Dead Souls


WHAT DEAD SOULS MUD IS: ----------------------- The Dead Souls mud is a running demonstration of what the Dead Souls LP codebase can do. It is open for visitors to see for themselves what it's like to learn and build on the codebase without having to download and install first.

Once you log in as a creator on Dead Souls, you can:

* Use the online Quick Creation System: * Use the offline web-based file editor: * Get a feel for LPC with intuitive commands like ls, cd, more. * Wander around the sample areas to get a sense of the look-and-feel.

Of course, you can also get equipped and go monster hunting or questing, but as a Creator, that's a bit unsporting, as you can always just use commands like invis, heal, and zap to get around tough spots!

WHAT DEAD SOULS MUD IS NOT: --------------------------- The Dead Souls mud is not a

Mud Theme: eclectic

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