Shattered World


Fourteen (14) years of active development. Administered by professional software developers and published authors. This mud has a complex, detailed and sprawling world. This is a player-centric mud supported by innovative and interesting economic, legal and ecological systems. Players run guilds, players operate stores, players set prices, and players build structures throughout the world.

That said, it is a challenging mud. It's tough at the bottom as a newbie because this mud has unique and complicated game play; established players won't just roll over and give up their turf (or cash!). Its also tough at the top with Lords and Guild Leaders responsible for administrative and legal decisions which maybe unpopular with lesser players. This encourages an active and participative society. If you take the time and effort to learn the mud you'll find it unique and engrossing. Many of our 'hard core' players have been active for over five years.

There are many ways to 'play'; it's not a killfest, we strongly encourage role players and a responsible community. But it's also a tough simulation; so the traditional 'warrior' adventurer will find plenty to fulfill them. You'll find 9 innovative races, 11 guilds, 32 quests, like you've never seen before. Tough adventuring, big fantasy world, friends and foes. Take the time to know Shattered World and you'll be richly rewarded!

Mud Theme: Fantasy

Shattered World Mud Reviews

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Review posted by Shriek
Posted on Mon Aug 21 09:03:12 2023 / 0 comments
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I have come back after a long time away. This place used to be a lot of fun. Maybe it can be again. Right now there aren't many people about. But that might change. For now you can explore and get stuff you would normally be competing for a lot more easily. Real estate is pretty cheap right now.

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Review posted by Carshel
Posted on Fri Jul 3 21:39:37 2009 / 0 comments
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Imagine a world in which YOU control the destiny. I guess that line is kind of used, eh? Many MUDs claim to be player-controlled, and some do a pretty good job of it, but none like Shattered World. As an example, it is SO player-controlled, that it cannot be played alone. Allow me to give a description of the Greatest Land that Ever Was:

Where to start? Guild, I guess. Guilds have bank accounts, and you have to pay dues. Guilds have relations with other guilds, and some can be more or less powerful than others (Ke'Ting, the thieves guild, usually has the most influence).

How about cults next? Spellpoints don't regenerate in Shattered World, so you have to get magic crystals and sacrifice them for spellpoints. Not with a cult. With a cult, you 'pulverize' them to put points into the cult pool. When you need SP's, you can draw them out of the pool, wherever you are. The point of a cult is to raise its leader to be King or Queen of Sanom City. Which brings me to the next point.

Sanom City is the main city of Shattered World. It is run by a player-elected King or Queen who can do pretty much whatever they want. The admin does hold Supreme Governmental powers to make sure the King/Queen doesn't totally destroy the game, but I never saw them used.

Now to shops. Construction companies exist to allow players to build shops in virtually any city they want. It would be truly possible to gain an economic clinch hold on the world, if one had the money. There is an auction house in Sanom where one can buy anything from a sword to a great business.

Shattered World is truly the greatest MUD of all time. I can guarantee you, that if you drop by, you will not be disappointed. But everyone must drop by! We are the new generation, to revitalize this MUD. If everyone who reads this plays the MUD, I guarantee, it will once again become...

The Greatest Land that Ever Was.

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Review posted by Greyfrog
Posted on Fri Nov 21 20:57:54 2008 / 0 comments
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Shattered World is an awesome world to get to know. Newbie friendly with so much content to keep even veteran players entertained.

Character creation is so much fun and it only gets better from there. The player base is generally very friendly and the atmosphere is fantastic.

With quests rich and plentiful, challenging and fulfilling combined with the range of guilds and races, there is almost unlimited potential for fun!

To sum it up, the best MUD I have ever played (and I've tried a lot of them!) and regardless of how long a break I've had from MUD's, it's the only MUD I ever go back to.

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Review posted by Death
Posted on Mon Nov 27 23:06:24 2006 / 0 comments
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I think Shattered is by far one of the best muds i've ever played. I've been playing it for about 10 years now, I have always enjoyed playing there & just wanted to say that if you're looking for a cool mud to play definitely come to this one. You won't believe how fast the time can go by when you're having fun because there is so much to explore & do. There is so much here for everyone to enjoy. Mostly everyone is very friendly & will help you out, There are alot of cool guilds to join & quests to do & different races to be. I've tried other muds but they don't have what it takes compared to how interesting & cool this one is. The Wizards are always coding fun new things to make it even better all the time. Come see for yourself & i'm sure you won't regret it.


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Review posted by Anonymous
Posted on Thu Jan 5 22:04:24 2006 / 3 comments
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Shattered World is by far the worst mud i've seen in a long time. The immortals(coders) are rude, stubborn and abuse players. Of the list of players who have submitted their own review, you will notice that..

-Mutaki, does not play anymore. -Jewels, I've never seen this player and i've been playing for a long time, so they do not play anymore, nor have i ever seen him/her.

-Harmony, this is a kid in grade 10 who believes it's ok for immortals not to do any work of any kind if they don't want to. Apparently it's a privelege that they devote their time to do nothing. I wouldn't be suprised if he believed in the tooth fairy too. So don't take those words to heart.

-Mouser, does not play anymore. -Tigo, a member of the staff, trying to trick players into going. -David Corbett, I believe i know who this is, but am uncertain, however if it is who i believe it to be, he does not play anymore

-Gladia, recent once every 3 week visits to maintain her place. -Pharaik, does not play anymore -Dyskilian, does not play anymore. Now, i don't want you to believe this is just a few of many players. Because it is not, there is at any given time no more than 4-5 palyers on. Normally it is just myself and a few coders. The immortals(coders) are rude and very close-minded.

This rant was inspired for numerous events where my character was abused by coders to the point i lost everything i had been on the mud to gain, skills, wealth, ect..

From all the other reviews, as i stated above, they don't play anymore. It is a dead-end mud.

I would like to state that i find the vast amount of code to be exceptional, i have not seen a mud with so many abilities, however they have been poorly implemented, and the coders do not feel it is their duty to fix most problems. A common response for them would be along the lines of, 'We aren't required to do anything'.

In closing, I find the mud is run much like monkeys on a typewriters, lots of working being done, none of it useful.

It must be made clear the review above is that of statements made by my own personal opinion(s).

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Comment posted on Sat Sep 17 12:16:20 2005 by a SW fan:

Ok, Tigo wasn't trying to 'trick' anyone into going. When he wrote the review, he was still a player. Dyskilian DOES still play. The Immortals are very active. In fact, just recently, a new quest was added. And as far as being 'abused' by coders, you obviously must have been doing things you aren't supposed to do and got punished for it. There is nothing wrong with that.

Also, if you have such a huge problem with bugs...why don't you become a coder and help out? I'm sure Dredd or Greebo would be happy to send you the wiztest if you meet the requirements.

However, there is a point I DO agree with you about. There is an extremely small playerbase. A lot of the more powerful and experienced players are moving on and not a whole lot of new players are coming in. That, is the reason SW is listed on sites like this one. Maybe if you were to vote/submit a good review, you could help this problem rather than making it worse.

Also, the other players that you said don't play anymore...Sometimes people like to create new characters without telling anyone. You have no way of knowing.

Comment posted on Mon Oct 10 13:17:33 2005 by Dyskilian:

Contrary to what this reviewer says, I'm still around, not in the grave quite yet. Not that he needed to be anonymous, we all know exactly who he is, and that would be a professional whiner.

He is the type who plays for a little while, learns a little bit about the game, and then complains when things become a little difficult, or he has trouble making money because he has alienated every single other player in the game.

More specifically, he spent most of his time attacking the staff for problems that weren't entirely their fault, and in general complaining that older players had an advantage (no kidding).

He blames the staff for all sorts of abuse, but ignores the fact that he always started off everything he said with whining about how horrible and difficult everything was, and how everything needed to be changed to make it easier for him. Of course, we could have all suddenly changed and given him everything on the silver platter he so demanded, but we're not like that. Apparently he is. Go figure, so yes, if you want everything handed to you just like that, then maybe this isn't the place for you. If you want to work at exploring a huge mud, then maybe it is.

Comment posted on Sat Dec 31 23:08:39 2005 by Mutaki:

I am actually still a player, have been for a long time (Since 1999 if I remember correctly), and I don't intend to stop anytime soon. I find comments made by you to be groundless. It seems that you really don't know what you're talking about as many of the players you have named as 'non players' are actually still playing. Some have picked up new roles, wanting to continue their association with the MUD in different ways, because to some, this MUD is like a 2nd home. It is for me anyway, always somewhere where I can go, talk to new people and enjoy mudding.

Review posted by Mutaki
Posted on Fri Aug 20 21:26:54 2004 / 0 comments
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Shattered world is a unique and intriging mud, comprised of countless aspects that all mudders enjoy. In shattered you can be what you want to be. The mud is player run under immortal guidance, just to make sure the MUD is not unbalanced. The immortals are constantly active looking for ways to improve the mud. There are currently 12 guilds (one just implemented) and 9 races (also one of them just implemented) and I hear rumours that more are to be created. Now for the questions I hear you dying to ask :

An adventurer I hear you ask? Well, there's ample opportunity for that as the mud has over 30 quests!!! (the difficulty ranging from 1 to 10) and not to mention all the smaller quests to do!

I hear someone else shouting 'KILL KILL KILL!!!' This is also an option as there are countless MOBs that roam shattered, many of which carry useful items ;)

'I want unique races, guilds and clans!' I hear you shout. The guilds are all different and unique just like the races that are available. The clans are run by lords (the experienced and distinguished players). These 3 aspects combined create a fun and enjoyable environment.

Be who you want to be at

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Review posted by Jewels
Posted on Fri Aug 6 21:16:30 2004 / 0 comments
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Shattered World is a detailed and massive MUD world that holds endless possibilities of exploration and player goals. The detail and care that went into creating this game by the attentive (not to mention helpful) Immortals, or game coders, is immensely impressive.

Unlike most MUD's, players can 'better' their characters by experience which makes a more realistic approach of 'practice makes perfect.' This in itself is a journey, from killing rats and cats inside the protective walls of Sanom City (the world's most populated city) to eventually hunting down trolls and dragons. Blood-thirsty killing isn't the only way one can improve themselves, however. The game offers several guilds that have specialized skills. For example, a player might be a demon summoner and at first will start out with a puny imp, but with a lot of experience and a little patience, he will advance in his guild enough to be able to summon a mighty Shadow Elf Demon or other such beasty.

There are several guilds that each offer very helpful skills and a player may join a few of these at the same time as long as they are allied so he can get several powers. Our demon summoner may be a mage and a soulstealer as well.

Along with guilds, players have the option of joining a cult which is a player-run 'social group' that offers support among members. Players that are in cults will recieve extra powers, spell point reserves, and not to mention the help of their superiors. This feature of the game offers an excellent roleplaying opportunity since it is, like basically all of the game, is player-run.

Another interesting aspect of the game is the economy. SW runs on something called a zero-sum theory which means that no money is created, but is in circulation among the players, shops, cults, guilds, and so on. Also, the legal system is all player run, consisting of a judge and citizen votes.

There are several goals players can strive to achieve, one may go for the crown while another may attempt to get rich off of a line of weapon shops. Or another yet may work to be the guild leader of the Roc-Riders guild. Whatever a player wants, Shattered World will offer. One thing many consider when choosing an MUD, is how newbie friendly it is. Shattered World was the first MUD I had ever played and every player and Immortal will be more than willing to show you around, get you set up in a guild and cult, help you in a few of the any interactive (sometimes very difficult) quests, and maybe even give you a few coins to get you started. I highly suggest Shattered World to MUD experts or just casual gamers looking for a good time. It really is a superb and unique MUD.

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Review posted by Harmony
Posted on Mon Jul 5 21:10:26 2004 / 0 comments
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With a 14-year history, alot of thought has been put into Shattered World to make it as unique from any other mud as it can be, with nine different races (unique as well, including archons, draconians and tritons) and soon to be 12 different guilds to choose from (including soulstealers, sirens, and berserkers). New players will find plenty of things to test out, as well as many players to help them in the game.

A large adjustment needed to be made by players is how you 'train.' Instead of a level-based system, where you kill mobs for experience, Shattered World has a use-based system. In other words, just like in real life, the more you use a skill, the better you'll be at it. This allows specializations, even within a guild.

One of the things most liked by Shattered World players is the amount of freedom it gives you. Nearly everything is player based, including the economy, as well as a law system. The economy is based off player-run shops, instead of zones that players run over and over again for a set amount of money.

The law system however, is what most people think sets Shattered World apart from all other muds. Players run for different positions such as Constable or Magistrate. These people are expected to carry out their designated tasks (Constables take down bountied characters, while Magistrates judge cfj's, or lawsuits). Other than positions, citizens of Shattered World modify and vote for citizen-proposed laws.

The last thing I'd like to mention about this wonderful mud is the 'goal' of it. There is no set goal for the players of Shattered World. Instead, players choose what they want to do, and go set out to accomplish it. Some may want to complete all 31 quests to become a Lord, and even compete for Monarchy, while others might wish to become to richest player in the game. Some even choose to just roleplay and interact with the other players in the game.

Shattered World can be a great mud for anybody, no matter what type of player you are. I strongly suggest this mud for anyone who wishes to have a great mudding experience.

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Review posted by Arcris Galang - Mouser
Posted on Mon Jul 5 20:58:45 2004 / 0 comments
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Yes, I realize choosing the name Mouser is highly unoriginal, but I am absolutely in love with the character.

Anyway, I have been with Shattered World since 1994, having taken a break between 1996 and returning to the game in 1998. I was there from the early days and have seen it progress from the dozen odd rooms which consisted of the world back then, to the fully developed world I adventure in now. There are so many aspects to the game that I just can't seem to let go.

Building up a character from scratch, whilst difficult, is thoroughly rewarding. Especially when you go from killing rats to slaying gigantic trolls out in the forest.

There are quests you complete on your way to becoming a Lord of the land, in which you come up against mind-boggling puzzles or you can retell epic adventures of derring doo. In becoming a Lord, you can vie for the Monarchy and all the glory and riches that come with it! You can build enormous castles, from which new towns spawn.

You can become a citizen and vote in the laws which govern the land. You can amass great wealth and buy property with the view of creating a home or enter the world of trade, in a real-world economy.

You can join guilds and apply newly learned talents to good use. As a thief, you can create huge, unpickable locks or use those skills to pick those huge unpickable locks and break into peoples' homes, loot all their belongings and leave a little thank you note behind.

As an illusionist, you can use your skills to sneak past an enemy or follow someone who has aroused your curiousity. You can create a longsword and arm yourself against attacks instantly!

Apart from the many guilds you can join, you can delve into a world of alchemy and create magical potions of healing from a mix of bloods and herbs. You can create magical jewelery which can make you faster, stronger, smarter than you were before. You can make custom made armour to suit your racial types and unique weapons, which you can name and each have a different power to the other.

There are many more aspects to the game than one can mention in a review, but I guarantee this is definitely a MUD worth anyone's while. The playerbase has never been what this place has deserved and Shattered World will only get better with more and more players getting involved. So please, give it a go and persevere a little. The rewards in the end will be memories which are almost as real as the ones you form in everyday life.

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Review posted by Tigo
Posted on Mon Jul 5 20:44:57 2004 / 0 comments
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I have played Shattered World for about 3 or 4 years now, and find it still jumps out at me with new surprises and hidden areas. This mud is constantly being tweaked and perfected by the administrators know as “Immortals” or “Wizards”. Some unique features about shattered are the economy, legal system, and land, there all totally player run. You can own and run your own shops, evan build yourself a castle and become ruler of the land. Citizens can vote on and propose laws. It's always an interesting experience seeing what crazy law some citizens will try and pass next.

With a quest complement of 33 there is always something to do. Unlike other muds, shattered has a unique skill system. You learn abilities and skills just like you would in real life, if you work on one particular skill it advances. There are also twelve guilds that you can join to gain particular powers for combat and pacifistic situations.

You can choose from nine different races to play, all with there own advantages, disadvantages, and powerful skills. Choosing a race is a very important part of joining shattered.

Shattered World is a very newbie friendly mud and doesn’t take long to learn. All of the basics are covered in informative tutorial when you join, and most of the players are always willing to help. So weather you have a blood lust, or hold the principals of a pacifist, Shattered world can feed your mud hunger like it does mine.

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Review posted by David Corbett
Posted on Wed Jun 23 22:10:50 2004 / 0 comments
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Shattered World is, first and foremost, a shockingly unique MUD. Unlike any other I've ever played, this MUD is astonishingly original, using 100% original material. It is also brilliantly coded, hosting an absolutely massive game world that operates in not two, but three dimensions. Offering flight and the possibility to access a gigantic amount of rooms, well over one hundred thousand and quite possibly over one million unique locations. It also has dozens of long, challenging, and involved quests that offer many rewards and hours of entertainment.

Shattered is also unique because it doesn't run on a traditional, experience based level system. Instead, you make a truly unique and exceptional character based on many options at the start, and by practicing only the skills that you need -- no two characters are ever the same on Shattered World. Indeed, everyone is truly unique.

The economy is also tremendously unique -- it operates on something called the zero-sum theory, which basically states that the amount of debt in the game and the amount of money is always equal -- while the driver enters into debt, no character is allowed to become overly, fantastically, filthy rich without a massive amount of effort. Simply farming the same mobs over and over will not do. As well, most shops and many towns are player owned, operated, and created -- the imms on this MUD are creators, and enforce a limited set of rules -- the rest of the order on this game is actually managed by powerful players.

This system works remarkably well. A word of warning, however -- this MUD is highly addictive, and laced with challenging mental puzzles. However, the rewards for perserverence are great and I would recommend this MUD a hundred times over.

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Review posted by Gladia
Posted on Thu Apr 15 22:24:05 2004 / 0 comments
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I've been on Shattered World for 4 years now, and I'm not a particularly obsessive person. Thus, it is obviously amazing for me to be so engaged and enthralled by this game, with its 33 quests, 8 classes (soon to be 9 with the addition of the pixie class), and 11 guilds at the current date. It has a surprising amount of player involvement within the actual structure of the game, with players leading the guilds (and multiclassing is possible through an alliance system), able to create and run cults once they have reached a lord status, owning and running various properties throughout the land, and even building a castle and city once they have acquired both wealth and power.

As a new player, the game can be difficult, but there is abundant help wherever one looks through older players and the immortals. The skills are all interesting, and rather unique to the game. Not to mention that they are based on a “use-increase” system, in which skills grow higher as they are used more often. And as you get to the top of the MUD hierarchy, the game continues to provide a challenge: getting the position of Monarch or finishing those last, seemingly impossible quests gives players a great sense of accomplishment.

The people on this MUD are nice! Lords will do many things for a new player, hoping that they will join the lord’s cult. The environment is friendly, even if player killing is allowed to some extent. The immortals interact positively with the playerbase; not only do the fix the random bug that is found, but they are also willing to hear about ideas players have to make the game better! Everyone is willing to collaborate, so it all works for the best.

This MUD is almost 14 years old now, but it still survives because of its hard working staff of wizards, which include professional coders and even players who feel that they have accomplished everything put to them in Shattered World. In this way, the staff of this MUD reflects both prowess in the actual language and viable ideas from people that have had extensive game experience. The world grows and changes, with major additions approximately every year. This year, the introduction of lord-build castles, and the accompanying cities drew the most attention. Later on, the gods want to implement a system of siege and warfare between two lord castles.

Simply, this mud has everything you want. Roleplaying, social aspects, semi-democratic law system, player killing, a slew of quests are just a few of the things that are enjoyable about this world. Try it today. You won’t regret it!

Hope to see you there, Gladia

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Review posted by Pharaik
Posted on Tue Sep 2 18:19:45 2003 / 0 comments
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Shattered world is a unique and interesting MUD to play. I have continually played there because there is so much to do.

Now to tell you about some of the wicked features of the MUD and some fun things to do :) Well there's adventuring for all of the people who love to find new things, and find out what happens when you press this or pull that :)

There is a set list of quest to do, but that's not all. There are areas that are not part of quests, which are in themselves miniquests (these usually end up in finding some handy items to help you in your adventuring or combat). There is no limit to the amount of adventuring that one is able to do here! I still haven't found everything!! :)

But there's more than just adventuring, come see it and find out what else shattered has to offer you. Shattered is newbie friendly and relatively easy to catch onto, but it is addictive once you start :) I would recommend this MUD to anyone who loves to MUD! I hope you come and have a look.

p.s. I didn't go into everything because that would be long and too much to read :P

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Review posted by Dyskilian
Posted on Tue Jun 3 14:05:57 2003 / 0 comments
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Shattered World Review

This mud, unlike in many other muds, is not a pk fest. It is a mud with puzzles, with an economy, and with a legal system. If you are the kind of player that uses triggers and macro’s, you will soon find that they won’t help you very much in this mud.

The most important thing is knowing the mud and being able to think by yourself. If you have an interesting idea on how to make money or have found a new secret that no one else knows of, you have a definite advantage over other players. Even with the oldest of the mud’s players, there are still hidden areas they haven’t found yet, and young players have made a lot of money by figuring out things that no one else knows.

While starting out on this mud may be a bit difficult, the rewards of being able to manage a mud-wide economy, run a legal system, or even become the chief magistrate or monarch are well worth striving for.

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