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Mud Address: 4201
Web Address:
Codebase:            [MUSH]
Listing Last Updated:     June 07, 2016


Colorado, 1862.

Civil unrest is boiling into civil war. Union and Confederate armies posture and threaten, both Native Americans and Mexican landowners feel the pressure in an increasingly unfriendly area.

The young town of Grimwood endures, founded in a gold rush this burgeoning town now supplies itself from nearby ranches and farms, trade and travelers provided by the railroad at Grimwood Terminus.

But there's always trouble on the frontier, armies are about to clash, there are bandits in the hills, it's almost noon and someone called you yeller.

Keep your hand near your iron, cowboy.

Mud Theme: Wild West

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Grimwood Stats
Raw Data Average Data
# Days Listed267
Last Connection StatusConnect Refused
# Days With Status52
Total Telnet Attempts3431.285
Total Website Attempts6012.251
Telnet Attempts This Month31410.129
Website Attempts This Month46815.097