Alter Aeon


Alter Aeon is a custom multiclass mud, set in a fantasy world with magic and dragons, swords and sorcery. The six primary classes each unlock different skillsets and abilities at different levels, allowing characters to create unique and unusual combinations that best suit their playing style. Designed from the ground up to be multiclass, this system allows for extremely specialized characters, as well as jacks of all trades.

The world map is extremely large, consisting of over three hundred publicly listed areas spread out over three large islands, three major continents, and a number of extraplanar realms. Quests range from minor jobs to epic multi-area storylines, and new players can start out doing quests immediately if they wish.

Other features:

- area instancing to reduce contention for quest areas - large userload ranging from 50 to 120+ - clans - registration based pk, including clan wars and arenas - periodic system updates and events run by an active staff - player created channels, boards, in-game email - boats and sailing - an account system for handling multiple characters

We also have options specifically for blind and visually impaired players, and an incredible custom client.

There are extensive help and informational resources on the web, including our forums, a well maintained wiki, articles, historical information, help page lookup, shops, guides, and more! We hope to see you there!

Mud Theme: Fantasy Swords and Sorcery

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Alter Aeon Mud Reviews

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Review posted by Dreadilis
Posted on Thu Nov 21 10:22:22 2013 / 0 comments
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Amazing mud... Well coded, n not just smooth n pleasing for the eyes (also they have blind support for an even easier on the eyes {?fingers?} approach) but also complex enough to not get bored with n simple enough to not get lost in too many options... Large active player base, many active imps/builders/immortals, n they are actually helpful - even the players... Well designed crafting/modifications, mob creation, and abilities... An excellent help library and skill tree work-up, both on the web-site and in-game... Awesome area based quests to help with leveling, some more complex n riddle-like than others for those that truly enjoy puzzles (I tend to just get angry n ask for help, but that's just me...). Just an all-round well thought out and implemented design... Its a familiar and yet different mud...

At first I thought the multi-classing required idea seemed weird but once I got into it the diversity became clear... basically you are defined by your primary and secondary classes but eventually you will have levels in every class... and while no race choices and only 5 class choices (soon to be 6 when druid is implemented) may seem very limited to some (myself included) but skill choices, class order, and play-style actually lead to diverse characters...

While this mud may not be for everyone, as it caters to the long-term, its my new favorite mud...

I'm looking forward to the PK aspects because from what I've seen its skill that sets people apart and not unique r hard to find gear like most PK muds out there... but don't take my word for it check it out for yourself... 3000

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Review posted by Spiritsinger
Posted on Wed Sep 18 06:09:22 2013 / 0 comments
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Let me start off by saying that I am a person who likes sifting through MUD reviews for those that are really interesting and actually informational. Not the 'This mud is not like all the rest' or simply 'This mud is great.' So if I am righting a review I want it to be very well written. Both for the enjoyment of the reader and to present an accurate and well-described picture of what I happily call my 'Home Away From Actual Home.'

Alter Aeon is a Fanticy based mud that has been well taken care of, well tended to and loved by it's many players and staff like a loved garden. These great people are not only dedicated to turning out area after area, but they actually show signs of life, interacting with the rest of the world.

Speaking of gardens, the hard working coder, Dentin (no, it's not that stuff in your teeth... He's the wonderful coder of Alter Aeon!) is activally taking ideas and working to add the sixth class to the currently five-classed system, druid. At the moment you are able to play as a couragious warrior or savage barbarian, unholy priest or devoted cleric, shadowy pickpocket or skilled ninja, flame-throwing pyromancer or ice-channeling cryomancer, blood magic specialist or undead master... or a mish mash of all! And soon, a druid, a true elementalist who tames and uses the forces of nature rather than ripping the raw mana from outer planes shall be ready! Even now you can pitch in and make a valuable contribution to the soon to come class. There's even a few articles about magic mechanics and other such interestingly trivial things in the expansive website.

Alter Aeon, apart from being a beautifully described mud, with equal attention to the slicing and dicing, bashing and slashing aspect and clever puzzles, fiendish clues parts. With truly unique spells and skills that differentiate one class from the other, but the chance to blend one with the other as you please, AA truly allows for player customization while keeping some realism. You won't bee seeing any magic-wielding assassens with 9 dexterity here.

Alter aeon offers a varied selection of compatible clients, including one made by none other than our truly savi coder, Dentin. It's even got support for blind players, with a mush-z client that includes an excellent soundpack. The Dclient (as the custome Alter Aeon client is known) supports MSP and has a pretty extensive soundpack of its own.

Long are gone the days of pointless slaughter and simple quests brave adventurer! This fine new world sits like the next unopened chest, awaiting your searching hands! Filled with the spoils of battle, yet full of sneakally designed traps! Such as the fact that the easternmost gem in the box was coated in a swarm of microscopic karnivorous mushroom spores....

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Review posted by zaar
Posted on Tue Apr 9 07:16:46 2013 / 7 comments
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If you are looking for a mud rampant with hypocrisy, an elitist group of coders and builders and where money determines the quality of your character, look no further; Alter Aeon is the mud for you.

First, I would like to concentrate on the money aspect as that is what most people seem to care about in terms of muds. Alter Aeon is not considered a pay-to-play mud, but it may as well be, and with the prices for perks, you’d better have some good income flowing in. Lets take a quick look at what things cost and their relevance.

Storage for one year: $25. One weightless, $25. One transfer of a character, $20. Change of spell colors (does nothing but changes the colors you (and possibly others see), $10 each. One practice, $2.5. Get out of death free card, $2.

These fees are insanely exorbitant and yet people still pay them. A weightless is a rather large feature you cannot do without; most players have multiple sets of equipment they wear; mages and clerics have a cast set, warriors have a hit set. Everyone has a regen set, then a quantity of saves, which help protect you from mobs which do a specific type of damage, among a few more popular sets. A weightless gives you a place to put all of these sets and weighs nothing. Of course if the four eqset slots aren’t enough for you, you may also purchase more. This means that $25 is pretty much a mandatory cost for any character that is mid-level because they will have multiple sets of eq to juggle and all that weight in a normal container adds up incredibly fast. This is rather inconvenient because it means that your encumbrance shoots through the roof and you run out of mp much much easier than usual. A storage is also a rather nice convenience because it allows you to store this vast amount of eq you will most likely accumulate somewhere, but that again costs money. If you should also wish to purchase practices, they cost you about $2.5 per practice. Dentin also very kindly offers a level 1 character, whose stats are fully maxed for $2000, which he says is actually a discount. This provides some idea of how much it costs to train your stats to 25, which is the maximum they can be trained to. For example, it currently costs me 14 practices to train one stat and 20 to train another. This means that I would spend $85 to increase two attributes. Dentin has also recently introduced get out of death free cards; for those characters who suck at life and die constantly, you have to buy these to keep your experience. This is the most direct way to actually improve your character. When you die, you lose up to 10 million experience. A get out of death free card prevents this experience loss.

Now there is an alternative to buying credits. You can use in-game gold to purchase credits at the usual fee of 1000 gold per credit. I have never seen it higher and usually it’s lower than that. At 100 credits per dollar, this means that for $10 worth of credits you need 1 million gold at the minimum to purchase the credits. This sets a weightless at 2500000 gold on the low end. As a higher level thief, most players can make about 75k every day or so, which means that it will take you at least 33 days to make the required 2.5 million gold for the requisite weightless. I have heard people talking about spending up to 35 practices or more to raise one stat; this is 6250000 gold worth of practices, which at around 75k gold a day would take you about 83 days. People frequently talk about the fact that you can trade gold for credits, Except as a higher level player you will have already needed a weightless and thus more than likely can not function without it. To make things even better, it is fairly difficult to find and sell items for any amount of gold and a run might net you around 2k gold if you do it solo and only kill. In a group splitting your gold with six members means around 400 or so, probably less. Inevitably AA is a pay-to-play mud, whether or not it advertises itself as such. If you just want to play a mud and get the features usually given to most players (the ability to carry equipment as well as some sort of storage), AA is not for you. While I do agree with putting money into a game if you enjoy it, players should be able to play the same game without having to donate money to be functional, especially at the prices AA charges. Ten dollars to change your spell color? Most muds I have played allow you to change the color of stuff without paying insane fees for it.

The admins (and the owner himself) make the mud an incredibly fun place to be. The main builder, who goes by the name of Morpheus frequently patrols the public channel, rule book in hand ready to lay down the banhammer on anyone who even might possibly consider getting near the line they shouldn’t be crossing. Jokes are also not acceptable. When he is not patrolling gossip with a vigor, he can usually be found ranting and raving at his loss of sight which he would like everyone to condole and worship him for overcoming or modifying areas so that players who found ways to beat them have it much harder. All this area modification is apart from the numerous areas that were built and abandoned, which means that they are not up to date with any of the new systems, have the tendency to load equipment many years out of date and that no one visits because the mechanics of these areas make it impossible to beat.

When the admin isn’t busy railing against the people he considers idiots, he is currently worshipping the leader of the newest and greatest clan, (who is known for recruiting every possible newbie and using them as cannon faader in his exploration groups), for somehow contributing to the mud by doing all this wonderful work. He also likes to spend time spewing random philosophical tidbits of wisdom that only he understands, but which you earn bonus points by trying vainly to provide a cogent response that actually makes sense to him. When you do not agree with these random philosophical ramblings, we return to being angry at the perceived stupidity of the player base on mass and morning that not everyone has the vast intellect of Dentin. When Dentin is not engaged in long-winded philosophy, discussions on how –he- could make the government better or dominion worship, he can be found nerfing random skills and spells so that everyone who wakes up bright and early to a new change log gets to hear about how wonderfully things have been broken. When there is nothing to nerf, we occasionally have flip-flops of level 1 2 3 and 4 skills which apparently should be in different locations than they were before, but which were terribly out of place and should actually be moved because a player might miss the level 4 skill he got at level 1 within the ten minutes it would take to get to level 4.

I do have to sympathize, at least a bit with the player base that currently infests Alter. While there are a few good needles to be found within the dung heap, mostly the mud is full of blind individuals, eagerly awaiting their next check so they can purchase more practices, running massive groups from within the depths of their parent’s basement. If you do not have all day to devote to AA, I recommend you stop now! The mud is mainly made up of maybe a top 10% of players, with the other 90% tagging along, earning browny points like it’s going out of style to try to get the equipment they would otherwise be unable to get by themselves, either because they can’t kill the mob or you have to kill it a few hundred times to make it load the piece you want. Among this 10%, most of these players are elitist jerks who will charge you insane amounts of money (Athlon) or join clans like Shadow Alliance so they can pretend they’re good at something.

From tyrannical administration with angry builders to the requirement that you pay to play this mud, AA does not have to much good going for it. While it used to be fun many years ago, Dentin has since tried dumbing the game down. Up next, the framework to allow the win button to be floating in front of your nose, before you finally get the win button right there in case you actually want to use it. Until then, be ready for lots of useless features and angry admins.

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Comment posted on Fri Apr 5 11:35:39 2013 by Fehlan:

Wow. First you call them perks, then you go on to twist everything to sound like requirements. I'll admit, the weightlesses are NEARLY required, if you wish to power-play. Anything else, well, colors and restrings are strictly cosmetic, and practices or maxxed level 1 character are for those who don't care about investing a few bucks, or see it as a donation. Or are too lazy to work for them, of course. Since a practice (at the higher levels) costs 10mil exp, and you get 5 or more for every level (36 levels per class, currently 5 classes, do the math), they're FAR from required to purchase. As far as stat training costs, why buy a character with all the work done? Play the game. EARN practices, and max your stats. You want to cough up the cash to not have to PLAY the GAME? Why play the game? So obviously trollish.... Thanks for the review and advertising.

PS Learn how to use the enter key, you'll do better at mudding and won't have to buy what's handed to you for no cost and a little effort.

Comment posted on Fri Apr 5 12:47:58 2013 by Dentin:

While I can in some sense understand your point of view, parts of your post appear ... confused. To clarify:

1) Pay to play is generally considered 'You can't log in without paying for an account.' We're definitely not pay to play. Dragon Realms is. We're absolutely 'pay for perks', and never claimed not to be.

2) Prices are high not because we're trying to be jerks, but because we're trying to limit how much stuff gets sold. Limiting how much of an impact paid items has is critical to making sure free players can compete on an even footing with paid players.

3) The money market is awesome, and gives players without cash a safe, secure way to get credits so they can buy things too. I know many players who have used the money market and trading to buy weightlesses without spending a dime. If you take the time to accumulate or create something worth buying, other players will buy it.

4) I have and play over a dozen characters, and none of them use weightless containers (or any of the other buyable perks.) As the lead game designer, I consider it my duty to avoid using credits to ensure that the game remains playable without them. So far, I have not had difficulty doing so.

5) There is only one admin - me. Morpheus is not an admin, nor are any other gods. Please don't accuse them of an abuse of a power which they do not have.

6) Gossip is not a public channel. Did you read the channel disclaimer and the help pages on moderators and avatars? That describes how the moderation process is handled. If you prefer an unmoderated forum, you should create your own channels (from which you can ban even me.)

I'm sorry you're having a hard time on AA. It definitely sounds like it isn't the game for you; best wishes on finding a new home.


Comment posted on Sun Apr 7 10:01:01 2013 by zaar:

One of the reasons why I log on AA currently is just to talk to people I know that don't use any form of messenger. I was idling when this wonderful tidbit of wisdom came through, I thought it was worth adding to the review. [bovine] Dentin: ssraxx: frankly, I'm done with your paid game advantages argument. You can buy advantages here, with money. Suck it up. You don't like it, there's the f****** door

I obviously sensored it out, but there's the kind of response you get from the main owner of the game. Needless to say, I found the door and walked myself right through it. I don't even care to idle on AA anymore.

Comment posted on Sun Apr 7 13:41:32 2013 by JJYanik:

**Note to the reader** I have no control on how this gets formatted on the website. If this will be formatted like the comment above, I apologize in advance.**

I disagree with a lot of your post regarding Alter Aeon and I think you should have fairly pointed out the good instead of just negativity (some of which is warped to fit your opinion). Nice formatting by the way and I dread what mine will look like.

Money does not determine the quality of your player. I have been playing for about 11 years and I “chose” to make purchases on game. I have weightlesses for my characters because it is a choice, not a must.

Before I had weightlesses (I played about 3 years WITHOUT them and I had many eq changes), I made sure that my characters knew the spell “tensor’s floating disc”. For those who don’t play Alter Aeon, that spell only costs mana and can hold various weights of equipment (depending on how good you can cast it).

Or I had as what Alter Aeon players call a “storage character”. This would be a created character that could hold various sets of equipment. Dentin (the game creator) allows you to have many “storage characters” (without cost) and for you to log them on to switch equipment.

The rest of the things you mentioned would all be any particular player’s opinion to purchase. There is no need to purchase a change in spell color (I have never done this).

I have never transferred or bought another player. I find it defeats the game and I want a character that I made with my time, not someone else’s. Again, this is a transaction that a player and another player chooses to do.

There is no need to purchase practices at all. Your post failed to mention the other way the game gives you practices. You are given a bunch of practices when you start your character, you earn practices as you level, you are gifted practices from time to time and running practices is not a huge issue. I recently ran 37 practices between two characters in the course of about 2 weeks. If you know how to play, how to get experience, know how to train your stats from the creation of your character, getting experience to train your practices should not be an issue. To me, this was nothing and I like the mud because it NEVER ends.

Your rants about weightlesses have been addressed by me above and it was a waste to repeat points you were trying to make again.

Apparently, per your information, you have been playing for about 6 years. Eqsets were not around 6 years ago. What did you do then? You probably (if you didn’t have a weightless) had various containers containing your “eqsets” and you made aliases to change into them. I consider eqsets to be way easier due to not having to make an aliases to change eq. Dentin did not have to offer 4 eqsets freely and could have charged for #1 eqset. If I didn’t want to spend money on getting eqsets, I would use up those 4 free ones and then do it the old fashioned way as explained above.

I do not own a storage locker because I choose not to. I use the “free route” that Dentin has allowed me by having “storage characters”. Again, this is a preference for each individual player, not a must.

I choose not to repeat my opinion on practices since I already stated what I said above. Being repetitive is not MY thing.

Yes, Dentin offers a level 1 character for $2,000.00 but if that is the route someone chooses, in my opinion, why even start playing?

I played in the days of the game where you lost HALF your experience. Dentin has implemented changes where you loose 10 million experience instead. I would say that was a positive change and it wasn’t something that Dentin did for himself but rather the playerbase.

I don’t purchase credits at all in the game and I get along fine with my 4 main characters. I personally don’t find a need for them.

Equipment can be sold on auction for decent amounts of gold. I am considered a veteran player and true, I have the means to purchase what I want or need with gold. Some may say it’s not fair to the newer people. Well I was there once. I was there when there wasn’t credits, storage lockers, etc. and I got by without an issue. Dentin should be given credit for wanting to provide game “extras” without making it a MUST.

Please keep this is mind too—Dentin DID NOT have to make the game free along with the freedom to make and name a character (as well as picking a class), make multiple characters, have eqsets, bank gold, or having the ability to make private channels. He gives you the ability to make your own clan (true it costs gold/credit) but he doesn’t have to supply you with around 19 rooms for FREE once you make a clan. And before you think about ranting about clans costing gold, many clans were founded on having characters getting together and pooling their gold. That is how it was done back in the day before credits existed. I think the only reason Dentin implemented having clans cost gold (and now credits and gold) was to avoid a massive number of clans with little or no members. And don’t forget, Dentin allows you to build your own website (without have terms or conditions that it must include a link back to AA) in order to make your clan dues cheaper.

Yes, Morpheus is a builder on the game but not the MAIN builder. He is considered a “world builder” due to the many areas he has released on the game. I seem to recall what you are speaking of in your post about “Jokes are not acceptable” on gossip channel. Please type “channel stat gossip”. Jokes are fine but when they border on the “crude” side, they DON’T belong on channel gossip because it is a “public channel”. Dentin has allowed any player to create private channels of their own for whatever they want to speak about, etc. And just to make it a point, there is NO cost for making your own channel either.

Morpheus doesn’t rant and rave about his loss of sight and can do some pretty amazing things in my opinion for being blind. He is the first and only “world builder” on the game. From knowing and watching Morpheus interact with players, I find he is personable and knowledgeable. Don’t break the rules set in place for EVERYONE and you won’t have an issue. He is a lot more vocal than other world builders (for those who are world builders who aren’t super vocal, I am not saying it is wrong to not be vocal). Morpheus has been modifying his areas based on the changes that were put into effect on the game. He has not been trying to make them “un-runnable” and Dentin would not allow such a thing. If you aren’t a builder and don’t know what goes into building an area, I would refrain from stating an opinion on what goes on in that “world”.

I speak with Dentin a lot of the times personally and he has never “worshipped the leader of the newest and greatest clan”. Dentin is highly intelligent and I will admit, I don’t always get what he is talking about, but that isn’t a reason to make him sound like he thinks he is above everyone. Just because you don’t know what he is talking about, doesn’t make him a “bad guy or bad admin”. He may find something funny that you and I don’t and he can be that way because that makes him Dentin.

If you are blind and you made the statement that it is full of a bunch of blind individuals eagerly waiting for their next check to make purchases within their depths of their parent’s basement, then you are just an unhappy person making such a judgment call. If you are not blind and you made that statement, that was just a plain wrong statement to make. And by wrong I mean “messed up”. I am not a blind player but whether you are blind or not, you just degraded ALL blind players with that statement. You make it sound like they can’t do anything for themselves and they have to depend on others to live. I know a bunch of blind players on the game. Some work, a lot have families and yes, there are those who probably collect disability. But out of the blind players I know, I have yet to find a blind player who is only capable depending on others and feeling sorry for themselves. If you are blind and you feel this way, I would seek counseling because you haven’t come to terms with your disability. If you aren’t blind, then you are just plain ignorant and discriminatory.

I actually can’t post any more regarding your post because I find the rest of it ridiculous and a waste of time.

I just want to know one thing and maybe even a reader of your post might wonder the same thing:

If the game has “lots of useless features” (your opinion) and is run by a money grubbing admin who “spews random philosophical tidbits along with tyrannical, angry builders, why do you bother to log on?

Comment posted on Sun Apr 7 23:03:50 2013 by Draak:

Previous comments did a good job countering a lot of what was posted above. I just wanted to point out that there's an 18th level mage spell that lets you create a temporary weightless container for 48 mana. Some players using this spell develop sufficient inventory management skills so that they never end up needing a permanent weightless container.

There's even a few scrolls with this spell on it, so you don't even have invest practices into learning the spell if you don't want to.

Comment posted on Mon Apr 8 09:34:21 2013 by Shadowfax:

Here we have a prime example of how _not_ to write a mud review, in case it wasn't obvious by the author's inability to limit line length or spell simple words correctly.

What started as an almost-legitimate gripe about how donation perks affect Alter Alter gameplay quickly descended into wanton hyperbole, personal slander and bigotry against the blind. These things have no place in a honest review of a mud. TMC has better standards than that. Hating on blind folks? Really? I'm glad you quit Alter Aeon. Take that bad attitude of yours elsewhere, Zaar!

Alter Aeon does not charge rent and is free to play, period. Bonuses received from donations to the game offer convenience for the player but are not strictly necessary. I have played this game for many years, have never made a single donation and can play through the highest level of areas available. Many features have been added to the game over the years, and, while naturally it's a delicate act to make new content useful while balancing it against the old, the new content ends up worthwhile and continues to breathe life into the game. The staff are amicable and reasonable human beings who spend enormous amounts of time helping out new players, not catering to the 'top 10%' as the reviewer suggests.

Comment posted on Mon Apr 8 17:51:00 2013 by JJYanik:

**Correction to my first post** I stated (in regards to Morpheus), 'He is the first and only “world builder” on the game.'

The correction is that Morpheus is the first and only blind 'world builder' on the game. My apologies to the other world builders for my mistake!

Review posted by Umbra ~ was my player name in this mud
Posted on Sun Aug 19 08:05:46 2012 / 1 comment
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Alter Aeon is a very well coded mud. The character development offers a great deal of balance while still affording for some uniqueness of character. The quests even have some great story lines to them and blend into new areas very well.

I was greatly impressed with the number of blind players you find in this mud. Myself being sighted I can't say myself how well coded it is for the blind to be able to enjoy the mud but all the feedback from blind players I received while playing was quite high.

Problem: It's really sad that an incredibly well coded and map developed mud tends to have over inflated ego's in it's staff. A problem I know I'm by far not the first to encounter in the realm of mudders. Generally I find that it is possible to address abuses of staff power with the muds owner. However, it was made quite clear to me by Dentin that not only was he not even going to discuss what had taken place but that he was only going to further the insult by immediately saying that I must have done something stupid. In short I disagreed with Lokar and for doing so he said I must either be stupid or a liar in regards to some mechanics of the mud. I suppose it could be considered stupid of me to think that if staff can speak that way to me that I could speak a little more freely with them. I asked 'Do you still need your mommy to hold your hand when you go to the bathroom?' and for that I was punished by Lokar and told by Dentin via mudmail later, without having even discussed it with me or even knowing the facts of the situation (He frankly stated 'I have no idea what you are talking about') immediately said I must have done something stupid.

So the long and the short is simply mechanically it's a great mud, but don't disagree with any of the staff if you don't want to get insulted repeatedly and certainly don't try to use humor with them to defuse the situation.


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Comment posted on Fri Aug 17 09:45:03 2012 by Dentin:

The power abuse described above is based entirely on one incident: Umbra's character was banned from the gossip channel, one of the general purpose player created channels, of which there are currently 112 in active use. The moderation policy for this channel is in the disclaimer, and is as follows:

----- - don't spam - don't troll - don't flame - don't use color overrides or channel color aliases - limit profanity - limit blatantly sexual content - don't piss off avatars - don't be mean

Note that this channel is not a public channel. It is a private channel owned personally by Dentin and is moderated by his avatars. You have no right to use this channel and can be banned for any of the above, as well as a host of other reasons.

If you feel you have been banned in error, please send a note to Dentin explaining the situation. -----

The note I received was far from explanatory, and from what little I could figure out he had been banned with the comment 'trolling, forever'. I sent Lokar an offline query, then I responded to Umbra with:

----- I have no idea what you're talking about, but you must have done something pretty stupid to get banned from gossip the way you did. I'm not undoing it -----

When I got a response back from Lokar, he said he'd undo the ban and take care of it.

As much as I can appreciate abuse of power complaints, a single ban on one private channel with a clear and obvious disclaimer about lack of rights does not power abuse make. If anything, this is simply a complaint about Lokar. Umbra's characters remain available and unencumbered should he decide to log them in again.


Review posted by Sandman/morpheus
Posted on Mon Sep 27 20:41:44 2010 / 0 comments
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I wish to pass on an online game that the blind can play. It is a text based role playing game and best of all, its free. I know that there must be many out there that like me, enjoyed playing a rpg in one form or another. Well after going blind I thought those days were over till I found Alter Aeon. Its one place that ones blindness doesn't matter and you can just have fun.

Alter Aeon is an on-line text based game where people from around the globe can get together and interact in a huge virtual world. The game interface has been modified to support accessibility for people with vision impairment.

I am an immortal, builder, player and have been blind for 9 years. I have been playing the game for over 7 years now. The game has come a long way and the creator has gone out of his way to make the game as blind friendly as he can.

Are you a mage, a wizard, a cleric, a warrior or a thief at heart? Do you like to hunt and kill dragons? Demons? Angels? Dwarves? Elves? Do you like to take on complicated and puzzling quests? Do you like to sneak up behind an enemy and slide your dagger into their back? Do you like to cast powerful spells and watch your enemies crumble at your feet? Do you just like to stand back and heal those that are injured? Are you the brave, strong warrior that loves to rescue that damsel in distress? Do you like to chat to people from all over the world? If you have answered yes to any or all of the above. Then, come and check out Alter Aeon!

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Review posted by Cria
Posted on Sun Aug 22 21:29:20 2010 / 0 comments
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Alter Aeon has been around for awhile, and I have played on it for a several years.

It is a multi classing mud, which allows the player to level in mage, thief, warrior or cleric in any combination they chose (new classes coming soon!). There are a huge array of skills and spells to chose from for each class. Each skill or spell comes in handy in unique situations you will encounter as you explore the huge world (39000 rooms) that is Alter Aeon.

There is a temporary player killing system that you can register for or enter an arena to test your mettle against other players. Player killing is purely voluntary and should a player chose not to, they will be perfectly safe from other players. Players often group together, each providing their own expertise as hitters, tanks, or healers to form large groups to take down big monsters and run equipment.

One of my favorite attributes of the game is the room that your character has to grow and become more powerful. You can currently level to 34 in any class and there is always something exciting to do, whether leveling your character, running equipment or quests, or exploring new areas. It is extremely difficult, if not impossible, to run out of things to do on this game.

The creator of the game, Dentin, is very active and is constantly weeding out bugs, putting in new content, and shaping the game into what I believe is one of the best muds around. Recently Dentin has created a custom game client which is very useful and displays the mud very well. It is a completely free download. You can find the client and tons more information about the game at

Come give it a try! It takes just a few seconds to create a character, and of course Alter Aeon is free to play!


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Review posted by Sakura
Posted on Fri Jul 7 19:52:57 2006 / 0 comments
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Well, Alter Aeon is my first mud that I've ever encountered and I've never heard of a textbased game. I've tried others after being introduced but always found my way back home. Alter Aeon, in my honest opinion, is one of the best muds I've ever seen despite it's rank. The system is run well and the game is newbie and also blind friendly.

There is a strict coding base for builders which does not allow other people to tamper with your areas and the gods are very helpful at times. I love the way that you can diversify your class choice from being a Mage Thief to becoming a Mage Warrior and vice verse thanks to the four different classes that can be leveled and that adds more diversity to your characters library of skills and spells which is always helpful. Anyway, I give Alter Aeon a 10 out of 10 and hope to continue playing it many years to come - Sakura

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Review posted by Fury
Posted on Thu May 11 19:39:24 2006 / 0 comments
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Alter Aeon is the only MUD I have ever played, but from the first day that I created my character and started the game, there were people who quickly befriended me and showed me the basics of the game. The overall gameplay is very simple to learn and the formatting of the game is easy to read and understand.

If you are looking for a MUD to play, especially if you have never played one before, look up Alter Aeon. I'm sure that you will enjoy playing. Be sure to look me up as well. I am normally on at some point every day, so if you need any assistance, I'll be more than happy to help you out.

Enjoy, Fury

By the way, if you need to ask me something, but I'm not on, type this in the game: tell email send fury (your message goes here)

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Review posted by Unk
Posted on Tue Jul 5 20:34:41 2005 / 1 comment
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Alter Aeon is a wonderful MUD to start out on. it is easy to play, the people are friendly, and the systems are basic and easily understandable.

Some functions of Alter Aeon not found on other muds: Free (no pay-to-play) NO RENT! (save and quit whenever you want! Your eq is saved!) Recall/waypoints (the recall command allows you to instantaneously transport back to your starting location. Recalls are stored, and the waypoint command allows you to shift between them for easy transport around the world! These commands are standard, and available to everyone.) Map command (call up a map of your surroundings anywhere you are) Multi-classing (Level in whatever class you can, whenever you want) No exp penalty for fleeing Consider command available to everyone Two newbie training grounds Clan systems Grouping is available, but soloing is definitely a viable option Channel creation system (create a channel to talk with your friends!) 128 levels is maximum. scan is a standard ability, available to everyone. Tons of original areas. (VERY little stock)

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Comment posted on Mon Jul 4 17:14:02 2005 by Sseatris:

Sorry Unk, but these 'unique' features are stock on most muds. They are in fact, nothing special. Furthermore, if you've been paying to play muds without even a basic eq storage system, then you are sadly devoid of intelligence.

Review posted by Incubuds
Posted on Mon Feb 14 23:07:06 2005 / 0 comments
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Alter Aeon, is imho, the most underrated game, let alone MUD playable on the internet for free today. I have played several styles of MUD, from DIKUs to custom codebases, off the shelves and Mercs; Alter Aeon is the best, because it is the most diverse.

There is an active quest system on the MUD far more complex than the standard: visit a quest master, kill the [mobile] located at [generic area-name] and return for rewards... you can actually affect the future of the way you play your character by stealing from the poor, saving the world or murdering innocent children for no reason! It plays on the ironies of MUDs and draws out the best qualities, with rewards for being a good player (you can rate the groups you run in), a bad player (become the most evil PPKer in history) and just generally rewarding skill and knowledge. There is experience for casting spells, healing people, berserking etc, you will always remember the first time you ***ANNIHILATE*** something with a leap attack! The items range from the very standard to the exceptionally rare limited boot loading ones.

I would say that it is not a MUD really for roleplay... it is possible to do so, and there is more roleplay in the clan system, which is extremely advanced with its own areas, restrung items and gold accounts; but in general, people come on to play and get to know each other.

The playerbase is very good, with over 100 at peak times, and new players joining all the time. The more experienced members can be a little cliquey until you get to know them, but the admins are a friendly bunch, often handing out mud-wide heals and restores (go T Cygnii!.

It's the little things that get you though... the fact that you can always see the status of your enemy while youre fighting it, the eccentric weather system, or people aucing 'drink!' when people forget how to use the auction system. Every little detail is under constant revision, with the latest changes always tested by the players on the beta test system.

All in all, this has been my online home, on and off for 6 years now, and I could not imagine surfing, downloading bittorrents (get on the bandwagon!) or just being on a computer without having my safe haven and companion there beside me...

So enough already, telnet in, and if you need a helping hand, send me half a bottle of warm tequila and a tell if i'm on and i'll see what I can do :)


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Review posted by Fehlan
Posted on Mon Jan 31 21:15:59 2005 / 0 comments
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After bouncing between hardcore pk-type muds and coddling newbie- types, I randomly stumbled upon Alter Aeon. As is my wont, I read through their homepage, from the creator's advertising, to the players' writings, and thought it to be interesting. I made a test character to give it a go.

I was captivated from the beginning. The initial 'newbie training' sequence gets you off to a rolling start, and mobs in plenty, easily within the skills of these new characters. An extensive library of help files, easily navigable, and plainly written. An in-depth quest system, with titled deeds to be accomplishment whether your desire be pure and noble or self-serving and evil. Active and relaxed roleplaying setting, friendly players in general, and many who give time and aide to newbies just beginning. Fully active auctioning system, that's easy to use, and a banking system just as simple.

And myself, being a builder, stand to show the continued growth, all the new areas yet to be found in the world, new challeneges to be met, more fame and renown to be won. The creators and administration are continuously active and INTERactive, which is a wonderful change from the usual I've known. The faiths of these gods hold rewards for their followers.

This is indeed the most well-rounded and complete mud I have yet to find. Even the playerkilling aspects are well-handled, and well -coded.

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Review posted by Cassie
Posted on Mon Jan 31 21:19:35 2005 / 0 comments
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Alter Aeon was my first mud. It has many detailed helpfiles plus a newbie channel for new players. It offers four classes to choose from, mage, cleric, thief, and warrior. It is difficult to be just one class in this game, because it has class specific skills and spells.

There are deeds and quests available. It offers two different starting places, one for people new to muds and one for experienced players. It also offer two login addresses, one for blind players and one for regular players. I know many people who are blind that play this mud.

The players in Alter Aeon are very helpful. Most will answer questions if you ask for help, some will even help you get equiptment set up for your character. I have been playing Alter Aeon for a little over a year and I would recommend it for new and old players alike. Hope to see you there!

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Review posted by Tyro
Posted on Mon Jan 31 21:09:08 2005 / 0 comments
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Alter Aeon is an absolutely wonderful mud. I have been here since 1996 and I have yet to find a mud that is as original or has the same quality as Alter Aeon.

The fact that Alter Aeon is custom coded, and not some edited stock derivative is one of the many facts that makes Alter Aeon unique. There's always something to do, so you are sure to never get bored. Try it out, you might get stuck like I have.

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Review posted by Artos
Posted on Mon Jan 31 21:05:58 2005 / 0 comments
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I feel that AA is one of the better muds. Especially since you can play more than one class at a time, which was new to me, coming from a single class mud. I was welcomed right away, and got alot of help to get to where I am now, and now look forward to helping others, having played muds for over 18 years as a cleric.

Most people are friendly, and being a minister, that is important to me. So if you come over to AA, look me up. I am an elder in clan Elite and will be happy to help you.

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Review posted by Jason
Posted on Tue Jul 1 20:04:31 2003 / 0 comments
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Alter aeon is the best MUD ever! I have played literally 20 different MUDs and Alter Aeon has captured my attention for roughly 7 years. It has multi classing (imagine being a thief, warrior, mage, cleric), the most set of diverse SKILLS ever.. friendly admin.. friendly newbie helpers. Always at least 35+ people on. Very healthy player base.. and it's huge! 20,000 + rooms.. over 144 different areas!

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