on the wrong end of this and much of it is just gleamed from the official and unofficial forums, so this may likely be taken with a grain of salt. However, it seems very telling to have such a huge division between the admin staff and the playerbase about the game.

Not to mention, you are only allowed to play from your home, which is severely limiting. I often travel for work, though usually have wifi access in some form. It is incredibly disappointing to know that I am only allowed to play when I am physically at my home, as any all forms of proxy/vpns/public wifi's are either against the rules. For a game that appears to require a lot of time to level and prepare, I do not enjoy the fact that restrictions are placed on WHERE I connect from in order to enjoy the game.

Overall, a great mud but I think I'll be looking for another community that is less divisive against itself, and is less restrictive in WHERE I can play from.

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Review posted by Rengar
Posted on Mon Apr 23 16:21:09 2012 / 1 comment
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Ok, so I log on and create a char. It's in the Top 10 on TMC, must be pretty nice. OMG was i wrong. after reading 20+ pages of disclaimers and rules about how your soul belongs to the immortals and if they show up in person you have to grovel at their feet and ASK PERMISSION TO LOOK AT THEM, I logged off... seriously people?!?!? Get over yourselves!

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Comment posted on Fri Mar 2 17:02:55 2012 by Dulrik:

Shattered Kingdoms is a roleplaying-required MUD. In reading this review, it seems that the reviewer may not have recognized that fact or perhaps not be familiar with roleplaying in general. On SK, an immortal is not a synonym for a staff member, they are in-character deities who grant magical powers to the followers of their religion who have pledged that god their very soul.

These deities rarely appear directly to mortals. On the rare occasions that they do, it is usually only to highly ranked members of their religion. Further separating the distinction between admins and immortals is the fact that one admin may be responsible for as many as half-a-dozen religions (including any roleplay that they would have to perform as the deity) whereas other admins aren't responsible for supporting any religions at all.

On the extremely rare occasion that a deity actually appears to the general public in the world, there are certain expectations for how characters should roleplay the situation. This is why there is a single page in the help files (not 20) about expected behavior if your character meets an immortal character. As to why a character would not look upon the face of a god, try looking up the story of Moses and the burning bush.

But that help file has nothing to do with how players interact with the game staff in general. Admins are always available to ask questions and merely expect to be treated with the same courtesy and respect as every other human being. And that applies on SK's forums as well.

Review posted by corgith
Posted on Fri Nov 21 21:04:15 2008 / 0 comments
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Lots of classes, skills, spells. Great newbie schools, easy system to learn.

Good, solid playerbase and frequent special events run by the immortal staff.

Lots of fun, definitely recommended for novice and veteran mudders alike.

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Review posted by lockdown2012
Posted on Fri Dec 22 20:31:00 2006 / 0 comments
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Shattered Kingdoms, in my words, can be described by only one word, Unique. It is a very fun game to play, and I encourage anyone who reads this review to give it a shot. It is worth it. This is a very good MUD, and I can't really even describe it in words, you will just have to see it for yourself.

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Review posted by Alea
Posted on Sun Feb 26 19:13:52 2006 / 0 comments
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Shattered Kingdoms is one of the best muds that I have come across since I started playing muds in 1994. It has mandatory roleplay and unrestricted PK and manages the delicate and at times very difficult balance between the two with reasonable succes. Being more to the roleplay side than PK, there are elements of 'I win' culture on the mud that I could be without, but Imms are very keen on nurturing a vibrant and strong roleplay environment, and so are most of the players.

Its building is generally far above average in all categories; interesting plots, detailed descriptions, good coloring, good use of ambience scripts and plenty of well thought out interactions between area and player.

There are many quests of all sorts and on all levels of difficulty, and I have been told that even more are to come in the future. The world is enormous and exploration here is a time stealer of the worst (but most entertaining) sort.

SK does a lot to promote newbie friendliness, and manages in my opinion to get away with one of the best results I have seen. All helpfiles are accessible on Shattered Kingdoms's website, which means that you can be as prepared as you choose to be when you start. Even if you don't have the patience to read through them, most of the kingdoms have newbie areas that are easy to navigate and tell you what you need to know. The 'mentor' command allows any player below journeyman to send out a request for a teacher and guide, and any high level player may teach skills below a certain level in the mud's inns.

It is a free mud, with no buyable perks or benefits. The immstaff seems dedicated and fair, and the playerbase is generally friendly and helpful. The mud is usually placed around 12th on TMS's list of top muds, though I, after having tried most of the others, honestly think it deserves to be placed higher than that.

I suggest you peek in if you're interested in finding a new mud to play. I expect you won't regret it.

See you IC!

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Review posted by Vilion
Posted on Tue Dec 27 20:37:29 2005 / 0 comments
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I've been playing Shattered Kingdoms for almost a year now, and I must say it is a VERY compelling game. Roleplay is enforced which is very good in my view. They have great Race selection, as well as profound class selection. The Roleplay is very versatile and numerous. The Cabal/Tribunal system is very intense and extremely complex. This game should be number one so come and play!

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Review posted by UnderSeven
Posted on Thu May 20 21:11:25 2004 / 0 comments
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Shattered kingdoms is one of the many hack and slash mud these days attempting to Claim RolePlay. Given the myriad of games making this claim, I was first a little wary to try it out, but when I finally got around to it, I was somewhat surprised. I came in expecting the roleplay would be a gimmick term thrown out and the game itself wouldn't have any roleplay whatsoever, like many who make the claim. I was wrong on that regard. So wrong in fact, I feel Shattered Kingdoms has raised the bar for its level of play.

On the hack & slash and tactical aspect, SK has a far more balanced game than you're likely to find on many other muds. Through use of skills, party arrangement, equipment and spells, you can do a great number of things. The combat is far more than just kill x loot y, in fact the WAY you go about the killing can have an enormous affect on how successful you are. What level you are and the skills aren't quite so important as how you plan your battles. In these regards, SK is light years above most H&S. They don't have some hundred thousand classes and races and instead of making a whole lot of duplicate spells and abilities, each one has it's unique features, with some small exceptions.

The player killing aspect is another thing to consider, as it's a huge part of the game. After all, killing npcs all day can get quite boring. Just about anyone is opened to be player killed, however what prev2ents random player killing is the Roleplay, which we'll get to a little later. A fairly effective justice system keeps the random player killing down and ensures the game will have at least some method to the madness. Given most player killing games tend to end up being newbie unfriendly as a result, SK has successfully balanced the PK of the game with newbie friendliness.

In the area of newbie friendliness, the game is surprisingly successful. While I have not personally heard much from the staff, I didnít need to. The other players have been willing to help out in most cases and the help files are quite well documented, with a few exceptions. There are holes in the helpfiles where important things, such as ways you can lose XP and other penalties, are a little more buried than they should be. But at least the files are there, even if they are not as readily apparent as one might hope. As far as complexity, the game allows for someone to simply walk around and kill stuff, but at the same time the inner workings are more much in-depth than they appear. This lends to a fairly straight forward newbie experience as well as a more deep and customizable veteran one.

Now on to the roleplay. At first the game requires you to stay in character and doesn't even really give an OOC (out of character) option. With different languages and with 'adjectives' showing instead of names when someone walks into the room, the roleplay would appear promising. And to be fair, SK has raised its standards significantly over the average wannabe rp game. It is in RP that I have the biggest complaints. As with all games the players will make all the difference. In my experience fewer than half of them seem to have any concept of the difference between OOC and IC (In character). They seem to take things personally that occur in game and then argue about it out of game as though it is a reflection of the player's personality and not their character. Very well played characters can often be chastised because they acted in an IC way that doesn't flow with how the players OOCíly wished they would of acted. As well this leaves players to ignore their IC personalities and OOC info if acting OOCíly instead of ICíly can make things better for their character or their characterís friends. The General Discussion Board is a strong reflection of this, where such concepts as above listed of separation of IC and OOC are completely lost on many of the players of this game and the staff hardly does anything to help promote a better understanding of what RolePlay is. It seems as if many of the players would consider it roleplay to say 'would thou like to go train with me?' rather than 'Lets go kill some mobs.' The amount of OOC abuse on players because of Ic actions is ludicrous and no one seems to understand why it's not supposed to be that way.

To be fair, most any RP games don't even have the above problems, because roleplay never gets into the door in the first place. Therefore itís because of SK's successful implementation of Roleplay that I'm able to point out these problems.

If you're looking for a tactical hack and slash game which is both easy to learn and full of depth, then SK is a good choice.

If you're looking for a Roleplay experience for serious role players, then SK is probably not a good choice.

While it's interesting to see what direction this game will ultimately go in, for now it is a heavily tactical Hack and Slash, with a side of roleplay.

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