Lands of M'dhavian
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The great Schism that recreated our world. Shrouded in the mists of time, there are many opinions about it. We are certain it happened, although few agree on the time in history. Yet all agree that many of the current races were born from the Schism, along with the current magic born of the Schism's world altering destruction.

The bloodmage, Meyunt, has scarred us. Our first lesson, that even though the days of the ancient Schism are over, the echoes of its impact echo forward into the future. Our world changes and so have we. For now we have bought peace for ourselves and our children. Nobody knows what might come next. We pray and hope for the best and await this future brought forth in the Lands of Mdhavian...

Opened April 2008 and at the moment have 80 areas, 6800 rooms, 14 races, 9 classes for first tier and 9 classes for second tier. Help discover the history of this land and seek out your own adventures. With a completely original world and new areas being put in this world promises great adventure. Builders are welcomed.

Features: �Automap to show your area and the terrain �Mounts, riding, mounted combat and mount equipment �Racial languages, and the ability to learn them by listening �Bows and ranged firing �Teaching system that allows players to teach skills to others �Player Created Clans and Clan Houses �Restring on items to make them unique �Automated quest system and quest items �Easier casting using shorthand like 'cu cr' for 'cure critical' �The ability to 'mentally' talk with other players �Moons with phases �Opportunities for player owned houses and land �Companions gain levels along with you �Savable Books, Journals and Writing �Crafting system to create your own items

Mud Theme: medieval fantasy

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Review posted by Zooka
Posted on Sun Apr 17 11:48:25 2016 / 0 comments
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Lands of M'dhavian is a ROM based MUD themed in an original fantasy genre. The world is quite large with all original and well designed areas - big enough to keep explorers busy, yet small enough to comfortably learn the landscape without constantly getting lost.

Roleplay is available for those that wish to participate, but is not enforced, as is the same with pkilling. This allows one to choose how they wish to involve themselves in the game.

There is an extensive crafting system that allows players to create unique weapons and armor from raw materials for their own use, sale or trade. One could quite easily become a rich merchant simply using the crafting system as the base of a business.

A handful of player run guilds/clans are available to join for those seeking further adventure and companionship or one can choose to create their own.

An active and friendly immortal team make this game a great place to pass the time. All in all this is a very well thought out yet underrated mud that should be receiving more attention from the mudding community at large.

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