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Dragonball Evolution is the longest running DBZ MUD online that continues to expand everyday. This MUD takes a mixture of roleplaying and PK to create an unique Dragonball experience. Each of the races will give you a different style of gameplay while RPing and PKing. Even though DBE is based on Dragonball, that does not mean other themes or influences won't exist in the MUD. As the name of the MUD says, DBE is an evolution of the DBZ theme. If you're looking for a different view on the anime, then you should give DBE a try.

DBE Includes:

* Dragonball Super Content including SSJ God

* 17 races that make up 4 different race types(Attack, Defense, Healer and All-Around)

* Each race has 2 classes

* Each race has 2 weapon type preferences

* Over 140 skills split between all the races

* Skills upgrade through transformations

* Multiple skills can be learned by being hit by them or using another skill enough

* Combat modes such as Focused Mind, High Tension and Kaioken

* Redone Upper/Lower Body Strength system with multiple ways to train

* Experience gained for almost every action in combat

* 17,000 rooms

* 7 planets, Majinia, Afterlife/Heaven and Hell

* Fully explorable Outer Space

* Space Ships or Pods are required to travel in Outer Space for races that cannot move freely in space

* 150+ quests to set out on

* Extensive End-game content and challenges

* Zones and Bosses that require groups with tanks and healers

* Boss mobs reward extra PL and KI upon killing them

* Over 6,000 items can be bought, found or created

* 4 active clans

* 3 clan types that each offer perks

* Weekly events and Double Experience weekends

* Annual events like Winter's Chill, Zombie Outbreak, Saiyan Invasion and Majin Buu's Fantastic Feast

* 24/7 PK and Non-PK Dragonball Hunts

* Wish for Immortality(remort)

* Food and water are actually useful by restoring pl, ki and fatigue

* 2 PK modes that offer multiple pros and cons

* In-depth PK that makes use of combos, different modes and ki attacks with unique perks

* Battle Token system that allows you to PK to earn equipment

* IC RP supported and rewarded

* Houses, custom items and pets can be earned

* Optional Newbie Academy with rewards when completed

* Extensive Help File system that shows damage formulas

* Multiple types of scouters and radars that show different information

* OOC replaced with 20 Scouternet frequencies

* Powerlevel gains kept within range of the Frieza Saga

* Level based system with virtually no cap

* Slightly Screen-reader friendly

* Dedicated staff, most have been with DBE for years

* Freedom of Speech if not being malicious

* Newbie friendly environment(ask for Ozma if any help is needed)

* Stable server and no intentions of shutting down, DBE is here to stay

If any of that sounds appealing, stop by and join in the fun.

Hope to see you there, Ozma and the Staff of DBE

PS Do you dare enter? I heard DBE wasn't exactly family friendly.

Mud Theme: DB DBZ DBGT DBS(Super)

Client Recommendation: Mushclient with these plugins: http://dbemud.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=54

DragonBall Evolution Mud Reviews

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Review posted by Ternium
Posted on Wed May 22 01:14:55 2019 / 0 comments
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I have a long history with DBE. I've made friends that I've kept outside of the MUD, I even met my wife there. No kidding, some true once in a lifetime stuff. The game itself really isn't bad or I wouldn't have kept playing it as long as I did. The problem with this MUD, is the admins. All but one of the admins on this MUD know each other in real life and have grown up with each other. There have been other admins that don't fall in this category, but they've been summarily run off by the owner, Ozma. Ozma is a bigoted racist with a short temper and inadequacy issues. I've known this man outside of the MUD, have played multiple games with him, spent many a late night talking on mics about all kinds of things. We had a falling out on another game, Atlas, in which he kicked my wife and I out of our company losing all our progress after I asked him to not insult us by calling us racial slurs and insulting our intelligence. Silly me for thinking he or Ragna could be unbiased and not abuse their admin power in a different game to work out a grudge. Since I started playing DBE again, Ozma went so far as to nerf the race I mained (RIP Truffles) and having his other admins forcing bloodlust on me so that they could pk me in game. The last straw today was when Ragna, Ozma's friend irl who we also played Atlas with, decided to freeze my character for a conversation I had in tells, a private channel. His reasoning? "Atlas all over again". All of these admins have player characters and they're all in the same clan. They punish any newbie unfortunate enough to log in and try to participate in PK, they bend the rules or make new ones whenever it suits them. If you're the type of person that likes to play a game just so you can be a character in some megalomaniac's personal little sandbox, and be subject to his bipolar whims regardless of right or wrong, this is the MUD for you.

Just another couple quick notes: If you log in and see a bunch of players, don't be impressed. This MUD has been around for almost 18 years now and botting is completely legal. There are 4-5 "active" players out of the 30-something that are logged in at a time, and now that'll be 2 less since my wife are gone. In fact, seeing that it's been around as long as it has and there are *only* as many players on there as there are considering nobody *ever* logs out so you're seeing their entire pbase every time you type who, that should tell you something in and of itself. There are like 5 newbies that come through that MUD a day. They either farm them for pk rewards or run them off the MUD by being jerks for no reason.

***All the positive reviews you see below are from current or former admins! Don't believe me? Log in and ask who these people are!***

Conclusion: Good game with bad ownership and abusive admins - play at your own risk and don't be surprised when you get screwed

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Review posted by Darkzumi
Posted on Mon May 6 23:26:53 2019 / 0 comments
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Summary: 9.5/10 stars!

I've been playing DBE for years and it's a lot of fun. You have a TON of race options, all of which are right out of the Dragon Ball Z world. Each race also has a class to pick once you get high enough level, so you'll never be left hungry for character customization! The game has a bunch of quests, and bosses or NPCs who are also right out of the DBZ setting: Beyond Perfect Cell, Frieza, Bojack, BROLY, and more. The mud is continually developed and as of April-May 2019 also just implemented a long list of updates.

The mud also has content to reflect the latest anime of the dragon ball series: Dragon Ball Super. Beerus is in the game even! You have more equipment options than you can shake the power pole staff at. There's a ton of stuff to do, come play!

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Review posted by Amazed
Posted on Mon Feb 29 09:22:23 2016 / 0 comments
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If you are a newbie and you try to get advice here, expect every single last person, from Ozma(The owner) to any other player will always say either explore or read a help file. What is this issue? There are ZERO help files with suggestions on where to level at all. And explore? You can't even tell if you can take a mob or not until you attack it yourself. It's like saying, 'Go out and die a ton of times until you find that one area that MIGHT give alright experience.' My experience with their 'community' was very poor. The Newbie Friendly tag that their listing here has is very much a lie. If you are looking for a better experience starting off, there are plenty of other newbie friendly Dragon Ball games out there. Seriously, do not expect any real help at all, from Ozma to anyone else who plays there. You have been warned.

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Review posted by Unknown
Posted on Fri Jun 27 07:57:55 2014 / 0 comments
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In my time here on DBE, I have seen the mud evolve into something great. The players who have spent years playing the mud have fully dedicated them selves to it. They give tons of helpful input and help the staff come up with ideas for new zones, code changes. The staff is also beyond dedicated to the mud and helping further it's evolution. They are always seeking the input and thoughts of the players so that they may increase the world. DBE is a massive world. Each planet has it's own quests, shops, guilds and zones to gain experience in. Groups can be and are formed to take on some of the strongest bosses in the game. Recently CASUAL MODE was added in for those who want to have a higher powerlevel and ki level at an earlier rate. Giving them a better look into seeing how things go once you have played and level a non causal character. I personally recommend that if you have not tried out DBE, log on and make a causal character. It gives a new look to things. With zones, items, shops, mobs, and new quests being added randomly you never know what's going to happen!

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Review posted by Mayuri
Posted on Tue Jun 17 16:04:11 2014 / 0 comments
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As a player that has played this game for almost half his life, wait, let's go back and check that again. Yes, that's right, almost half my life. (12 years i've been playing DBE) If that's not any indication as to the worth of the mud, I don't know what could be. The constant weekly updates alone show that the owner continuously wants to improve the mud for his players and that's just coding. The amount of new items, rooms, quests and zones itself being built is impressive in itself. To me DBE also seems to be one of the best muds about taking suggestions from players on how to improve the game as well, the imms are always glad to listen to ideas on how to balance and improve the mud. DBE is definitely one of the most stable community of players/imms that you are going to find in the mudding world. If you want stability and something your time is going to be rewarded for, DBE is a must for you!

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Review posted by Nail
Posted on Wed May 21 16:43:45 2014 / 0 comments
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Full disclosure, I've played this MUD a very long time and am still a very active player.

I wanted to take the time to say that I thoroughly enjoy this MUD to the fullest and recommend it to anybody.

I noticed a lot of people were complaining about the owner and non-helpful players, but I have to strongly disagree. The mud has a very active forum for suggestions and even during play, the social channels have always been considered for suggestions and feedback. And a 'Newbie' channel has even been implemented for the veteran players to help out new players.

The mud is constantly growing, updates seem to come in by the week. The player base is the most consistent and active I've seen on any DBZ mud, and most MUDs in general. I think a MUD that sees more than 25 or 30 players stick around for nearly 10 years each is saying something in itself. That being said, new players should not get the idea that these veteran players will curve the MUD in a way that you will not be relevant. DBE recently implemented a 'Casual' playing type for new players to learn the MUD and obtain a 'relevant' character quickly, which allows you to participate in A LOT of great end-game content such as boss runs, quests, new areas of the MUD, and obtaining some of the rare equipment. The 'Casual' system is great for learning and getting used to the MUD before venturing in to the traditional playing style that will really allow for a competitive, more challenging experience.

I like to point out that DBE is DBZ THEMED, not a DBZ strict world. It is an EVOLUTION based on the ideas of the DBZ world, allowing us to create our own world and enjoy the true MMO feel of the game. DBZ gives us a foundation for the world and characters, and if you decide to participate in role-playing, the 'evolution' allows you to make a path of your own, not having to abide by the story of DBZ.

The fighting system is very fun, and at lower levels you may find yourself 1-hitting a NPC or two, but at the higher levels, you find yourself in large, strategic battles against common mobs, boss mobs, and even other players. The PK system is great and offers a lot of rewards and entertainment for participation, and even allows for entire group fights or clan battles if the situation arises.

Again, all of these thoughts are coming from an avid player that has had a lot of fun and enjoyment from the game, but I think this is a very short list of the perks found in DBE. Definitely give us a shot if you're looking for a MUD, and if you decide to create a character make sure you let me know (my character is Nail), I'll be glad to welcome you to the game.

See you around, Nail

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Review posted by Scarab
Posted on Fri Jun 14 06:56:18 2013 / 4 comments
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I played this MUD for the longest time, and was quite dedicated. I had amassed a high level and relatively good standing with the playerbase. Some died off; others took their place. The newest wave of players are rude and focus on nothing but elitism and harassment. Nary a day goes by when you are not verbally and personally attacked, both by player-killing and harsh words said on public channels. Case and point; I have been driven to the point of giving away all items and leaving the MUD for good. When I asked the owner of said MUD to delete me, I was given more harsh words and accused of using drugs, suggesting that I must be crazy to want to leave such a wonderful place. The owner possesses a God complex and rewards botters. Botters are people who play the MUD all day through the use of scripts and triggers, and remain unchecked. So if you wish to level, you are competing with automated clients (not players) for MOBs and levels. You will never measure up to the higher level players, as they have the means by which to bot all day and will bully you based on that premise alone. The MUD itself is very inappropriate, with many sexual references and racism rampant. All in all, I would avoid this place at all costs and find a more legitimate MUD in which you can enjoy your time.

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Comment posted on Fri Jun 7 22:33:44 2013 by Akuma:

It is quite ironic how someone who hasn't been playing for some time.. And who often did some of the things he is saying the 'new wave' of players are doing, is displaying the epitome of hypocrisy. The 'Public Channel' he refers to, which I assume is OOC, is no longer in the game for the very reason cited. Many of the players used it to bicker and argue, and now they have to use private venues for such competitions of the mind. While you for some reason continue to drag out this little.. Falling out. Do something productive like go achieve that over inflated status you seem to think you have. Good day.

Comment posted on Sat Jun 8 14:30:12 2013 by Gorthos:

What Scarab fails to mention, is that botters are heavily punished, not rewarded. They lose 10% of their pl/ki and are frozen for 1 week during normal exp times, 20% of their pl/ki and frozen for 3 weeks during double exp. If they are caught botting on an alt, then that alt will be summarily deleted.

Scarab is upset because we recently expanded our chat options, and no longer have ooc. We now instead have numerous channel for players to migrate to. This was done to stop EXACTLY what he was complaining about, and it worked brilliantly, until he spazzed out about people countering his opinions with facts and proof. He acted like a child, and was treated as such. We are on DBE to have fun, and provide enjoyment for our players, not deal with drama.

So pease, come check things out for yourself, and see what we have to offer. Numerous races, numerous quests, and plenty to do. Where can you go wrong?

Comment posted on Mon Jun 10 21:03:56 2013 by Memnoch:

Scarab is just a disgruntled player. He's not been active almost the whole time I've been on the mud. He tends to log in and start trouble over random changes. As for bickering, every mud has that its the way of games. I am probably one of the new wave of players he's referring to and am very helpful when I'm at the screen. This is the mud I found after stopping mudding for 3 years. This place is constantly updating and continually growing.


Comment posted on Thu Jun 13 22:20:01 2013 by Rodimus:

As it was point out from all the players, Scarab mainly logged on to whine and complain about the changes he didn't like. DBE has indeed changed a lot over the years. This 'new wave' of players he speaks of getting away with things is jacked full of lies. Every player is held responsible for their own actions. No one is shown favoritism. Since coming back to DBE last years from a long break I haven't seen Scarab do anything but log on and cause trouble for us players and the Imms.

'The owner possesses a God complex and rewards botters.' The owner possesses no such complex. He, along with the other imms get headaches from players such as Scarab. He isn't the first person to rage over something silly and he won't be the last. Removing OOC has once again made DBE the unique mud again. Having players use scouternet and it's 20 channels gives it that DBZ feel.

Review posted by Rodimus
Posted on Mon Apr 29 04:54:54 2013 / 0 comments
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Playing many years I've spent playing DBE and seen it grow. Through the hundreds of different help files and players of the mud, DBE continues to grow. Its excellent staff and newbie friendly players, all new coming players get lots of help and have all their questions answered in the best of ways. With ever expanding zones and multiple quests players can experience all kinds of fun. The work and detail put into every mob, item, and room description really shows how much the staff cares about the mud. Going from newbie zones to high leveling zones, this is by far one of the best muds around. I’ve spent a great deal of time playing and learning the help files of DBE, and I will continue to do so. This was the very first text based game I’ve ever played. I can only hope that more people come and join the fun and interactive quests of Dragonball Evolution. It’s an outstanding mud and has a Great staff and player base.

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Review posted by Kandari
Posted on Sun Apr 22 11:29:45 2012 / 0 comments
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Dragonball Evolution is one of the top dbz muds to this date. There are always things being added daily. They have new quests every time I log on and there is always someone around to give you a helping hand. Wheather you like leveling, roleplaying or both there is something for everybody. The players and immortals are the friendliest bunch of folks that I have ever seen which makes this mud a plus for me. I hope you stop by and check out DBE. You wont be disappointed.

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Review posted by Serin
Posted on Mon Jun 10 05:29:45 2013 / 1 comment
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Honestly, This mud is very strange. It has a level based system that means very little to your character's advancement. You get a little powerlevel(hp), a little ki(mana) and a single learning point (of which it takes from 15 to 9000 for a skill).It has no autoloot command, or autozenni(gold) command. They also reworked the inventory command and split it into four different commands, but took out the ability to use the old-style inventory. So any time you type I or Inventory a message comes up that says 'The inventory system has been changed, please type help inventory for more information.

At lower levels all of your damage is determined by your weapon and you either one shot the mob, or it one shots you. Now this difficulty limits the areas you can kill, unless you find a vendor that sells low priced decent quality weapons in the area you're in or if you've started in one of the few zones that has a newbie quest.

The playerbase is over all not very helpful whatsoever. When talking about randomness, they're all over the conversation. But when asking for help not-suprisingly no one says anything.

The other strange thing is that most of the playerbase, and the imms are afraid of a TMC reviewer coming in. So they'll be rude in a private channel and someone in a public channel will reprimand them for it (another player). So it is a bit cliquish too.

As far as it goes the whole experience is very repetitive, very difficult to start, and has a pretty big learning curve.

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Comment posted on Sat Jun 8 14:41:47 2013 by urahara:

your gains pl/k/lp are based on the equipment you wear, only one skill in the entire game costs 9000 and it hits 10 mobs in the same room with you. max lp gains are 35pl/28ki/5lp per level. levels give you more damage for physical attakcs, skill upgrades, etc. the inventory was split up for people who insist on hoarding items as to reduce lag on the inventory commands when used. weapons are optional you have fist damage based on a level formula. there are hundreds if not thousands of helpfiles for all this information in the game. if u cant find a vendor directly in the path from where you begin the game maybe you should explore a little more. low level players are protected from pl if you want to be anyone can toggle the bloodlust option which makes you pk all the time to other bloodlust players, pk is also done by powerlevel range , for instance you cannot attack someone with less than 50% of your total pl. over all i play the game daily, it has constant updates, and just because not all suggestions are added does not mean that player suggestions are completely ignored. it looks like this guy played for 10 minutes and quit. and this should not be taken seriously as a review for DBE.

Review posted by Korei Ryuu
Posted on Fri Jun 7 05:20:06 2013 / 4 comments
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I believe that everyone is entitled to their opinions, you cant hate someone for having an opinion, and you most certainly shouldn't hate a MUD because of an awry owner. But the owner has no consideration for anyone, is completely closeminded, and is completely inappropriate.

This is one of the very, very rare, very limited and endangered DBZ original CircleMuds, props. But the fighting system is very repetitive, the skills system is too open, and you can smoke pot. Yes, to the stoners out there, that is very cool and great, but what does that have to do with Dragonball Z? Nothing at all.

I'd do my best to not get on the owners badside, or else he'll do his best to pick at your nerves until you leave.

Its wrong, and its horrible. The ONLY thing that might be SOMEWHAT enjoyable, is the RP. But that couldn't make up for everything else with me.

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Comment posted on Wed Jul 11 12:44:27 2007 by Ozma:

Wow, now that cracks me up. Korei is all angry because he didn't agree with me on a topic. Just ignore that review, he's a disgruntled player who didn't agree with my views. Oh well, he'll move on and my MUD will continue to grow and expand. It's also kind of funny how he was saying how great my MUD was, then he posts that everything is repetitive, skills are too open and for some reason he has a problem with the usage of drugs in a modern day themed MUD.

Comment posted on Sun Oct 14 13:18:45 2007 by Dalearian:

Wow.. I give this review a big giant 'bull'. I've NEVER been so well received on a game before in my life. And I've played, DMed, staff membered and OWNED many servers in my lifetime. Don't take this guy's word for it.

And secondly and lastly for this part, who cares if you can smoke whatever you want.. It's not a REPLICA of Dragon Ball its BASED off of Dragon Ball, that's all. And if you don't like it. Don't do it, I don't. Some people will do anything to try and hurt another, just over a dispute.

Comment posted on Fri Aug 21 15:44:05 2009 by Cal:

Umm, i thought that guy wasn't very far off. I tend to keep to myself and watch some of the stupid arguments players have with the staff on this mud. They tend not to listen to player complaints even if they have a valid point.

Having reached higher levels on this mud i can vouch that the combat system is a little bland. Some very cool moves, but the system is a little broken in my opinion, having 1-hit opponents several hundred levels above myself.

The roleplay is really what makes this mud a winner and one of the best. You can count on someone speaking up when someone pulls something that shouldn't be possible.

This is my honest neutral opinion of this mud. Definitely worth playing.

Comment posted on Thu Jun 6 15:23:56 2013 by Scarab:

This guy's review is spot-on. I have reached higher levels and stuck around a while, until the fateful day I got on the owner's bad side. Not only were highly inappropriate comments made, but things took a personal turn, as well. I highly suggest you avoid this MUD, unless you like rude and non-helpful players. There is no RP to speak of, so that is moot also. Avoid at all costs.

Review posted by Shinjoku Korimasa
Posted on Mon Dec 11 18:26:12 2006 / 0 comments
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The DragonBall Evolution mud, as far as standards go, is the longest reigning DB/Z/GT genre mud existing to date. The immortals are fair, balanced, and mindful of players as far as rule breaking and/or mistakes. They enforce all rules that are created and maintained. They help all newcomers with any problems, but also make sure that they read the helpfiles that are set up to help the newcomers too. If the same question is asked multiple times and the answer is not in the helpfiles they make sure to create one for them. The immortals are also enjoyable and nice as well. They are easy to get along with unless you make them angry (as far as breaking rules). They also create their own players to make sure that there are no bugs or coding problems in the environment to benefit the players exprience.

The other players are very nice and make sure they help players as much as possible no matter the situation. They also make sure to report a person when that person is breaking the rules. From personal experience, I have had many people help me out when I asked them to.

As far as I feel, I think DragonBall Evolution is a very well balanced and unique mud to be enjoyed by all people that love DB/Z/GT genre muds.

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Review posted by Michael Hogg a.k.a. Dimitri
Posted on Thu Nov 13 17:47:00 2003 / 0 comments
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Dragon ball evolution is the best dbz mud out there hands down. It has tons of zones, tons of races , lots of players to help new players out and new stuff is being added daily. I was hooked after the first time i played.

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