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There are secrets in the darkness that will often remain untold but sometimes, in a serene metropolis, these secrets are revealed and chaos looms in clandestine locations. The place is Prospect, California where numerous businesses and friendly residents appear normal, at least as far as the eye can see. Those who can manipulate reality find allies in unique places. Those who reside in darkness find their own influence where mortals would not expect. Those who are tortured by reality hide in a vibrant world and those who have a kinship with their animal natures forge allegiances they wouldn't expect.

Prospect: From the Ashes (Formerly New Prospect) is a very welcoming mush with friendly and helpful staff. We are a cWoD (Classic World of Darkness) and been open for little over 2 years now. We average around 20 players (not just characters) usually. Our XP/Skill system is both time and vote based. Currently, many spheres are open which include Changeling, Nunnehi, Thallian, Demon, Mage, Shifter, Possessed, Mortal, Mortal+ for various spheres, Vampire and Human. A Wiki is up at with additional information. You can connect at: port 5555 Players are not required to have a Wiki but you can review the web site to see some members of the playerbase. Stop in and take a look around. There are many opportunities for roleplay.

Mud Theme: Classic World of Darkness

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