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***The Official Thieves World MUD***

Enter a world of mystery, intrigue, magic and adventure. Will you be a warrior, a druid or maybe one of the thieves?

Thieves World is a well established fantasy mud (started orignally in 1993) that has a vast world to explore. We currently have over 146 areas, many of which were built specifically for Thieves World, with more orignal zones in construction. Officially recongnised by the trademark holder and licensed to use the name, we pride ourselves on the high standards of our staff and the pleasent gaming experience we provide.

We offer 125 levels, 11 classes, 26 races, tri-classing available for some races and remort for pure classes. We are sure you will find enough diversity to keep you occupied for hours. Our Immortal Staff are active on a daily basis and work hard to provide the best mudding experience you'll ever have.

Newbies are welcome. We have areas designed for them to explore and learn how to play muds if completly new to the world of mudding.

We have long and short term quests assigned by our questing staff and a couple question mobs, Clans available for those who like to belong and the occasional pkill free for all (don't worry, you don't lose a thing if you're murdered during the pkill specials).

Come join us and see how long it takes to get addicted to;

***********************THIEVES WORLD**********************

Mud Theme: Fantasy mostly

Thieves World Mud Reviews

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Review posted by Sol
Posted on Thu May 6 20:23:11 2004 / 0 comments
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Thieves World is a Mud that is based on zones from many varied sources, from sci-fi books, to totally original zones. Players are always encouraged to share their opinions and contribute to the community. Anyone is welcome. People are always willing and eager to help a new player feel welcome, and to learn the tricks of thier trade.

The mud has been going under some heavy changes lately to move to a more roleplaying oriented format with more involvement than just killing and getting eq. Thieves world has recently moved to a much more stable server and undergone some very progressive changes already.

If you're looking for a friendly, open-minded gaming experience come visit us at, you won't be disappointed.

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Review posted by Joe Mudder
Posted on Sat Apr 24 19:08:12 2004 / 1 comment
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For a MUD with a relatively small, but loyal playerbase, this MUD has REALLY stepped it up recently. They are pulling out all the stops to make this place the best it has ever been! Old areas are being replaced with new ones, new skills are coming almost daily, remortalizing pure classes as a second class (very innovative), frequent quests, more than hack-n-slash zones, an awesome message board. Gods who LISTEN and interact in a POSITIVE way, you name it! I have been pleasantly surprised.

Huge kudos to this bunch. I have MUDded for about 12 years, and this place has a lot of potential! I highly recommend it.

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Comment posted on Wed Apr 21 14:36:30 2004 by Dameon:

For over 8 years now, I've been mudding at Thieves World and have found not another MUD to match its playability or the dedication of its staff and players to making it a wonderful friendly environment. The mud is constantly evolving, yet maintains the same characteristics that initially attracted me - an innumerable number of zones to explore, variety in races, class and skills, and multiple ways to customize one's characters that truly allow players make themselves unique and legendary.

Above all, it's been the tightknit playerbase and newbie friendly attitude that have kept me there. Always helpful to newcomers, from the new website, newbie zones and unofficial newbie helper - TW is a very welcoming environment.

I've played on several different muds over the years, but have yet to find one that challenges TW on all levels. And for that, I keep going back.

Review posted by The Lady Arianna
Posted on Mon Apr 12 20:34:18 2004 / 1 comment
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This mud is wonderful! The IMMs are active and the players are friendly. Currently, the playerbase is small, but slowly growing. The types of characters you can play vary greatly. There are 26 races and 11 pure classes from which to choose. A few classes are available as a dual class or a tri-class. Round this out with 125 player levels, and this is a mud with some staying power! Did I mention that each player is allowed to have two characters online at once? The possibilities for game play boggle the mind!!!

The world itself is quite large. Currently there are 141 zones and a whopping 10,467 rooms! Many of these areas are custom, so you will run into things that you have not seen before. There are zones for every level of player, interesting room descriptions, and plenty to discover that would be passed over by the casual observer. Another interesting thing is that with each new zone you explore, the chances of finding new and unusual equipment are good. The types of equipment you will find to outfit your creation differ as greatly as the zones and the races.

Quests, need I say more? The questing staff on Thieves' World is alive and well. There are quests frequently. These may be as simple as an exploration quest with tokens scattered about the world to entice you from your usual haunts or as complex as a multi-part epic quest with the future of the world held in the balance.

I believe that anyone would have a great time playing here. Please visit our world at port 6000 soon! There is so much to be explored!!

The Lady Arianna

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Comment posted on Mon Apr 5 11:29:25 2004 by MtR:

This mud is really, really nice. The only problem here is that some veteran players in TW are used to help novices too much, shifting the gameplay balance. Still, if you're going for 'no-munchkin' way of mudding in fantasy setting, this is *the* choice. MtR aka Lao

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