Winter's Oasis
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Winter's Oasis is the collaborative dream of a small number of dedicated friends. Our game world, called Loka, combines the best of several genres...metropolitan cities bear the Victorian mark of the steampunk Jules Verne aesthetic, while outlying forest hamlets are austere and the medieval Old Ways reign with magic and muscle. Out west in the arid deserts, a Western flavor makes rawhide outlaws of innocent men...and in the bowels of the steel ruins buried deep underground, researchers and excavators dig up powerful technological Tesla-inspired relics of an advanced civilization that came before. Humans and anthropomorphs intermingle in a beautiful country landlocked by the frozen tundra of an ancient battleground, where anything can happen, and often does.

Take up your monocle and top hat, pick up your sabres, pack your sixguns, and roll up your wizard robe sleeves... the Whitemarch retreats, and it is up to us to explore the world it reveals!

Mud Theme: Post-Apocalyptic, Steampunk, Medieval

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