NannyMUD is one of the oldest original LPMud still around. It first opened in the spring of 1990 and has been up and running continuosly since then. The theme is medieval fantasy, with magic added. The game has more than 200 areas of all sizes, 136 quests, and 15 guilds. Many different playing styles are possible, from player killing and pure hack-and-slash to quest solving and social chatting. These are the guilds in NannyMUD: * Adventurers guild - The Adventurers Guild is meant for new players, so it is easy to play. * Champions of Khorne - The bloodthirsty Champions kill all they can see, it is however rather difficult to play this guild. * Chefs Guild - The guild is based on knowledge and as your knowledge increases, you will learn how to cook more dishes. * Cult of Cthulhu - The members of this guild worships the Great Old One known as Great Cthulhu. * Dark - The members of the Dark guild strive to rid the world of Nanny of all light. * Druids - The druids guild is fairly easy to play. It has a reputation for friendliness. * The Assembly of Knights - The legendary Knights of Camelot are both skilled and noble warriors. * The Hunters Guild - Hunters are rugged individualists who live on the frontier, using their handy bowie knife to skin kills. * Lepers - The lepers of Nanny are despised for their disease and therefore they often have to team up in order to survive. * The Holy Monks Order - To be a monk is quite demanding. In this guild you use your brain, not your brawn. Monks are good healers. * The Masters of NannyMUD - The Guild of Masters is a guild for all those that need a REAL challenge. * Prophets - The Prophets guild is about predictions and prognostications. * Simyarin - This is the guild of magic users. * Vampires - The kindred roam the world of Nanny in their constant search for fresh blood. * Vikings guild - The followers of the Norse gods are diverse, and can learn all manners of powers.

Mud Theme: Medieval fantasy, with magic added.

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Review posted by Gemf
Posted on Sun Apr 17 20:09:32 2005 / 0 comments
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This is the most interactive and well thoughtout Mud I have played. The use of the 'soul' makes using emotions much more interactive than other places I have been.

It is a very warm and friendly community of players, willing to help newbies. There are an abundance of auto loaders that you get to keep when you log off and will be there when you get back.

It seems to be a very stable mud, with infrequent reboots. There are lots of quests of varying skill levels, some involve fighting, but most do not. In addition to the quests there are puzzles to be found in most of it's areas.

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