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Grimm Tales is a MUSH inspired by the tales of the Brothers Grimm and their reflexion in the NBC show Grimm, while using none of the latter's locations or characters.

New stories! New wesen! And a new city!

Some 200 years after the Brothers Grimm published what some took to be "fairy tales," the reality in the city by the lake looks different to those who have eyes to see: "Grimms", people with the gift of sight know that Chicago is full of wesen, people with animalistic aspects: the wolfman, the witchlike hexenbiest, or the manticore; people with aspects of bat or snake live in an uneasy community united by but one rule: No one must ever know. Grimm Tales follows the trials and tribulations of the many conflicting factions within and without the wesen community.

Streamlined app process. Consent-based RP. Slots for wesen (Grimm-aligned or -opposed; wesen-gangs, etc. etc. -- create your own wesen type, or be inspired by the ones on the show) and humans (police department, etc.). Limited slots for Grimms.

Mud Theme: Inspired by the NBC TV Show Grimm

Client Recommendation: MUSHclient (web-based interface available)

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