The Builder Academy


The Builder Academy is foremost a training academy for anyone willing to learn or teach how to build a virtual World. Due to our success and the stagnation of the CircleMUD codebase we have also released our code for anyone desiring a stable and functional codebase.

tbaMUD is the continued development of the codebase formerly known as CircleMUD. And we use it to mean both the Academy for training, and the codebase that is made freely available to the community.

The most challenging aspect of running a mud is finding good builders. You will hear this from the admin of every MUD that has ever been. In the past it has always been up to each individual MUD to find and usually train their own builders. This works, but I think the MUDding community can come up with something better. That is why I created The Builder Academy.

TBA has trained 1000's of builders and has an extensive tutorial and help file system. No pressure, no deadline, just come learn, teach, or help develop the tbaMUD codebase. Give back to the community we have all taken so much from. TBA is a MUDding resource. Take advantage of it so we can improve the entire MUDding community.

TBA can also be used by other MUDs as a builder's port. Just send us your newbie builders. We will teach them and then you can have them back with the zones they built.

We are always open to anyone willing to learn, teach, or help develop our newly released tbaMUD codebase (the codebase formerly known as CircleMUD).

Mud Theme: Teaching Builders and tbaMUD Codebase Development

Additional Noted Features:

  • Extensive tutorials and help files to train new builders
  • Maintain and release the tbamud codebase (formerly known as CircleMUD)

The Builder Academy Mud Reviews

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Review posted by Silvaria
Posted on Mon Apr 1 11:04:04 2013 / 0 comments
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So, I'm relatively new to MUDs. I've only been around for about a year and a half, and in that time, I haven't played many more than one or two of them.

I found myself obsessed with them quickly. After a few months, began wondering if I could use MUDs as a creative outlet, even without the Roleplay... The only problem was I had no clue where to begin.

While researching codebases for MUDs, I stumbled upon The Builder's Academy. I thought it was too good to be true... These guys could teach me and coach me in learning to build for a MUD?? And eventually, should I become interested, even help me learn how to code???

Sure enough, I submitted my application, and upon entering the MUD and getting familiar with the commands, I soon had my own area with which to do whatever I pleased. This is what I found in my experience here.

The help-files supplied are extremely helpful, describing with much detail each aspect of the building commands in easy-to-access and easy-to-understand menus. Rumble, the owner and administrator, works very hard to be available to new builders whenever he can, and makes sure to answer questions in-person whenever possible, and with great patience. Of course, he and the other admins cannot hold your hand or do your work for you, but if you have the drive to learn how to build or code, they are extremely supportive and helpful in your endeavor. Especially when it comes to more advanced customization, such as triggers, the TBA forums are an amazing reference. If you don't find what you're specifically looking for, Rumble and his staff will do their best to get you pointed in the right direction.

I highly recommend TBA to people I know who are interested in expanding their knowledge about MUDs. I have found it to be a wonderful place for practice, guidance, and application. If you have the interest, the time, and the drive, they are dedicated to teaching you.

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Review posted by Tristen620
Posted on Mon May 3 21:24:38 2010 / 0 comments
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Okay, so tbaMUD is actually more of a support group instead of a gaming mud. They are there helping Anyone who walks in and asks. They have EXTENSIVE help files that explain by example and description how to use olc, trigedit, *edit, etc. Plus, to new coders it is invaluable, they offer their code base as it is the way they use it. It is Very clearly written and quite simple to jump into and start coding with, and as a big bonus it compiles on nearly all systems easily and if you do spot a bug or typo in their code, let them know and they fix it and give credit! Even I have my name in there a few times.

Also, the Staff themselves are the most helpful Imm's I've ever been in contact with. They help fix code, work with you on problems, simple and complex. I use them as the center of my mud coding community if I find a problem I cant solve. A quick chat with most anyone on their forums gets me straight.

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Review posted by Ryan Stuck(Rave-Bosstone)
Posted on Thu Jan 18 13:10:15 2018 / 1 comment
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Tba is a great place to learn how to become a online world builder for any MUD codebase. At The Builders Academy you can quickly learn the basics of building that can lead you to many very good areas. Complete with the freshest Oasis OLC around and the latest DG Scripts,

TBA can have you up and building the area of your dreams in no time. The simple to use On Line Creation tool allows builders to make objects, rooms, mobs and shops with he greatest of ease. Quest edit makes designing a fun area easy with multiple quest type options! The scripting system is very easy to learn and very thorough giving the builder the ability to make anything do anything....seriously.

Come on in, TbaMUD is stable as can be and offers a huge community of mudders to collaborate with. Come build, play or help out!

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Comment posted on Mon Jan 15 15:13:27 2018 by Rumble:

Thank you for the review!

Review posted by Arken
Posted on Sat Jun 30 13:42:51 2012 / 1 comment
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The Builder's Academny is exactly what it's name implies. From the most basic of room/mobile/object editing up to scripting & coding, all staff members are more than willing to help you understand ideas and put them into practice. I was given an enormous amount of material to work with, in depth tutorials and step by step help. TBA is an excellent tool to understand just how it is MUDs work, practicing building a MUD, and enjoying the process in a laid back environment with no deadlines. TBA is a solid companion MUD for any other MUD a user operates.

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Comment posted on Fri Jun 29 18:29:33 2012 by Rumble:

Thanks for the kind words Arken.

Review posted by Jessie
Posted on Mon May 3 21:20:11 2010 / 1 comment
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TBA is an awesome resource for budding builders to go and try out the building process. It is very structured and organized and there is usually someone on to give you advice or help any time day or night! If you are wanting to possibly start building on a mud, please give this a try. You wont be disappointed!

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Comment posted on Fri Apr 23 15:02:37 2010 by Rumble:

Thanks Jessie.

Review posted by Tink
Posted on Mon Jan 5 20:13:42 2009 / 1 comment
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Anything I can say about tbaMUD would be an understatement and would not do it justice. But, I shall try, because it is definitely deserving of that.

I first came to tbaMUD for its resources. Word had circulated through a couple of games that that there was a MUD out there specifically run and maintained for developers and builders alike. Since I was fairly new at scripting, I wasn't very good, and hauled myself over to tbaMUD to see what the big hype was about. Timidly, I asked some questions about a script I was working on that had been haunting me for several days.

And, just like that, there was Detta in my room, helping me fix my confused script. Not only did she help provide me with solutions and got my script working, but she took the time to explain her changes and help me learn how to not make the same mistake again. Over the course of many months I asked script questions, and within a reasonable amount of time my question was always answered.

The Builder Academy is a laid back, stress free place. Whether you are looking to mash out some code, learn scripting, build, or teach others, you won't have a hard time getting your foot in the door here. There are a wide variety of people from all over the world, who uphold a professional environment despite any differences they may have.

I will always come back to tbaMUD, and will continue to offer my support and help where I can give it to this wonderful team.

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Comment posted on Wed Dec 31 22:03:01 2008 by Rumble:

Thanks Tink. She is yet another outstanding example of someone coming to learn from TBA and then becoming a teacher. That is what TBA is all about, sharing our experiences and spreading the wealth to benefit the entire MUDding community.

Review posted by Stefan Cole
Posted on Mon Jan 5 20:13:20 2009 / 1 comment
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A revolutionary idea for a new type of MUD school breathed life into the tbaMUD project. Designed as a training MUD for new MUD owners and builders, it's a fabulously well thought-out and well supported school.

If you are new to MUD admin, then try TBA, where you can learn the basics by creating your own zone, supported by experienced builders and coders, who are always on hand to answer even the most complicated questions.

MUD owners may also wish to send their builders here for a course of intensive training in best building practises, before letting them loose on your own MUD.

tbaMUD is not just the perfect place to send your builders for training, it is also an increasingly popular downloadable codebase.

I have used a few different MUD codebases over the years, and tbaMUD is my favourite, for the following reasons:

* OasisOLC - the best OLC I've ever seen, is pre-installed. * DG-Scripts - an incredibly powerful builder's scripting language is pre-installed. * Virtually bug-free. Compiles error-free in Unix, Mac OS X and Windows. * Constantly evolving, due to two active forums for ideas and bug-fixes. New update release every few months. * Well supported by both the tbaMUD and CWG forums. * Comes with a HUGE stock world of 183 zones (over 12,000 rooms), including a builder school. * Has extensive help pages for newbies and new builders/scripters, and a help editor for Imms. * Has an internal configuration editor to make your MUD how you want it to be. * ASCII (XAP) pfiles for easy management. * Easy to understand source-code, written in C. * Hundreds of updates and bug fixes since the old CircleMUD * Cool features include automap, autoquests, buildwalk, copyover, player-owned 'houses', and much more... * Loads of patches are available for adding other cool features.

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Comment posted on Wed Dec 31 21:56:54 2008 by Rumble:

Thanks Stefan, now coming up on our 8th release of the codebase I think we have proven our staying power and long-term vision. Now we just need to continue spreading the word. Thanks for your significant part in promoting and improving the tbaMUD codebase!

Review posted by Fizban
Posted on Wed Mar 19 20:27:59 2008 / 1 comment
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I originally came to The Builder Academy as an upstart builder that thought he knew everything there was to know about building. At the time I had built on Smaug and ROM derivatives, but never a CircleMUD. I had used mobprogs, roomprogs, and objprogs before and scoffed when originally told that DG Scripts (Death Gate Scripting System, originally was used in a mud of the same name) were far more flexible and could do anything that progs could and much more.

Now, 3 years later, I know much more both about building in general, and have become sufficiently proficient, in my eyes at least, in DG through trial and error as well as the help of my once teachers, whom I now consider to be my friends and peers. Also where I once believed I knew everything there was to know about building, I now know I don't know everything there is to know, and that in fact no matter how much I may continue to learn, I indeed never will.

Over time it has become apparent that building is not where my passion lies at all, but in coding and scripting (DG), and therefore I rarely build zones of my own, but absolutely love helping people with their own zones by answering any questions they have regarding building mechanics and/or anything scripting related ranging from making the mobs in their zone speak and perform random emotes, to scripted poker games, quest shops, scripted pet shops, and scripted calculators that can perform exponential math (I mentioned I have too much time on my hands most of the time, right?).

TBA is also now an actual codebase (tbaMUD) which has taken over the development of CircleMUD after the original Developer, Jeremy Elson, retired. In the last year since tbaMUD began with the release of CircleMUD 3.5 we have released 6 releases, the most recent being 3.55. I thank tbaMUD for turning thousands of builders including myself into capable capable builders, and specifically Rumble and Shamra for being great teachers and foremost great friends.

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Comment posted on Sat Mar 15 02:24:46 2008 by rumble:

Fizban has been with TBA a very long time now and like his review states he has come a long way. He quickly became part of TBA's dedicated staff (years ago) and is constantly helping new builders turn their good ideas into triggers. He has contributed significantly to TBA's success over the years and has made my job easier. Thanks Fiz!

Review posted by Cati
Posted on Sat Jan 26 19:09:01 2008 / 1 comment
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I'm not even sure if TBA is playable as a player, which is fine as they are the place to learn how to use DG (DeathGate) scripts effectively. DG scripts help your mobs become more alive, more 'real' than just something to hack and slash. So, truthfully, if your mud is just hack and slash and you don't care about the mobs getting slashed, you don't need TBA.

But, if you're like me and would love to learn how to make that mob even more lifelike, make sure to stop by TBA and have a talk with one of the staff. Rumble and Fizban (along with many of the other well trained staff) would be happy to take your idea and show you how to make it real. At least they do with me - no matter how silly it is.

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Comment posted on Wed Jan 23 08:24:51 2008 by Rumble:

Cati had some excellent ideas for triggers, but was lacking the training on how to implement them. So she went through the Builder Academy training process and took advantage of our trigger of the day example/request. Every day on we post an example trigger or allow someone to post an idea that they want to see made into a trigger. She requested these two:

and has come a long way in learning how to effectively use trigedit (aka DG Scripts). Thanks for the review Cati.

Review posted by Avarice the merchant
Posted on Sat Jan 26 19:08:16 2008 / 1 comment
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I joined TBA because I was considering building for another MUD and wanted to see how things worked. I saw TBA as a resource that would let me try building in a supportive (and sandboxed) environment.

I found the tutorials easy to follow, logical, and comprehensive. The sections on writing descriptions were really good and I have found that the principles taught there have stood me in good stead across three different MUDs. I am very grateful to have had TBA place writing style guides in one easy place. I now code for a mudlib derived from LPC and encourage anyone who wants to code LPC to complete the writing style guidelines on TBA before considering building.

I needed a lot of help from the staff to learn how the scripting of triggers worked. Rumble was always helpful and gave me personal attention. There are a few web resources dedicated to scripting triggers but the ability to practice it live was essential to learning. I was also happily sandboxed and didnít need to fear too much about breaking the mud.

Without meaning to toot my own horn (Iím tooting TBAís horn here) I scripted some very interesting things on my first MUD, including a necro guild that animated mobs that players could order around. Iím not a particularly brilliant coder but with the support I received I was able to learn scripting effectively.

Learning to script in an online multiplayer environment was valuable and when I started to code for a different codebase I discovered that a lot of the design principles could be transferred. I code LPC now and although the syntax of the language is different the principles are similar.

I think what really stands out for me about TBA is the freedom with which they provide a really useful service to builders. Many of the lessons they teach transcend codebases and are applicable for MUD in general. They were really friendly, helpful, and seemed genuinely pleased to be helping a new builder.

I pop onto a lot of muds just to have a look around and get a feel for whats out there. Iím often appalled by the poor quality of description. MUD is a text game and the richness of the experience must be conveyed through words. TBA teaches which words to use, how to use them, and what to avoid. If youíre already building for a MUD you will profit from doing at least the first part of the TBA course.

If youíre a new builder and thinking of building (for any codebase) do yourself a favour and check out TBA. I got my first builder position by a MUD owner coming onto TBA and looking for builders. That started off my Ďcareerí as a builder.

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Comment posted on Wed Jan 23 08:32:26 2008 by Rumble:

Thanks for the great review Avarice. It is always nice to see how a motivated builder can breeze through the training process and really excel. Most people don't realize that TBA doesn't hoard its builders. Some MUDs even use us as a builders port. Any builder can request their zone at anytime and do with it as they wish. A zone is the builders property. We often train builders for other MUDs and send them back with their work. Now that we have taken over stock CircleMUD development and are on our 6th release of the codebase I really wish a few good builders would stick around to help us develop the stock world :-p

Review posted by Paul Garceau
Posted on Tue May 30 22:02:57 2006 / 1 comment
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The Builder Academy is an excellent place for new builders to learn and provides fantastic resources in terms of the specifics of actually building zones within a Circle Mud.

The staff is great!

There is always someone there to help the newbie builder and the seasoned builder. Most especially those seasoned builders, veterans, who are just looking for a place to play with various ideas or to sketch out their 'perfect' zones without the pressure and stress that seems, at times, all too intense.

The Builders Academy is an excellent place for testing ideas and trying out new things without being bound to a timeline.

For the newbies, the extensive builders support -- when it comes to 'All Things MUD' has been, and apparently continues to be, excellent.

Extensive help files are updated fairly regularly. As an added bonus, within The Builders Academy, there are numerous examples of zones that have worked, and will continue to work, for years.

If you are new to MUD building then take a few moments to check out The Builders Academy.

If you are a veteran MUD builder, and you want to find a place where you can interact with other veteran builders in a relaxed and accepting environment as well as the company of other like-minded veterans, then The Builders Academy is definitely worth considering.

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Comment posted on Sat May 27 21:32:38 2006 by Rumble:

It is always great to have experienced builders critique TBA. I always ask them to give me feedback when they go through our training process. These are the people that really help improve TBA and keep it up to date. We could use many more experienced builders to let us know what we do right and what we do wrong. Thanks for the kind words.

Review posted by Cyron
Posted on Tue May 30 22:02:29 2006 / 1 comment
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TBA is a good mud that has people who are more than willing to help out with learning to build on a circlemud codebase. It is full of people who are there to help, and has a ton of tutorials and help pages that describe easly how to build. I definitely recommend it for anyone who wants to learn how to build.

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Comment posted on Sat May 27 21:27:41 2006 by Rumble:

Cyron came to TBA in 03 with no building experience. He has come a long way. Once he learned to build he moved onto trigedit and then even coding. He is now running his own MUD and is one of many TBA success stories.

Review posted by Ferret
Posted on Tue May 30 22:01:54 2006 / 1 comment
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I joined the Builders Academy after running my own mud for a couple of years. I was unable to maintain my mud due to the amount of traveling I did with my job. The Builder Academy accepted me with open arms and allowed me to build at my own pace.

There is a lot of talent on the staff which has helped to make the Academy a great learning place.

The Academy has an extremely extensive helpfile system that can answer almost any question.

The Implementers will release your zone to you via email so that the builders can take their zones to other muds.

If you do not wish to build and seek answers, the staff are more than happy to help a passer-by.

Please remember we teach people how to build zones and how to script with triggers. We do not provide full support on how to create and maintain a mud; However we will offer assistance if we are able to.

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Comment posted on Sat May 27 21:20:48 2006 by Rumble:

Of all my MUD friends Ferret has been with me the longest. We met as players on a MUD called Time Warp that we eventually took over. Since then we have bounced around several MUDs and have finally settled on TBA. Ferret is the only MUDder I have ever met. Thanks for the kind words and helping TBA all these years.

Review posted by Random Thoughts
Posted on Tue May 30 22:01:24 2006 / 1 comment
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I have been at TBA for quite a while now and am now a Junior Staff Member there. When I first came to TBA it was to learn to use DG Scripts, and I found that I enjoyed sharing what I knew about the other aspects of MUD building with those that needed the info. What brought this about in me is the way the staff that was already there treated me and helped me learn.

This MUD isn't there for players, though there is a player's port. This MUD is to teach people how to build, or give them a place to build. The Owners and Implementors invite other MUD owners and Imps to send their players to use to build, and not even have to make their own builder's port. They can come to us, be taught, have their zone reviewed for typos and clarity, and then it can be zipped up and sent with the builder back to their own MUD. Or if you aren't already part of a MUD and just want to learn to build, or even teach, you are welcome to drop in.

The zones that are built on TBA belong to the builder, but with permission will be available for download to the mud community in general and all zones that have permission for download are included in the stock distribution of the CWG Buddha download, which is the coder's version of TBA.

Come, chat, learn, teach, build. That's what this place exists for.

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Comment posted on Sat May 27 21:14:51 2006 by Rumble:

Over the years TBA has had a handful of builders that are talented enough with trigedit to abuse the system. Random was one of those few. Luckily, he meant no real harm and he was quickly promoted due to his knowledge and understanding of trigedit and building in general. Random has been a big help with both TBA and CWG.

Review posted by Salem
Posted on Thu May 25 21:23:02 2006 / 1 comment
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I came to TBA, not knowing anything about building for the codebase of circlemud. I didn't really want to build either. I thought, why, its time wasting, but with help from the admin, Rumble, he showed me the complex, but interesting ways of building. Of course, as i went on, i got to learn more and more about different codebases, not just circlemud, which TBA is based on.

I was given the trial vnum, the standard one room/object/mobile, and i started out building a medieval based trial. While learning the aspects of building, i went on to apply for a zone, and learnt more of building as i went on.

I now help new builders with their vnums, as people did before me. I enjoy the staff, they are very friendly and helpful. Nevermind if you know nothing of building, we will turn that around for you. If you are interested in learning to build, you can join us on the listed address, and i purely recommend you having a look, Thank you :)

A Special thank you to Rumble and Welcor.

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Comment posted on Mon May 22 18:00:51 2006 by Rumble:

Thanks Salem. You have come a long ways and have even given back to TBA by helping others. Keep it up.

Review posted by Elorien
Posted on Sat May 20 20:05:12 2006 / 1 comment
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It has been a year now since my player review of TBA. Since then I've become a staff member on the mud, and have a somewhat different perspective on things. The only thing that hasn't changed, is TBA itself.

TBA is still a mud designed for those who love to build. It is a place for people whose ambition is to teach and/or be taught in the art of mud creation. It is also a place that strives to remember that the first golden rule of mudding, building and imming is that doing it should be fun. If you don't enjoy it, don't do it.

Here are no deadlines, no pressure, no one who tells you that you have to have X rooms ready by Friday or else. All staff members and many of the players have several years' building experience, and everyone is willing and ready to teach, advice or merely offer a subjective opinion, should you desire one.

The Imps of TBA created the mud with the explicit purpose of aiding the general mudding community, and they have done for a good number of years now. If you have the builder's itch, if you think you have something to learn, teach or both about mud creation, feel free to stop by. You won't regret it.

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Comment posted on Sun May 14 23:39:53 2006 by Rumble:

Thank you for the kind words. Elorien has quickly proven herself as an outstanding builder and teacher. She has even taken on more responsibility as a staff member and is helping develop the stock world for the CircleMUD With Goodies release.

Review posted by Elorien/Elora2404
Posted on Sun Feb 22 00:36:09 2004 / 1 comment
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There are a few places out there that are first and foremost dedicated to helping out the MUD community. This is one of the finest examples of such a place.

When I first entered the TBA, I was greeted by enthusiastic players and staff members, who took the time to help me get started, and showed me all the patience in the world while I finished the application process.

The standard on TBA is generally very high, and it keeps getting higher. There is a common consensus among both players and staff that everyone, including those most experienced and/or most talented, has something to learn. Advice and honest opinions are given when requested, but at the same time every builder has the freedom to both experiment with unconventional building techniques, as well as a chance to learn or get better with traditional CircleMUD tools.

This is a place for builders who love to build, and the building happens in the friendliest atmosphere you could possibly imagine. I have yet to meet any single person who wasn't open, kind and ready to help with whatever you might need. And these people really know what they're doing.

Before I started at TBA, I was completely drained of creative energy. After a longer, rather trying Imm-ship, I felt unappreciated, unmotivated and with the exception of a little private doodling in Word, I had stopped building altogether. It took no more than a few days on TBA to make my mind start dreaming up new plots and schemes, planning a huge library meant to be a place that can help roleplayers evolve their clerics and mages at a scholarly level. I'm thoroughly enjoying every moment in there because, more than anything else, TBA remembers that building (and mudding in general) before anything else, is supposed to be fun.

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Comment posted on Wed Feb 18 14:39:00 2004 by Rumble:

From the first day I met Elorien I knew she would do well on TBA. I expect she will be quickly promoted to a staff member once she demonstrates her knowledge of OLC. Her writing is remarkable and I look forward to seeing her completed work. Thank you for this great review Elorien.

Review posted by Elaseth
Posted on Tue Jul 19 20:24:21 2005 / 2 comments
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I've been on TBA off and on from the time before Cruel World actually had players and TBA was just a building port to the time Cruel World shut down for good and TBA was all that was left.

When I originally went to TBA, I had just resigned from an admin position on a MUD and was floating about. I saw an advertisement for TBA and thought I'd see if there was anything to learn - and learn I did. It did not take long before I was helping others, and soon after that I meandered my way up the ranks to be one of their staff.

From a staff perspective, we always attempt to answer all questions and feel a commitment to improving the mud community - that of other muds, not our own. Rumble, who runs TBA's social side, has a strong sense of community and a desire to see others succeed. The rest of us have bought into his flowers-and-sunshine ideals and are trying to do our part... or haven't and are just using Rumble's resources for our own vision and enlightenment. In either case, all comers are treated with respect by the staff.

The intention of TBA is simple - it's all about serving builders. We cater to:

-- those learning to build -- those simply enacting a vision for a zone -- those building for another mud -- learning to script with DG-scripts -- discussing building tips and techniques -- trying out pet theories -- those seeking to expose themselves to the theories of others

There are no deadlines to work to but your own (though we do occassionally overwrite or erase older work for the sake of making space for newer work). It's my opinion that the staff is mature, service-oriented, and non-judgemental about building abilities.

If you wish to participate in any of the above, I believe we uniquely suit your needs. The only drawback is that while many building techniques are universal, we specifically teach the use of CircleMUD 3.1 with DG-Scripts 1.0.12 and OasisOLC 2.0.6.

Happy Building! -Elaseth

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Comment posted on Wed Feb 18 14:31:25 2004 by Rumble:

Elaseth is one of the few that has stayed with TBA from the very beginning. She is a hard core RP'er and has been the source of many of the nice additions we have implemented on TBA. Her ideas never seem to stop. Thank you for all of your support over the years Elaseth.

Comment posted on Wed Jul 13 00:44:46 2005 by Elaseth:

I just came back to read the reviews and see if any needed an update... I finally saw this, and it's been what? Over a year since I last posted? Hehe. Thanks Rumble.

To the rest of you out there, please stop by and see what The Builder Academy has to offer. It's a free resource to anyone interested in the way building works, making great zones, and for the mudding community in general. One thing about The Builder Academy that I failed to mention is that it's a great place to meet other people and network, especially for Circle MUD users.

Also, although I've never owned a Circle MUD myself, I've had people help me with my games and met people working on their own with terrific ideas. For example, at one point in time I was down a host, and a TBA friend offered to assist me set up my mud for a time with them until I could get another. TBA offers members the chance to meet well-connected people who are capable and willing to assist others simply because of its nature and the intentions of its owners.

Please believe me, if you need assistance and are willing to give your own in return, there's no better interactive resource for MUD players and admins out there.

Review posted by Heiach
Posted on Fri Feb 13 21:15:51 2004 / 1 comment
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I entered TBA with the hope of becoming a teacher. I've been building for quite some time and my first impression was that of a pleasant MUD with a very helpful staff. I filled out an application form and was soon on my way. There is wonderful builder tutorial there, and despite the fact I thought I knew most of it, I read it all anyway and learnt much.

I was then issued with a trial vnum, that is 1 room, 1 object and 1 mobile. And I described them to the best of my abilities. After some friendly suggestions my vnum was passed and I was set up with my very own zone.

The whole reason I came was to help teach DG scripting, but I ended up learning many, many things that I had no idea were even possible. I am currently working there as a staff member and would definately recommend coming here whether you're an experienced builder and want to refine your skills or if you're absolutely new to building and have not a clue at all. Be assured, you'll be welcomed with open arms and treated politely.

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Comment posted on Wed Feb 11 16:11:32 2004 by Rumble:

Thank you for the positive review Heiach. Heiach has been a big help with training new builders and has become very adept with trigedit. His example zone 359 is very impressive. He is always willing to help, especially with trigedit.

Review posted by Detta
Posted on Mon Feb 9 23:06:36 2004 / 1 comment
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Initially I came to TBA knowing absolutely nothing about any sort of building, having wanted to learn but being worried about expectations, difficulty etc. However, I eventually put in an application and found it an extremely supportive atmosphere. There are extensive help files on almost everything, there are no deadlines or pressures, and regular staff members to help with any problems.

Was given the trial of building one basic room/object/mob first, and was then able to work on my own zone in my own time, and learn some of the more challenging aspects of building.

Thoroughly enjoyed and enjoying the whole experience and am now helping out as staff there myself. Regardless of how little or how much you know about building, if you'd like to give it a go, or are just curious as to what it entails then I wholeheartedly recommend coming by :).

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Comment posted on Wed Feb 4 11:26:02 2004 by Rumble:

As her review states Detta is one of the few builders to go from newbie to head staff on TBA. Her building is incredible and she has been a huge help with new builders, helping fix donated zones and even donating some of her own work (zone 19 and 27). She may even be more patient than I am. Thank you for the excellent review.

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