Pendulum's Calm


Pendulum's Calm is a Cyberpunk Fantasy based MUD. Content is heavily inspired and/or created from popular games, sci-fi films and pop culture. Things are never as they seem here.

The overall direction of the MUD is to encompass a wide variety of areas that do not necessarily share the same theme with one another. To give players an opportunity to create their own adventure by choosing the types of worlds they wish to travel.

To accomplish this, we are in the early stages of creating planets for these worlds and similar themed areas end up on these planets. We plan on emulating what those boys did over at "Recall" at some point, but we have a long ways to go before we catch up to their technology.

With the vast amount of different worlds to explore and the way they interconnect, one may begin to wonder if they haven't drifted off into a dream.

Mud Theme: Cyberpunk Fantasy

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