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Our timeline is sometime after All the Weyrs of Pern, after the end of Threadfall for all time and all events in all Pern Books are accepted.

Turn 1 - Colonists from Earth and Alpha Centauri land on the planet known as Pern, where they hope to build a world of peace and community.

Turn 8 - Disaster strikes the colony, as Thread falls from the skies. The colonists adapt, and spend the next two millenia fighting the invaders from above, using the assistance of the local fauna. Time Passes.

Turn 2525 -The discovery of an artifact left behind by their forebears brings new hope to the descendants of the colonists of Pern, that they may finally defeat their ancient enemy.

Turn 2555 - Threadfall ends for all time.

Turn 2644 (current time) - Pern and its people live under Thread Free skies. New ideas and new ways of thinking are replacing the old traditions and dragonriders have new jobs.

No longer do they need to fear what comes from the stars; instead, it is now their chance to reach for them, to make the world of Pern their own...

Mud Theme: Pern

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