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Codebase:            [MUSH] Pendragon RPG and Homebrew
Listing Last Updated:     June 02, 2018


Valorous Dominion is an online role-playing experience in an alternative setting based roughly on the northern Italian city-states in the proto-reniassance period; roughly 13th to 14th Century. The city states have risen in wealth and power through trade, finance banking, and maritime dominance. Having gained their autonomy from foreign influence, they are at a time of war and competition amongst themselves.

Free companies of mercenaries dominate the land scape between cities, employed by the wealthy cities and their nobles to fight their battles for them. And within the the cities, the great noble houses compete with each other in ritualized blood feuds known as Vindicti. Even amidst all this, some still seek the glory of the past, holding onto values and traditions of the old Empire itself, seeking out adventure to restore these old values.

Mud Theme: 14th Century Italy-alt world

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