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Web Address:    https://rpgreborn.com/
Codebase:            [Custom] GameMasterDobbz@rpgreborn.com
Listing Last Updated:     November 12, 2018


RPG Reborn is a brand new idea built on an old school schema inspired by Legends of Kesmai. 2D and tile based, this role-playing game allows for more concentration on character development through use of skills rather than just defeating the foes. Each player can customize their own play style by choosing any/all dicsiplines to practice. There are no skill caps and therefore the game playtime is endless. Keeping with most of the traditional RPG elements such as quests, pvp, and monster hunts, RPG Reborn keeps you entertained. Posted rankings allow you to boast about your game achievements. Create your free game account and join the online community to start exploring the world of RPG Reborn today!

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# Days Listed1
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# Days With Status1
Total Telnet Attempts00.000
Total Website Attempts433433.000
Telnet Attempts This Month00.000
Website Attempts This Month43313.968