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FluxWorld is a Futuristic Space Port and City set some 300+ years in the future on a far away planet. Expect some alien artifacts to be laying around. (if not some aliens themselves)

The FluxWorld SpacePort is just the beginning, and there are many areas just beyond that. Terrains include all the known types and weather. There are areas that are accessible by ships on the rivers, as well as access by air and space. The space station in orbit as well as our two moons and other planets are some examples.

We have player and creature kill, bots that just converse, wearable clothing, mining, crafting, repairs to devices on the electrical grid and more.

There are puzzle areas, Quests, Rune Gathering, and some special RP areas.

The higher level social aspect involves the players directing what happens to some extent.

Mud Theme: Futuristic Space Port

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Review posted by Brandon C.
Posted on Fri Apr 24 05:59:37 2015 / 0 comments
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New users of the MUD are presented with various bits of information to help them get started. Once a user has his or her description and gender set, there is much for them to do.

Cash pouches can be found and collected for money. There are a variety of quests starting from easy and progressively becoming more complex. These quests also offer a monetary reward for their completion.

Exploration is probably the biggest attraction while playing FluxWorld, and there are various ways to go about it. A new crafting system is available, where users can create their own clothes and weaponry. Users must first train up though. There are a myriad of classes users can indulge in to train up. The main stats are strength, dexterity and intelligence. There is also a huge amount of things to play with. Everything is made from raw materials and processed into useful materials. Power is harnassed from solar collecters, a hydro dam, a complex nuclear reactor and probably more I have not discovered yet. In fact, this is more of a simulation environment than a MUD. I do not want to spoil everything that users can do, however I will say there are multiple types of vehicles to get you around, and even space travel is possible. The owner is very helpful and has worked on special features for blind persons using a screen reader.

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Review posted by John
Posted on Fri Jan 23 15:09:05 2015 / 0 comments
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Welcome, I have been a user of FluxWorld since February 2014. The entertainment it gives is beyond belief,There is a variety of tasks and activities , you can perform during your time in FluxWorld it would be a impossible task to cover them all in this review so I will do my best to cover some key features.


FluxWorld is an immersive text based virtual reality set sometime in the future. When you connect to FluxWorld, You are welcomed by a visitors centre which explains a few basic things to new users like interaction with objects. This area also explains the different paths you can take. FluxWorld also has a fully functional Power Grid which is using renewable energy. FluxWorld also proudly displays 2 Moons, more on this later. Places to Visit FluxWorld has a large amount of places to visit, due to this I am going to list a few of the main areas to help you on your adventure into FluxWorld.

Condo Ave This area has several communal building where you can purchase and own a property. There are several building's of which you can locate (your) property. Floor 2 of the Kepler Plaza has proven to be popular by current users due to its low cost, There is several bulding located on condo avenue you may choose as an alternative. Extra Feature(shops) : - There is 3 shops on Condo Ave as follows: - The Realtor (buying Property), Vehicle Shop ,Housewares Maketplace - Located northeast of Main Promenade. Army Surplus is located here to purchase various weapons and Armour. Main Promenade : - This is the main communal meeting area when you first connect to FluxWorld , There is many ways you may choose to go here. Available directions are n,NE,e,SE,s,SW,w,NW,up and down is also a direction. You can travel to the Bank, Flux Museum, Visitor Centre, Adventures Unlimited, Marketplace and many more!

Level 2 Flight Deck : - This area is where some aircraft are stored by users, there is some aircraft that can be flown without owning one yourself. If you would like to own a aircraft then visit the shops located on Condo Ave.

Level 3 : User Residence is located here also a place called Alpha 1 Which I suggest you check out!

Level 4 : - On this Level there is 4 places of interest but I am going to explain the main one on this level , Everyone that plays FluxWorld must Visit FluxAcademy, Located West of here. This is so your able to do things like mining and piloting ships without these skill you still may pilot some vehicles But the more complex ones do require training in piloting. There are 3 other places of interest on this level.

Level 5 :- This is the highest Level within the main promenade. On This Level you will find Fluxcafe in the west, starflux is northeast from here there is also a atrium and observatory here. The underground : - This Train will take you to several destinations in FluxWorld but please note not all areas of FluxWorld can be Reached this way some places must be flown,walked or sailed two.

Mining Caves Currently - 4 levels, Though this may be expanded at any time.(you can get here by train south of Main Promenade) Earning Money : - (Everything in fluxworld is dependant on Fluxbucks though some vendors may ask you for silver or gold at times. Fluxbucks is the most common denomination. The oldest is mining and unloading your ore box (which you need to find before mining) - Check out the Mining Caves You can do some Labouring in specialist production areas. You will Find Random Cash Purses in and around Flux World.

The Catch me is a little more difficult these little critters run away from you and you must Chase them until you catch them.

Puzzle Houses - There are several Puzzle Houses also a functioning mine field for you to try navigate through

Rune Gathering - This is a fairly new feature, several runes are hidden in and around flux world if you can find them all, you can redeem them for fluxbucks at a special location.

Scavenger Hunt - Found in Adventures Unlimited (various items around flux you must find)

Solving Quests - There is several Quests for you to complete varying from simple to complex.

Obstacle Courses - New Feature - You will find several obstacle courses around flux world , which you will be paid for completing. Casino Games/Gambling Lotto Object - You may buy a lottery ticket and take your chances at winning a big pot :)

Gambling - Slots,Roulette,poker and craps to name a few casino games. though there's many more

Submit Power Grid repairs General laborer - Available in some production areas Fishing - You receive Payments for catching and collecting fish

Freebies: Weekly pay - Each week you get paid x amount to user for being a member cash purses - These are a freebie and can be found all around flux world. Experienced Users Stock Market - This is a fully functional stock market on which you can buy and sell your own stocks.

Asteroid mining & Exploration - ONLY for the richest!

Space There are several areas located in space that require further exploration . Flux World space has 2 moons Indari and Menoa they are rotating at 7.05 days and 10.5 days with a 3:2 resonance to FluxWorld.

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