Swords of Chaos


Telnet to bbs.soc4ever.com port 23.

One of the most popular and successful MUDs in the history of MUDs. Ever played Elfhelm's Bane or the Realm of Angmar? Swords of Chaos is the direct multiplayer descendent. Come join us! Play directly through the web at www.soc4ever.com or telnet bbs.soc4ever.com


Swords of Chaos is a Multi-User Dungeon (MUD) role playing game. It was conceived in the early 1990s by Mark Peterson for MajorBBS. Aside from socializing and enjoying the game with others, SoC is a fun pastime and a game that possesses the very heart and soul of the 1990s BBS gaming scene. The game is free to play and always will be. Come join us by clicking the red "click to play" button on the right of the screen at www.soc4ever.com, or telnet directly to us at bbs.soc4ever.com port 23.

Mud Theme: Medieval Fantasy Role Playing / Combat and Action!

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