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Welcome to Avenshar, kingdom to those of adventurous spirit, kingdom of noble lords and ladies, and kingdom to craftsmen and merchants. Avenshar is a kingdom steeped in magic and legend, forged through time by the very blood and sweat of its denizens. Though Avenshar's history is marked by long periods of war and conquest, recent times have not been so bloody, nor glorious, nor exciting. As a matter of fact, the last century or so has been a time of peaceful existence...

Yet, across the Nivaron Sea, the outpost city of Kehl has begun to take shape. The king has put out a call to all stalwart adventurers: cross the dangerous waters of the Nivaron Sea and put your skills to work assisting the growth of Kehl and ultimately the Kingdom. Be you a noble, a merchant, or a mercenary, the rewards of fortune and glory can be yours!

Archons of Avenshar is a fantasy themed game played through a custom, browser based Flash client. AoA features an all original world and storyline. Roleplaying, while not strictly enforced, is strongly encouraged. Enjoy countless hours interacting with other players, advancing your character's goals, or simply partaking in casual gaming in the main city's tavern. AoA features include, but are not limited to: * Custom Client meant to enhance the game world * Equipment that saves on exit * Limited racial selection * Guilds to learn from * Character customization through description editing * In game message boards, mail, help system and more

Mud Theme: Fantasy

Archons of Avenshar Mud Reviews

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Review posted by Icaron
Posted on Wed Sep 9 21:47:56 2009 / 0 comments
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Greetings all. Just a quick review to hype something you all may have missed.

Archons is a new mud on the scene currently sporting its own newly released client interface. If you're tired of the same old thing in muds, maybe stop by and give Archons a look.

A quick overview of some of the features to be found there. Unique guilds/skills/spells .. some twists to the familiar cleric/fighter/mage setup.

Orb system replaces standard experience setup in 95% of the current muds.

Unique client interface replaces standard telnet. Client features color map not ugly standard ansi. All cardinal directions are supported through mouse click or by standard keyboard interface. Aliases are supported like many mud clients currently available.

Rp strongly encouraged for those who choose to participate. The one thing it really lacks like most muds today sadly is you there to enjoy it! Please stop by and give it a few minutes of your time I'm sure you won't regret it! The site is available at and is playable right from the browser with no download required. Hope to see you there!


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Review posted by Greymantle
Posted on Wed Mar 25 20:57:58 2009 / 0 comments
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I find that the format in which the game is set in looks very fresh for a mud, taking away from the pure text genres for a mud's traditional look.

The admin works hard, always listens to his playerbase, and is constantly adding new features in order to meet the fast paced demand of today's discerning gamer whether they be new or a veteran to mudding or gaming in general.

I find myself already addicted to the game, and have a difficult time wanting to leave. It's obviously not WOW or any of the big titles we see today but for a free game, you simply have to come and give it a shot.

Get into the visually rich game of Archons of Avenshar!

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