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Wing Commander A space adventure game.

Standard Terran Date: 2659.033 Three years have passed since the venerable TCS Tiger's Claw was destroyed. Accused of cowardice after the attack, a disgraced and demoted Christopher Blair is reassigned to the backwater Gwynedd star system. The Firekkan people, the first non-human members of the Terran Confederation, have only just begun to rebuild after a brutal Kilrathi attack was averted on the brink of annihilation. Ghorah Khar, a strategically important Kilrathi world, is openly rebelling against the Empire. The Confederation Navy has redeployed to assist the rebels and push back the Empire: the Enigma Sector Campaign.

Listen up, recruit. You're headed to Caernarvon Station for flight training. We will need more qualified pilots, gunners, engineers and operations officers to push the Kilrathi back. As you gain experience in the cockpit you will gain access to the best weapons and equipment the Confederation has to offer, including Lasers, Missiles, Cannons, Particle Beam Emitters, Ship-to-ship Hacking tools, Capacitor Shunts, plus many more.

** We are currently open for final BETA TESTING of our completely new, fully-featured space engine designed to remove the usual duldrum of MUSH space simulation and feature easy-to-use, exciting, fast-paced space adventure. Experienced writers and storytellers interested in creating fully immersive space adventure missions are also being sought.

Created by the people who brought you Wing Commander: Red Horizons, this is NOT a prequel/sequel but an entirely new adaptation of the classic Wing Commander video game series. No prior knowledge of the theme is required. Zero Chargen. Both single and multiplayer adventure and roleplaying are supported.

Mud Theme: Wing Commander (Space/Sci-Fi)

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Review posted by Orinks
Posted on Thu Jan 15 14:44:29 2015 / 0 comments
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This game is well worth it in theory, but completely lacks in updates and the main storyline is not finished. You will play a half game. Don't know what I mean? Play through the content that is there currently. You're assigned missions, you blow things up, you talk to NPCs and everything is just grand. This is the best singleplayer mud/mush you've ever experienced. alas, you are sent to find this commander and you will never find him... because him and his missions are not there. Sadly, this will not change. So the only reason I'm making this review is for aspiring mud admins. Connect to this game and play what is there and try to come up with something like it. A game that tries to tell a story is good, in my opinion, especially if it's a mud/mush attempting to be turned into a video game. The admin, Grapenut, has dreams about making his own original epic based around this engine, but who knows. The least he could've done is finish an entire coded plot of this game. Since nothing else is implemented like the planned co-op features, raids and such, I don't see how this game will attract players. Even if the game is largely singleplayer, I got some friends in the blind comunity for a day to join and we played all content, and then we just sat around and idled. After a while, we left. I came back, and still nothing. So, five out of five for game content, design etc, just finish the main plot at least!

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