Second Contract


Second Contract is survival horror. It is set in the near future in a world divided into two classes: normal humans who live under the civilized protection of the Muses and those who live outside the cities in the wilds, away from the gentle oversite of the Muses.

You begin the game as an unaligned human in the peaceful city of Aerdaeg, created as an example of civilization by the Muses. As you gain experience, you become more adept in the world. Eventually, you are able to go on a quest to become a denizen of the wilds or discover the secret behind the Muses and join the ranks of the elite.

N.B.: The game is under active development but is open to anyone who wants to test the game.

Mud Theme: post-apocalyptic

Client Recommendation: MUSHClient, Mudlet, or TinyFugue

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