Cosmic Cuttlefish


Welcome to the Cosmic Cuttlefish, winner of the 2159 "Most Disorganized Spaceship" Prize. You would be able to see the trophy in the museum, if management hadn't lost it. Rumors say it's in one of the cells of the security area, eaten by one of the animals of the zoo. If you're wondering what zoo animals are doing in the security area... welcome to the Cosmic Cuttlefish. Play a member of our crew! Engage in dangerous missions! Discover new planets, hang out in their bars, and try to come back healthy enough so that you don't have to see the doctor! Or play a member of the medical personnel and have fun at the expense of those crew members who didn't know better than insulting the local thug while drunk! This is a comedy retro sci-fi MUSH. We encourage originality and experimentation. Join the weird bunch that is our playerbase, and have fun!

Because retro sci-fi can be comedic.

Mud Theme: Original Retro-Sci-Fi, Comedy, Humor, Futuristic

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