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ChatMUD is a MOO (MUD, object-oriented) designed around the central goal of socialization and creative works. Featuring the most sophisticated channel...

[MOO] Custom LambdaMOO-Stunt + Lamb
December 10, 2018
Epic Graphical MUD with lots of content, active development, active community and PVP - New Christmas Area/Quests/Events just launched!

[Unknown] standalone client
December 07, 2018
Godwars Circlemud diku merc pk rpg

November 27, 2018
Where everyone is immortal, but some people are more immortal than others.

November 26, 2018
Hey, the world may be in tatters, civilization may have crumbled, but at least here, there’s hope. Hope Island MUCK, a new twist on a very old kind of game. Players arrive via boat

November 25, 2018
godwars vampirewars 'vampire wars' 'world of darkness' whitewolf vampire

[GodWars] GW2K6
November 17, 2018
War has erupted in full on Cybertron once again. In the wake of the corrupt Senate's fall, Optimus Prime aims to...

December 14, 2018
Player Empire System (Materials, Town, Army, Nation), Wilderness meshed with Empire system. 5 Tier Multiclassing, Custom World, Mix of Godwars-Rot-Rom, Sphere power system, Almost

[GodWars] Merc Rom Godwars Dystopia
December 08, 2018
Dragon Ball New Universe is a DragonBall MUD undergoing a new wave of changes to become a more unique and engaging...

[Smaug] Dbsaga, Dbr, dbna2, dbnu.1.
December 06, 2018
A custom world where you decide the legend. How will history remember you? Join Asteria and start your legacy.

December 05, 2018
CLASSES: Ninja, Monk, Bishop, Archmage, Armswielder & Bard RACES: 28 - See the variety - NOTE: Every class has a special powerskill or powerspell at level 1 - Please practice it f

[Rot] Rot 1.4 and Rom 2.4
December 04, 2018

[Circlemud] LexiMUD
December 03, 2018
Crimson MUD II is a place you can lose yourself in for days, months and years. We are a long established MUD, offering over 80 zones to explore. It provides...

[Dikumud] Ubuntu Linux system
November 26, 2018
Harshlands. A 24x7 online p-Hârn world inspired by N. Robin Crossby.

[Dikumud] Heavily Modified
November 24, 2018
Infinite adventure, decades of custom development, no pwipes!

[Dikumud] Original / HEAVILY modifi
November 15, 2018
Experimenting with the Dawn codebase. It's quite different from other codebases I am familiar with. A world that is steadily growing...

November 15, 2018
Code I would like to see
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Fri 14 Dec 2018 05:43:51 PM EST
Posted by: RhysChristiansen
Come give us your input and review ember online
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ExVenture Framework
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Posted by: eric
Why do my posts still need approval?
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Posted by: Hades_Kane
In modern C++, how would you represent the exit directions in code?
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Posted by: RahjIII
Skills and Spells... Code Design
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Posted by: blobule
Free trial of CoffeeMUD hosting on a server in a datacenter
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Sat 08 Dec 2018 06:13:07 PM EST
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Adventures Unlimited
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Fri 07 Dec 2018 02:42:48 PM EST
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New MUD: Realms of Myst
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Fri 07 Dec 2018 01:55:14 PM EST
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Vampire Wars: The Final Sunset
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Fri 07 Dec 2018 08:38:37 AM EST
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Ember Online promotion
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CoffeeMUD December Player Challenge
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Gossip Chat Network
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Fri 30 Nov 2018 04:18:12 PM EST
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Sourcery FTP site
In Category: general
Thu 29 Nov 2018 09:55:13 AM EST
Posted by: rumble
Are the old forum posts still around?
In Category: uncategorized
Tue 27 Nov 2018 11:26:45 PM EST
Posted by: Tyche
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The Gathering... -- Mud Review posted by TG-Player
Posted on Wed 12 Dec 2018 06:57:55 PM EST / 0 comments
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The Gathering... has many options for players. A large world to explore, and variations of colors to use to customize everything from your character description, to gear, to even your character's own player home. There are many commands that can be used towards making your roleplay experience fun.

It used to be a good MUD. It's gone downhill. I truly hope each year it'll start to get better, and when it seems like it does or will it degrades once more. :(

Warning: This MUD is truly for Adults. It has sexual content even in "safe" roleplay places, and that can be read in the roleplay notes, including Bestiality, Incest, Underage Sex (14 years is the minimum for SRP for the character, though players are much older), Rape, Fetal Deaths, Kidnapping, and fetishes I dare not name, and some of these that are combined. If you cannot handle these roleplay topics, even in hearing about them, move onto another game.

TLDR: I suggest moving onto another MUD where the staff is truly attentive to all that is needed of ALL the player base equally. If this MUD gets into the high 10 ranks it may very well have changed to truly be able to handle new players. To this day of this review posted, the staff is incapable of handling who they have now that have been within them for years to a decade, and who are likely getting fed up with the staff and player behavior alike, though doing things against their very own rules.


The staff don't really want to do anything about it. This game needs new staff, and kick off the inactive ones or the ones who aren't doing the roles they had agreed to take on. More, or new staff, to take over roles/duties that are necessary to the continuing success of the game. Especially to help their players in roleplay that has to do with the world. There is a control issue with the owners (one in particular who has created the entirety of the world, changed, and pretty much taken it over from what it used to be), and everything that owner has control over or knows will be put on hold for months to a OVER a YEAR when this owner is away.

The players are expected to be patient, to wait that long, to find other things (when no other staff can help, and what game actually works like this?), or the player (not the staff in question) will be made to feel guilty for not being more patient. The smart thing for them to set us is to make it that not one staff member is in charge of any one thing. Then they all can do things for the game and players, and when one is on hiatus another can easily take over. The staff now will get frustrated with players "whining" about these things. They have no remorse for their players, and will expect the players to have remorse for the staff who are having troubles IRL.

Players are not there to know about the real life situations of the staff, or other players. They are there to PLAY and the duty of the staff is to make this game, in its entirety, a fun and welcome place to play.

TG is essentially a gloried sex chat room with the minor aspect of roleplay for players to live out their fantasies.

You will find married couples with numerous characters intertwined with each other (a 10 alt limit), having numerous children. Children "born" in the game will be raised to the age of 14, the legal age a character can be Sex Roleplayed with, and be sexually involved with their own parents, with possible children being born from that.

There are many characters who are incestual. Yes, incest is allowed. Yes, underaged characters are allowed to take part in SRP with characters 3-10+ times their age and experience. If none of this appeals to you, do NOT play here, because these topics are RAMPANT even when you're in the main recall point. That main recall point is where everyone will take their cuddling, kissing, and conversation where you will read all about it.

Many great players have left because of the behavior, insults, guilt-trips, and excuses of the staff and other players, despite those players who left having being very focused on helping this game for the better. This leaves only behind the ones who were the true focus of the problems. You will find a lot of victim blaming going on with those who have the control.

If the rank of this game ever gets up into the 20's, this may signify that it has finally changed because it truly has proven itself to its players to be able to handle more players. Either that or someone cheated to get this MUD up into the higher ranks JUST for players, without anything changing at all.

If you come here, you will get a friendly welcome and what help you might need if you can't figure it out yourself. You will quickly, within days, be able to get to the highest level, however you will soon realize there are many things that need to improve. Take my word for it, those things you will find now are not new. They have needed to be improved for YEARS, and this is because the staff are not focused upon them as being priority, and the staff are the only ones capable of changing it.

- Helpfiles are out of date and will not be updated within a reasonable amount of time after a new feature that would need a helpfile is added into the code.

- Typo's will be found in the descriptions that have not been changed. (You would think that being primarily English and text-based, they'd know the difference between sense and since, your and you're, its and it's, etc...) Fixing these are a repetitive task, however is an improvement to make a better impression on players that may see this as being part of quality on a text-based game.

- Maps in some areas will be confusing, having rooms landing over each other, when there is no purpose for it to be so confusing.

- Areas will be closed off or moved WITHOUT any roleplay, nor any warning/notice to the players. Their excuse? The specific staff who have made those areas have full control of where they go despite those areas having been there for many, many years, and older players being very used to them being where they were.

- In character laws may be RETCON'd into the game without any roleplay. It will be expected of players that this has always been part of it.

- The "safe place" of the main recall point will have numerous rules and laws. However, these aren't for everyone. These are laws of convenience for the staff to put upon the trouble-making players, and not treat every player equally who doesn't follow them. Even staff will be found to break these laws on their mortal characters.

- Not all the staff know the same things about the game. You THINK they would, having been given an immortal staff position AND a God character AND access to so many commands to do as they please to their players. There is a severe lack of communication and knowledge among them. Several of their long term players know far more, sadly more often than the staff themselves, and this is a very poor mark for a MUD to have that is roleplay focused.

- Roleplay with the staff, especially one called a "Global", will quite often be directed at their own mortal characters being in the spotlight instead of an overall general story for those involved.

- Staff feels they can do whatever they want to make it easier on themselves. EX: transferring a player without proper consent to a place where roleplay is being held in a group, instead of supporting roleplay for the character to get to the location on their own.

- Every DM that puts together their own "Global" is different in how they run their global. Though they have helpfiles, anything can change depending on who it is that's running it. Do not expect Staff#1 running a global to be the same as Staff#3 was over 6 months ago following the helpfiles or use the same ideas.

- Both staff and newbie helpers will insult each other, and other players, over OOC channel, which is stated to be playful (though this tone cannot be portrayed through text), even knowing it is against the general rules of the game with OOC channel behavior. These few simply can't seem to help themselves from this "playfulness" knowing that it's not acceptable to all, and frowned upon by other players, scaring players off of new and old or having OOC completely turned off leaving these insulting players to control the OOC channel.

- More could be added but I will stop it there...

The staff have given up on being a well-communicative, player-focused group. They are instead acting as a loyal-to-the-one-owner "friend like family" group who can care less about the needs of the players, and more so upon the constant needs of themselves. Unfortunately being on staff is often a thankless, repetitive job, and to do what is needed for the players entertainment will help to keep those players and get new players.

New Worlds -- Mud Review posted by Zephybel
Posted on Sat 08 Dec 2018 11:37:36 PM EST / 1 comment
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Some human beings cannot help themselves. They have an impossible to suppress sense of adventure and enjoy trying things which are entirely alien to their ever-limited scope of ever-expanding interests. For the longest time, I loved tabletop role-playing immensely. It pretty much defined my childhood with how much of my time and passion it consumed. Of course, being a girl in a male-centric game setting wasn't always easy but I played well with others and tolerated their treatment of a newcomer or a seemingly naive female well over the years because tabletop role-play was a personal and social activity and players and dungeon masters alike valued their reputations in tightly knit social circles.

Bearing this in mind, I eagerly set out to try my luck with the online role-playing community. For once, all of my role-playing circles were becoming rather inactive due to various individuals having a lot going on in their lives at once. For the first time in my life, I had to dive into the dangerously anonymous and troll ridden environment known as The Internet. New Worlds Ateraan, they called it. Seemed like a wonderful idea at the time! A somewhat generous list of races to play. Decent enough guild choices despite there not being many to choose from. A promise of role play being wonderful, active, and very much in character. I would invest many hours of my time into enriching myself with knowledge of the game mechanics, lore, and story of this world. And many more hours were sunk into creating a genuinely unique character to explore it. I pride myself in putting much thought into my characters, you see, for I do not right stories or participate in role play as anything even close to resembling an amateur. I do this for a decent living already but want to have some fun with it from time to time.

But one Ateraan player with a little seniority over me in this specific setting couldn't help but throw some vaguely out of character shade my way using her in character dialogue to call me a stupid, ignorant newbie and contrive some sort of harassing dramatic role-play with me when I refused to lick her boots. In a tabletop environment, this usually ends rather quickly with a dungeon master fading it out for what it is and giving the encounter a redo or even kicking a toxic member out of the aprty for a while if it continues to come up as an issue. This facilitates keeping a clean role-play environment free of OOC stupidity negatively affecting an IC world. It also facilitates reducing a delay in story progression over this becoming a recurring argument between players.

Almost supernaturally, the way Norman -a staff member of New Worlds Ateraan- handled this, a not too uncommon instance of bullying a newbie bleeding into in character dialogue, was by investigating an immediate false claim by the harassing perpetrator herself and her friends that I was breaking another entirely unrelated rule. This suspiciously escalated the problem to Norman himself and sidelined my own claim entirely even when I was found innocent.

Amusingly, even the most objective of evidence was not used to resolve my issue with the player of the character named Shadeau and I was eager to debate my disagreement with Norman. Norman was eager and willing to participate in this debate rather than close it, himself. And since he could not convince me to agree with him, he banned me from using all out of characters channels on New Worlds Ateraan. There not being a rule that I have to agree with him, he had abused his power to shut me up rather than use his power properly by telling me to drop it. In fact, if he had wished me to drop it, he had plenty of opportunities to tell me to do so. I could have then done so. And if I had continued then, I would have only then been guilty of breaking the rules of New Worlds Ateraan and had earned myself any sort of punishment. He then could have explained his community's sideways rules to me using the proper English that was missing in all of the help files combined.

Rather than take this lying down like so many girl gamers, I gladly shared the issue with a few willing Guides. Eagerly, Norman imprisoned me within a private the gaming environment so I was unable to speak with anyone else at all in order to shut me up entirely because his good oldbie friends were kissing his boots and disagreeing with me to be on his best side despite quickly piling objective facts adding up to his disfavor. I got to spend some time imprisoned for deigning to disagree with the Gods of New Worlds Ateraan, a place I am sure is full to the rafters with individuals who have role played far less than myself and probably wouldn't last five minutes in a meeting with publishers who have me on a first name basis and exchange birthday cards with me.

First impressions of Ateraan? There is not enforced role-play as advertised, but Enforced Role-Play Lite™. If someone bleeds OOC bullying of you being a newbie into IC dialogue as a form of contrived nipping social competition in the bud like this is middle school, you will be forced to break the game's own rules and role-play being harassed unfairly IC as the bullying is then compounded into unfair IC gossip and lies and it becomes outright bullying in a game that pretends to be newcomer friendly.

Penultimately, the staff members of the game are barely aware of the concept of role-play. Ultimately, they are incapable of maintaining a safe and friendly role-playing environment as a result of that. And finally nailing the coffin firmly shut, their own pride matters more than their own rules being clearly written and politely enforced.

As a sidebar, the conveniently made up unwritten rule that OOC harassment issues should be handled IC used as the excuse to bully me about rather than teach me said rule as a newcomer from literally dozens of other communities that would never ever do things that way doesn't really help me trust these people to be anything but extremely shady. If they were wise, they would have been a lot nicer to me and tricked some donation money out of me before revealing the truth that they hate new people learning how to play their game and want them to suffer miserably their vaguely excused wrongdoings for hours.

If you are a good human being and play Ateraan, I pray that you find a better-led community soon with similarly promising world building. But for the rest... Well, you made your bed and you can lie in it for all I care. Especially those of you who blindly defend unwritten, vague, or just made up rules and punishments. Perhaps I will consider reviewing this MUD specifically in my own community while I tear apart the socially incompatible mess that is the typical MUD in my experiences so far. Perhaps I will not. It depends on how angry I still am by the time I compile my information into my own content.

Roleplay isn't an MMO. You don't just get to bully people for being new. And you don't just get to pass poorly written garbage as rules. And you don't just get to repeatedly silence someone for pointing out that bullying needs to be resolved OOC for role-play to be fun. That's like yelling at newbies that they're wrong while simultaneously giggling you're sticking up for someone you've literally known five seconds longer and like more than your community growing, surviving and improving. That's, in fact, a perfect tutorial on how to get a stale, dying community with nothing but hesitantly returning people who probably are only returning because they sank a lot of time, money, and creative juice into your game.

This unfortunate incident aside, I really could use some tips on which MUDs are actually playable and have staff members that do not make excuses, ask loaded questions, or even outright spin topics to be right when, fundamentally in the sense of role-playing itself, they are so painfully wrong every moment they touch their keyboards. I want my content when I review the MUD community as a whole to have at least a shred of hope in it. I'll make money whether I rip on MUDs in general or not, so it benefits only yourselves and the potential curiosity of my own readers enriching your own communities to prove that MUD can be safe, fair, and fun.

Comment posted on Sat 08 Dec 2018 02:11:28 PM EST by Luneth:

I'd like to leave on Record the following:

That Zephybel was treated fairly. That it was I who gave her the tour and we were enjoying the RP. Until she met shadeau. And it went downhill from there. Shadeau did NOTHING ooc. She treated IC at all times and being hit so aggressively by an Immigrant, not only is it a rule broken. But she and I told you to desist and you continued to pursue her sexually. Also in your original you attempt to make it look like we sh** on you because you are a transgirl in real life. Then changed it here. Not sure why have two different version. But yes, you broke rules. Rules that were VERY clear.

Sindome -- Mud Review posted by Bobby Bricks
Posted on Mon 03 Dec 2018 11:05:12 AM EST / 0 comments
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The game looks great on the surface. They have this excellent way of drawing you in and making the world seem exciting on the surface. It's only after a little while that you realize the way things really work. First off, Cerb is a huge problem. He's an admin with a loli fetish that he brings into the game under both his characters and consistently makes the world not make any sense. The police force, for example, is not above dropping orbital strikes on people from space to off them or flying an AV down to waste someone. That is, unless it's against his character who is a fourteen year old girl armed with a katana. The entire police force wont touch her in any meaningful way. She basically does whatever she wants in the Mix (the PvP heavy ghetto area of the game) and he has a second character who runs the entire police force. Despite this, they will insist that there is no favoritism and any player with proper planning and skill could challenge either of his characters. His idea of giving people an out to do this is dragging all of his over exp obtainable bodyguards around with his character and calling people pussies for not attacking him over the IG chat. The game is a joke and it starts with Cerb and ends with people who buy into this world full of logical inconsistencies and downright favoritism of certain players and admin pets. If you're looking for an immersive RP experience, you'd get more satisfaction hanging around the NeoPets forums.

The Two Towers -- Mud Review posted by FemaleT2Ter
Posted on Sat 01 Dec 2018 10:56:12 AM EST / 0 comments
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I've been playing T2T for 18 years; almost two decades. Suffice to say that a game that keeps players coming back that long and this religiously have to have something special about it.

The good is everything having to do with the game as a coded system. No joke, once you get past the steep learning curve this is the greatest MUD in existence.

The bad tends to be the community. Not all of it's bad, of course, but the overlying atmosphere is one dominated by gatekeeping middle-aged dude bros insisting "there are no girls on the internet." If you have an even remotely female-sounding name, prepare to be picked off the wholist and become a point of discussion publicly over the global OOC comm, up to and including bets over which one of their notorious male creepers will prey upon you first. It's like a huge swathe of the male community stopped maturing around whatever age they were when 4chan stopped being relevant. And it's a huge shame.

In slightly shorter terms, best MUD on the internet, but if you'd prefer not to be harassed, create with a male name.

Star Conquest -- Mud Review posted by ItsaDog
Posted on Sat 01 Dec 2018 10:56:12 AM EST / 0 comments
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Do not play here. Don't even try it the first time.

Seriously, don't.

Fantastic game, code-wise. Heavily addictive, satisfying systems, tons to do and lots to play with. You will, however, be treated like a piece of garbage by every single member of their Staff in ways that even "survivors" of some of the worst games in history will be surprised by. No one I have ever met who plays Star Conquest is happy to be there. They're there because they got hooked, put too much time into their character to walk away, and only rarely have to deal with the Staff. I was on the same page. Sure, they spy on every single thing you say to every single person no matter the medium of communication and shove your nose in the idea that that's normal behavior, but you don't have to interact with them much. The mental gymnastics you have to do to stick around are insane.

No big incident took place in my case that caused me to stop logging in, I just did. I was actually fiddling around on a completely unrelated game when a Staff member sent me a tell and I got a wave of stress-nausea. That was my hint it was time to cut ties and wish the remaining members of the Star Conquest Stockholm Syndrome-havers the best.

If you play there now, please leave. You might be surprised how much happier you are for having done so. If you've never touched it, seriously, don't.

Darkened Lights 2.5 -- Mud Review posted by Hans Friedman
Posted on Tue 27 Nov 2018 10:28:55 AM EST / 0 comments
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I thought that Darkened Lights was going to be a traditional GODWARS theme. I was wrong. Mayhem showed me a great amount of detail in regards to the custom code and usage, its quite amazing, considering i am a huge fan of Godwars, Darkened Lights is much more, you can exp hunt and level up with over 1k levels its difficult, not to mention the user friendly nature.

Dark Risings -- Mud Review posted by Sam
Posted on Mon 26 Nov 2018 02:38:33 PM EST / 0 comments
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The MUD is in a really good place these days with regular events and weekly quests, open communication between staff and players, the veil lifted on how the game works, areas upgraded and new ones put in, endgame expanded through soul gems, etc. etc. I applaud the current management. The heartbreaking problem is the pbase, which for me is practically non-existent. I am not based in the US and play when most are asleep. Some years ago, there used to be 5-6 people on around at this time to interact with. Now there are none. At most there are 6-8 on at peak US times (and tbh even then the feel is strangely clique-y).

A lot of the guilds are gone due to inevitable inactivity. I find myself wondering if I'm playing for sheer nostalgia or enjoyment. Playing alone is kind of miserable.

Basically, the game needs a massive investment in expanding the pbase. Whether that's trying to bring old players back or finding new ones. It does deserve more players.

Aarchon -- Mud Review posted by Kurai
Posted on Fri 23 Nov 2018 11:02:49 AM EST / 0 comments
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A mud with alot of history and players, offers almost infinite leveling through remorting and re-remorting. More than enough areas to keep you busy with mini quests that you can do or leave alone. A website that offers plenty of info to let a newbie figure things out alone or helpful people that will point you in the right direction. Many original features that you can learn or just stick to the things you know. Its easy to get started with, rather than having to learn dozens of commands you've never heard of.

Mud Connector Top 10 Mud Rankings
1. Aardwolf 1312 votes (266T/797H)
2. Sindome 870 votes (172T/642H)
3. 4 Dimensions 782 votes (118T/440H)
4. 3Scapes 756 votes (128T/234H)
5. TorilMud, the Sojourner's Home 746 votes (84T/334H)
6. Armageddon 680 votes (125T/401H)
7. CoffeeMud 674 votes (109T/246H)
8. Dark and Shattered Lands (DSL) 609 votes (126T/603H)
9. Legends of the Jedi 567 votes (129T/337H)
10. BatMUD 563 votes (134T/421H)

Rankings Last Generated: Fri 14 Dec 2018 04:43:35 PM EST
Mud Connector Top 20 Mud Rankings
1. Aardwolf 1312 votes (266T/797H)
2. Sindome 870 votes (172T/642H)
3. 4 Dimensions 782 votes (118T/440H)
4. 3Scapes 756 votes (128T/234H)
5. TorilMud, the Sojourner's Home 746 votes (84T/334H)
6. Armageddon 680 votes (125T/401H)
7. CoffeeMud 674 votes (109T/246H)
8. Dark and Shattered Lands (DSL) 609 votes (126T/603H)
9. Legends of the Jedi 567 votes (129T/337H)
10. BatMUD 563 votes (134T/421H)
11. MozartMud 531 votes (114T/208H)
12. Deathwish MUD 530 votes (84T/139H)
13. Forgotten Kingdoms 439 votes (88T/1145H)
14. Ansalon 410 votes (92T/223H)
15. SlothMUD 347 votes (102T/209H)
16. Waterdeep 334 votes (82T/248H)
17. MUME - Multi Users In Middle Earth 318 votes (75T/173H)
18. Cleft of Dimensions 298 votes (72T/292H)
19. Mordor 287 votes (88T/141H)
20. Kallindor 268 votes (80T/152H)

Rankings Last Generated: Fri 14 Dec 2018 04:43:35 PM EST