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Thousands of Items, Monsters, Quests, and More. Unique Skill Based Exp System

[Custom] GameMasterDobbz@rpgreborn.
November 12, 2018
DB: Sphere of Fantasy is back! Put back up mainly for nostalgic purposes, but I will be maintaining and updating the code during my spare time. Its a good mix of Final Fantasy and

November 04, 2018
MajorMUD is by far the most popular MUD of all time. It has been named one of the Top 50 Computer Games of All Time by PC World. Any MUD that you have ever played most likely owes

[Unknown] Worldgroup
November 02, 2018
It's 35 years into the 3rd Pass of the Red Star since Pern was colonized, making it the year 543. As the protectors of Pern, the Weyr is atop the social...

October 29, 2018
Quest is unique MOO server; the database is a reworked RPGCore called QuestCore. Features include a new race/class system, magic spells, and character advancement up to level 50.

October 27, 2018
Join the BattleTech 3067 epoch...

[MUX] Battletech MUX Rebuild
October 25, 2018
Experimenting with the Dawn codebase. It's quite different from other codebases I am familiar with. A world that is steadily growing...

November 10, 2018
You haven't lived until you have died in British Legends!

[Custom] Ported from the BCPL origi
November 10, 2018
You haven't lived until you have died in MUD2!

[Custom] MUD2
November 10, 2018
United Heroes MUSH is an online text based social medium set in the near future of 2026. It is a world much like our own, but with some key differences, both...

November 09, 2018
This MUSH is a roleplaying RPG set in the Sequel Era of the films. We've been around since 2001 with tons of unique systems to enhance RP. Check out the full listing for details.

November 03, 2018
Infinite adventure, decades of custom development, no pwipes!

[Dikumud] Original / HEAVILY modifi
November 02, 2018
Player Empire System (Materials, Town, Army, Nation), Wilderness meshed with Empire system. 5 Tier Multiclassing, Custom World, Mix of Godwars-Rot-Rom, Sphere power system, Almost

[GodWars] Merc Rom Godwars Dystopia
October 30, 2018
21 years and still questing!

[Smaug] modified
October 29, 2018
DreamLand (aka Dream Land,, is available again on the new address: 9000. You can play right from the...

[Rom] DreamLand 4.0 codebase, gamep
October 26, 2018
Islands is a modern mystery RPG set in the small archipelago country of Paanau Ariki in the South Pacific. A popular...

[MOO] heavily modified
October 21, 2018
Circlemud / godwars conversion needs help
In Category: general
Sun 11 Nov 2018 08:03:49 AM EST
Posted by: Mayhem420
Looking for coders CirclemMUD/GODWARS
In Category: mud-staff
Sun 11 Nov 2018 08:03:48 AM EST
Posted by: Mayhem420
Is MUD Voting an Effective Tool for Acquiring New Players?
In Category: general
Fri 09 Nov 2018 12:27:45 PM EST
Posted by: RahjIII
Gossip Chat Network
In Category: general
Tue 06 Nov 2018 09:52:34 AM EST
Posted by: eric
You guys should all vote for your home Mud!
In Category: general
Mon 05 Nov 2018 06:19:38 PM EST
Posted by: Hades_Kane
3.15 - Portuguese edition
In Category: mudpromo
Sun 04 Nov 2018 06:51:29 PM EST
Posted by: Vadi
Old MUDs still open
In Category: mudpromo
Tue 30 Oct 2018 06:32:23 PM EDT
Posted by: Gareth
CoffeeMUD annual Letter from Loki
In Category: mudpromo
Sun 28 Oct 2018 10:18:50 AM EDT
Posted by: Loki
I need ideas for the game's main quest
In Category: build-questions
Sat 27 Oct 2018 03:55:47 PM EDT
Posted by: Hyena
Free trial of CoffeeMUD hosting on a server in a datacenter
In Category: mudpromo
Thu 25 Oct 2018 11:56:35 AM EDT
Posted by: fstltna
Nuclear War mud
In Category: mud-staff
Thu 25 Oct 2018 11:56:32 AM EDT
Posted by: stanach
conflicting types for 'strtold'
In Category: code
Wed 17 Oct 2018 01:58:18 PM EDT
Posted by: RahjIII
d20MUD:Star Wars Looking for Dedicated C Coder
In Category: mud-staff
Sun 14 Oct 2018 05:16:16 PM EDT
Posted by: Gicker
Dragon Ball, The Dark Prince Returns Seeking RP Admin, and Builders
In Category: mud-staff
Sun 14 Oct 2018 03:08:05 AM EDT
Posted by: xylam205
3.14 - StickMUD, Discord, languages, and copy as image!
In Category: mudpromo
Mon 08 Oct 2018 11:16:07 AM EDT
Posted by: eric
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Cthulhumud -- Mud Review posted by Chester
Posted on Sun 11 Nov 2018 01:05:50 PM EST / 1 comment
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I'll let the log do the talking. My friend and I are looking for a mud to play, so we made characters here and were reading the help files when this happens:

(OOC) An Immortal gossips 'The fun thing about snooping folks with identical ip addresses is watching that there's a gap between the amount of time it takes one person to type a command and the other to type a command..'

(OOC) Marcus gossips 'There are actually two people here. My friend is trying to figure out how to post to the general board. Can you help us with the syntax?'

(OOC) An Immortal gossips 'Yea I noticed you read the rules and he promptly went to board research'

(OOC) An Immortal gossips 'and the idle time between your actions is hideously suspicious looking'

ooc Do you do this to all groups of friends who play together? Are there any active players in this game?

(OOC) Marcus gossips 'So do you do this to all friends who want to play together?'

(OOC) You gossip 'Do you do this to all groups of friends who play together? Are there any active players in this game?'

(OOC) An Immortal gossips 'watch ip's sure. and there are active folks'

(OOC) *an Immortal points excitedly at Bugbo!*

(OOC) Bugbo gossips 'yeah, i play the game fairly ferquemtly'

ooc I mean that is some pretty hostile right-off-the-bat interaction there. And when friends play together, do they usually type commands at exactly the same time to not seem suspicious?

(OOC) You gossip 'I mean that is some pretty hostile right-off-the-bat interaction there. And when friends play together, do they usually type commands at exactly the same time to not seem suspicious? '

ooc We can probably coordinate our commands to be at the same time, but is that necesary?

(OOC) You gossip 'We can probably coordinate our commands to be at the same time, but is that necesary?'


--- The Gods of Cthulhumud ---

--- The Players of Cthulhumud --- [ 84 288 0] Hero Bugbo the hopeful [Cabal Du Quixotic] [ 3 3 0] Newbie Marcus the hopeful [ 3 3 0] Newbie Chester the hopeful

GODS found: 0 Players found: 3

(OOC) An Immortal gossips 'no but if it ever becomes apparent that it cant be done that's an indicator of an issue'

ooc Do we still need to post a message about the same IP?

(OOC) You gossip 'Do we still need to post a message about the same IP?'

(OOC) Marcus gossips 'I can understand that multiplaying is a bad thing in an RPI, and that you are enforcing that by watching account/char IPs. We are two friends who play games while hanging out in the same house on the weekend. It is the only day that we are in the same house together, and I rarely get the time to play while my friend usually plays more often. What sort of evidence would you want that we're not the same person multiplaying?'

(OOC) An Immortal gossips 'given it is listed as a requirement in the rules I would. but, i tend to follow rules wherever i go.'

(OOC) An Immortal gossips 'Pop a note up. I will ping another immortal and discuss it. I've never watched two ips that had this consistent of a gap per command so it's a tough one to call :)'

ooc So another IP had a regular human typing speed gap in between commands?

(OOC) You gossip 'So another IP had a regular human typing speed gap in between commands?'

(OOC) An Immortal gossips 'meaning, when i check Bugbo and I have no idle time, the other immortal has logged some decent idle time. chester had none marcus had 3 when chester did any action. when marcus does any action chester has idle time of 2 or greater'

(OOC) An Immortal gossips 'It just comes across like the one person operated ipshare not two person. pop up a note on general board'

(OOC) An Immortal gossips 'board 3 and then note write'

ooc We have a group of 6 players looking for a suitable MUD to play together, we came to check this one out since we're die-hard CoC fans. But I think I see why this place is empty.

(OOC) Marcus gossips 'No thanks, don't worry about it. We'll make your decision easy and go elsewhere.'

(OOC) You gossip 'We have a group of 6 players looking for a suitable MUD to play together, we came to check this one out since we're die- hard CoC fans. But I think I see why this place is empty.'

Comment posted on Sat 10 Nov 2018 06:01:51 PM EST by Wod:

Hey Bugbo, I read this with great sadness. Please come back and let's sort this out. I think it should be possible to get you all playing at the same time. Some of the Imms can be quite strict, but I think they are very fair. I think this conversation just went the wrong way. -Wod(an).

Armageddon -- Mud Review posted by Desharei
Posted on Sun 11 Nov 2018 11:05:59 AM EST / 0 comments
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I posted a review years ago, so here's an update. The game world has expanded - it was always large, thousands of rooms. Now it's thousands more. Lots of areas to explore, mobs to kill, and to kill you, plenty of dynamic code. With the "forage" skill comes opportunities to find valuable artifacts, gemstones to sell or use, food, wood and on rare occasion, treasure (those would be loaded for specific reasons by staff). Some areas have closed - mainly the city of Tuluk, and Red Storm East, an outpost village that was never all that populated in the first place. The guild/subguild system has been completely reworked and is now a class/subclass (semantics). You can now specialize more efficiently, and be "really awesome at everything because you picked the right main and sub" less efficiently. This is intentional. The results are a mixed bag, I feel. The mundane classes are much better well-rounded, and I absolutely love the myriad of options now. The magick system has been split into subclasses, which I feel takes a lot away from the mystery and risk vs. reward of playing a mage in a world where magicks are considered dangerous, scary, suspect, and loathed. I enjoyed playing victim or minion or hunter to some of the more difficult mage roles, and I enjoyed the possibility that I'd be able to play them some day, myself.

The roleplay is still the core of this game. Inspired heavily by a combination of Dark Sun and the Dune novels by Frank Herbert, characters live in a post-apoc desert world where the fabled, legendary and never-seen Sorcerer-King rules the south and the equally legendary but (previously) sometimes-seen Sun King rules the north. Noble houses vie for their place in the heirarchy of politics, influence, and power, their minions doing their bidding (or not, and risking consequences). Commoners live their lives, some trying to rise in influence, some simply wanting to "get good" at making fancy things and selling them for lots of money. Some are hunters, who bring back raw materials and artifacts from elsewhere on behalf of clients. Some are raiders, who ride the trade route ready to rob those very hunters - whether by coersion or by force.

The player base is also a mixed bag. Some of the veterans who left years ago are returning after a haitus, and that means newer players will have a chance to interact with more folks who understand the depth of this game. I feel the best way to get these newer players deeply involved in interactions, is to show them how robust the RP can be. Some of them don't understand that their character being murdered can actually be a GOOD thing. Some don't understand that this isn't a PK-game, even though PK is allowable and not uncommon. If more folks who appreciated their character being influential enough to warrant an assassination attempt, would step up and demonstrate the benefits of this, I feel it would attract more new players to see how intricate and satisfying it can be.

Armageddon is not a "fair" "balanced" game, but it's not supposed to be. There are coded benefits to choosing certain options, and there are coded detriments. However, regardless of which way you choose, your character WILL die, eventually. No matter how buff your character is, no matter how rich they are, how well protected, how good at all things combat, or all things merchant, or all things rangerly - he will die. Skills and stats certainly do matter, but they don't mean a damned thing if you aren't into the RP of the character within the scope of the game world. This is enforced in part by the staff, in part by the playerbase, and in part by the code.

There is a whole lot more I can say on the plus side and the negative side, from code to players, but this is already a really long review.

Cthulhumud -- Mud Review posted by Wod
Posted on Sat 10 Nov 2018 06:21:21 PM EST / 0 comments
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I've been playing CthulhuMUD now for about a year and find it really addictive and enjoyable. The game is highly original and very rich in its structure. It has a ton of Lovecraftian elements to keep HPL fans happy. There's lots of skills, magic, professions, clans and combat to keep you busy. The game is huge, and there are a lot of secrets, deeds and quests to work out. Some of it is still in progress, so there is room in the future for people to write new content.

Come sign up and play!

Sindome -- Mud Review posted by Benji
Posted on Wed 07 Nov 2018 08:23:20 PM EST / 0 comments
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It's a good game to play if you can avoid ever dealing with a staff member. The staff do not seem to appreciate the fact that there wouldn't be a game to play without the players, whom put in just as much if not more in some cases where as the players do seem to appreciate the fact that there wouldn't be a game to play without the staff.

Abandoned Codex -- Mud Review posted by Slart
Posted on Tue 06 Nov 2018 03:47:18 PM EST / 0 comments
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AC is a great mud with tons of custom content and immortal led role play quests that develop and evolve the world. Expect to work hard to gain your ground, but to be rewarded with a great experience while doing it. The player base and immortals are very helpful and welcoming. Pop in, say hi and check it out.

Erion -- Mud Review posted by Jesyca
Posted on Fri 02 Nov 2018 09:11:42 PM EDT / 0 comments
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Erion feels rather different to a lot of other muds which is rather refreshing as a lot of other muds can appear very similar and uninspired, it is very user friendly when compared with other muds and has a bunch of unique content for those wanting something new to try. The staff are also amazing at listening to feedback from players as well as taking player ideas and implementing them. If you are looking for PvP then Erion probably isn't what you are looking for as it has almost none but for those looking for PvE and a relaxed and friendly environment for adventure it is definitely worth playing. The players are incredibly helpful as well as fun to talk with and there is always at least a few people online.

I could keep discussing all its good points but at this point if you like the sound of it, just give the game a go and see for yourself. ^^

Armageddon -- Mud Review posted by Majikal
Posted on Fri 02 Nov 2018 02:14:12 PM EDT / 0 comments
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I've been with this game since I was about 14 years old (I'm now 32), through Armageddon I learned to write, roleplay take part in a wonderful shared story. It's a game I've played almost non-stop since my youth. The depth of the game is beautiful, the lore is something you can lose yourself in if you take the time to look at the world around you. The playerbase is mature, the roleplay is top tier and I've come to have more long-lasting friends from this community than I have in any other online gaming community I've been a part of. It really is a beautiful game, the coders are always working one bringing something new and awesome, like the new classes/subclasses! They manage to keep the game wonderfully fresh and interesting even for an old fart like me that's been there for for almost two decades. Come join!

New Worlds -- Mud Review posted by Zephybel
Posted on Thu 01 Nov 2018 09:34:30 AM EDT / 0 comments
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Some human beings cannot help themselves. They have an impossible to suppress sense of adventure and enjoy trying things which are entirely alien to their ever-limited scope of ever-expanding interests. For the longest time, I loved tabletop role-playing immensely. It pretty much defined my childhood with how much of my time and passion it consumed. Of course, being a girl in a male-centric game setting wasn't always easy but I played well with others and tolerated their treatment of a newcomer or a seemingly naive female well over the years because tabletop role-play was a personal and social activity and players and dungeon masters alike valued their reputations in tightly knit social circles.

Bearing this in mind, I eagerly set out to try my luck with the online role-playing community. For once, all of my role-playing circles were becoming rather inactive due to various individuals having a lot going on in their lives at once. For the first time in my life, I had to dive into the dangerously anonymous and troll ridden environment known as The Internet. New Worlds Ateraan, they called it. Seemed like a wonderful idea at the time! A somewhat generous list of races to play. Decent enough guild choices despite there not being many to choose from. A promise of role play being wonderful, active, and very much in character. I would invest many hours of my time into enriching myself with knowledge of the game mechanics, lore, and story of this world. And many more hours were sunk into creating a genuinely unique character to explore it. I pride myself in putting much thought into my characters, you see, for I do not right stories or participate in role play as anything even close to resembling an amateur. I do this for a decent living already but want to have some fun with it from time to time.

But one Ateraan player with a little seniority over me in this specific setting couldn't help but throw some vaguely out of character shade my way using her in character dialogue to call me a stupid, ignorant newbie and contrive some sort of harassing dramatic role-play with me when I refused to lick her boots. In a tabletop environment, this usually ends rather quickly with a dungeon master fading it out for what it is and giving the encounter a redo or even kicking a toxic member out of the aprty for a while if it continues to come up as an issue. This facilitates keeping a clean role-play environment free of OOC stupidity negatively affecting an IC world. It also facilitates reducing a delay in story progression over this becoming a recurring argument between players.

Almost supernaturally, the way Norman -a staff member of New Worlds Ateraan- handled this, a not too uncommon instance of bullying a newbie bleeding into in character dialogue, was by investigating an immediate false claim by the harassing perpetrator herself and her friends that I was breaking another entirely unrelated rule. This suspiciously escalated the problem to Norman himself and sidelined my own claim entirely even when I was found innocent.

Amusingly, even the most objective of evidence was not used to resolve my issue with the player of the character named Shadeau and I was eager to debate my disagreement with Norman. Norman was eager and willing to participate in this debate rather than close it, himself. And since he could not convince me to agree with him, he banned me from using all out of characters channels on New Worlds Ateraan. There not being a rule that I have to agree with him, he had abused his power to shut me up rather than use his power properly by telling me to drop it. In fact, if he had wished me to drop it, he had plenty of opportunities to tell me to do so. I could have then done so. And if I had continued then, I would have only then been guilty of breaking the rules of New Worlds Ateraan and had earned myself any sort of punishment. He then could have explained his community's sideways rules to me using the proper English that was missing in all of the help files combined.

Rather than take this lying down like so many girl gamers, I gladly shared the issue with a few willing Guides. Eagerly, Norman imprisoned me within a private the gaming environment so I was unable to speak with anyone else at all in order to shut me up entirely because his good oldbie friends were kissing his boots and disagreeing with me to be on his best side despite quickly piling objective facts adding up to his disfavor. I got to spend some time imprisoned for deigning to disagree with the Gods of New Worlds Ateraan, a place I am sure is full to the rafters with individuals who have role played far less than myself and probably wouldn't last five minutes in a meeting with publishers who have me on a first name basis and exchange birthday cards with me.

First impressions of Ateraan? There is not enforced role-play as advertised, but Enforced Role-Play Lite™. If someone bleeds OOC bullying of you being a newbie into IC dialogue as a form of contrived nipping social competition in the bud like this is middle school, you will be forced to break the game's own rules and role-play being harassed unfairly IC as the bullying is then compounded into unfair IC gossip and lies and it becomes outright bullying in a game that pretends to be newcomer friendly.

Penultimately, the staff members of the game are barely aware of the concept of role-play. Ultimately, they are incapable of maintaining a safe and friendly role-playing environment as a result of that. And finally nailing the coffin firmly shut, their own pride matters more than their own rules being clearly written and politely enforced.

As a sidebar, the conveniently made up unwritten rule that OOC harassment issues should be handled IC used as the excuse to bully me about rather than teach me said rule as a newcomer from literally dozens of other communities that would never ever do things that way doesn't really help me trust these people to be anything but extremely shady. If they were wise, they would have been a lot nicer to me and tricked some donation money out of me before revealing the truth that they hate new people learning how to play their game and want them to suffer miserably their vaguely excused wrongdoings for hours.

If you are a good human being and play Ateraan, I pray that you find a better-led community soon with similarly promising world building. But for the rest... Well, you made your bed and you can lie in it for all I care. Especially those of you who blindly defend unwritten, vague, or just made up rules and punishments. Perhaps I will consider reviewing this MUD specifically in my own community while I tear apart the socially incompatible mess that is the typical MUD in my experiences so far. Perhaps I will not. It depends on how angry I still am by the time I compile my information into my own content.

Roleplay isn't an MMO. You don't just get to bully people for being new. And you don't just get to pass poorly written garbage as rules. And you don't just get to repeatedly silence someone for pointing out that bullying needs to be resolved OOC for role-play to be fun. That's like yelling at newbies that they're wrong while simultaneously giggling you're sticking up for someone you've literally known five seconds longer and like more than your community growing, surviving and improving. That's, in fact, a perfect tutorial on how to get a stale, dying community with nothing but hesitantly returning people who probably are only returning because they sank a lot of time, money, and creative juice into your game.

This unfortunate incident aside, I really could use some tips on which MUDs are actually playable and have staff members that do not make excuses, ask loaded questions, or even outright spin topics to be right when, fundamentally in the sense of role-playing itself, they are so painfully wrong every moment they touch their keyboards. I want my content when I review the MUD community as a whole to have at least a shred of hope in it. I'll make money whether I rip on MUDs in general or not, so it benefits only yourselves and the potential curiosity of my own readers enriching your own communities to prove that MUD can be safe, fair, and fun.

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