The Green Leaf


The Green Leaf is a new MUD server, written from scratch in C.

The theme of the world is fantasy, medieval.

Role playing is welcome, but not required to play.

The world right now has 5000+ rooms and simulates a mediveal town with the surrounding forests and meadows. The future plan is to simulate a big fortress with all it outposts, forts, villages and such.

The basic idea of The Green Leaf is to have a world, where you can log on and have some fun, and not that the game forces you (too much) to do given things.

There are server hosted contests like Dungeon Raids, Last Man Standing, a trivia bot plays a trivia quiz with players.

There is a ranking website where you can compete with other players in various skills.

There are no classes or guilds, which will force you into a give direction, do what you want.

A chat feature with local chat, chat channels and personal messages is implemented.

NPC's are there which give out informations, buy and sell stuff or play quests or games with you.

There are server controlled creatures, animals and monsters, you can fight and train your attack/defense skills.

Do you want to play contests, like hide&seek contests, PM contests, PK contests and such, and win prices? I am going to host such contests from time to time and you can host your own contests there too.

Do you have ideas, suggestions? The server has a report command to report single line messages, and a forum is available, where you can post your ideas, critics too.

Another interesting thing is, *HOW* you can play.

1. using a telnet client or a MUD client of your choice (please read the rules about MUD clients and bots and automatism)

2. using the applet client and play using a browser, which supports java (at the website of the green leaf)

3. using a mobile phone/PDA/whatever using a telnet client

So The Green Leaf is under development, but at least playable using various clients to connect, has a mediveal base, is classless and offers you more or less the freedom to do there whatever you want, by respecting the rules of the game (type rules in game).

Rule #1 is: Use common sense and behave yourself.

That should'nt be that hard to follow. Please don't be an idiot and respect the right of other players to enjoy the game, and everything should be fine :)

Please keep in mind, playing The Green Leaf is a privilege, not a right, so breaking of the in game rules might, but must not be punished.

Latest changes: 26-01-2013: Bugfix of the Newbie Quest

Mud Theme: Medieval

Client Recommendation: telnet

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