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Mud Address: 1984
Web Address:
Codebase:            [MUSH]
Listing Last Updated:     April 24, 2015


Transformers: Lost and Found is a text-based Transformers roleplaying game based in the IDW canon of More than Meets the Eye.

The quantum spaceship the Lost Light launched in February for 2015, and it's been chaos ever since. Their first year was spent dogged by agents of the insane Chief Justice Tyrest, all while dealing with the kind of logic-defying adventures that just don't happen to Prowl. After defeating Tyrest, the Lost Light returned to their quest to find the Knights of Cybertron, visiting the far-flung Cybertronian colonies ... only to discover that they brought chaos and death in their wake.

They woke a figure of legend from stories so old that they have been forgotten by all but the oldest among them: Unicron.

With the Matrix shattered and empty, it's shards scattered across a moon, the Lost Light now faces it's greatest challenge: defeating the Unmaker, before it can destroy everything before it.

Read our wiki at and take a look around, or connect straightaway to the game at telnet:// 1984! It's a war against death and we need every soldier.

Mud Theme: Transformers

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