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*** Watch out for news on our Fall Release of new *** *** Races, Zones, a brand new Web Community *** *** as well as many other changes. ***

===================================================================== Step back in time, into an age of Kings, Queens, Fades, Trollocs and the Game of Houses. Step into a Mirror of the Wheel, where the Creator weaves the Patterns of an age into Age Lace. Find your fate, your thread, be it commoner, merchant, soldier, lord or lady, Aes Sedai or Warder. Some things in the web you may choose...but beware, others may be chosen for you.

We support an interactive playing experience between mobs, players and Immortals. 50+ easily accessible player run clans, plus other player created, in theme clans, will be available. A great combat system has been implemented with 54 forms available to certain clans, as well as a true WOT channeling system with 80 true WoT weaves in and lots more planned. All the WOT races will be coming in; so far we have Wetlander and Aiel and Trolloc. We have too many features to mention here, but rest assured we have or will be including everything we can to make this a real world in which to lose yourself.

Players comment constantly on our attention to detail, theme adherence and creativeness in creating our world, so come find where your thread fits and add to Ta'maral'ailen, the Web of Destiny. =====================================================================

Mud Theme: Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan

Mirrors of the Wheel Mud Reviews

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Review posted by Thisgamesbad
Posted on Fri Feb 19 10:42:06 2016 / 1 comment
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This mud is riddled with issues, its hard to decide where to begin but here goes.

Practice restriction skill cap at 70 unclaned This wouldn't be a huge problem if there was constant Immortal contact but since theres maybe one on and he's afk all the time and won't clan people so well, there the issue. Your forever locked behind the clan wall. You can't pass 70, you can't get skills you need to rp your class. You can't do anything. If they removed the 70 cap and allowed you to practice every skill, itd improve the game ten fold

Ok whats next, oh combat Combat is horrendous on this game when your by yourself. That is of course unless your high ranked clan member with blade forms/weaves or backstab, but otherwise anyone not clanned is boned. You'll get the experience of missing 80 percent of your attacks even at capped skill level. And the one skill available to non clanned, bash, doesn't even work properly. If you get lucky you'll actually hit the target when its stunned, but thats seldom. And most of the time they stand right back up on the same round. Disarm has the same issues.

Next is the populace, or the complete lack of There is maybe 1 other person on the game at any given time and thats an Immortal that is afk. This means your stuck by yourself, unable to smob for best gear because you can't get clanned, theres noone on to help, and the mercenaries you can hire will flee in a few rounds.

Bugs..... Theres tons of them. I meen if I was a tester, it'd take me years of hard long hours finding and reporting the issues. There are shopkeepers that don't buy proper gear or have no starting gold. Combat skills that improperly work if at all and so many other problems that would fill this page if listed.

All in all theres a reason theres no population on this mud. No immortals that help you with clans or clan ranking so even if you do get clanned your still boned. So folks got tired of trying and just abandoned it. Game could be good but all issues are overwhelming and will never be addressed.

I give this mud 2/10 stars. The only reason I give it a two is theres alot of features that could be good if they'd just execute them properly. They of course wont so theres the other 8 stars gone.

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Comment posted on Mon Feb 8 16:16:15 2016 by Joffrey:

This is pretty spot on. Aside from all the technical stuff like things that should work, there is very little to do. The only questing is done when you first start. It was seriously the most exciting part for me. There is nothing interactive and joining a clan just makes it worse. You do the same things over and over and each rank unlocks nothing of worth to you unless you consider being able to do the monotony faster.

Review posted by Soephie
Posted on Fri Feb 19 10:41:45 2016 / 1 comment
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A wonderful world, expanding all the time. The attention to detail of the coders and builders is something all new players comment on, as well as the friendly and involved Immortal staff. We currently have a small, but very dedicated playerbase.

A world that encourages rich RP, but is also being expanded to allow cross race player killing. The combat system is undergoing some changes for speed and playability. It is very possible to rank is any of the military clans, Tower, Wisdoms, Hunters, and many others.

It's kept me busy and interested as both a player and an immortal for three years now, and I'm certain that it will have something to offer everyone that is interested in Robert Jordan and Wheel of Time.

Come and give it a try, training system is available and personal attention from other players and immortals is likely. We are VERY newbie friendly!

Mention Soephie when you arrive, or if you see me lurking about, and I'm sure to give you a little personal orientation and attention. Look for golden eyes watching you from the shadows.


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Comment posted on Mon Feb 8 16:02:58 2016 by Lurk:

Unfortunately, Soephie does not attend the mud anymore and it has become a shell of what it once was.

To put it frankly, beginning any game is like the honeymoon phase of a relationship. You overlook things that don't work properly. You disregard all the warning signs. Then years later you realize how much time you spent in an environment that promised fantastical things but you were just hoping for it to fet better. It doesn't. It hasn't for quite a few years.

It had promise and Soephie here likely saw that. But alas it was likely squeezed out of her and she has since, for a lack of a better phrase, seen the Light.

Review posted by Velis
Posted on Sat Jan 26 19:29:19 2008 / 0 comments
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Its a hard thing to compare MUD's. Its even harder to explain when you find the right one. What is it that draws you to it?

Why is it 'the one'? After mudding for 15 years and actually playing one or another that whole time. I can say without a doubt i have finally found it.

Robert Jordan 'Wheel of Time' based; it is as close to the books as possible with a MUD. Mirrors of the Wheel is like nothing else out there. Wolfbrothers, Male Channels, Aiel and Whitecloaks are all just the beginning. Set off accross the world, meet with Aes Sedai and Gaidin. Roleplay can be taken to extremes and with an active Game of Houses, there is always a rumor or two to dig up.

Set just before the Aiel War, the timeline allows for open roleplay and epic battles. Clans are many and with Trollocs and Fades soon to be thrown in the mix there is sure to be plenty of action. Any Clan/House/Sept you want to join, Mirrors has it. Perhaps you want to be a Cairhien Elitesman and be at the front when the Aiel sweep over the Spine, or a Shienar Lancer, holding the trolloc hoards at bay. Anything is possible.

With cleanly built zones that sometimes seem neverending and countless mobs/smobs you are never left bored when the fighting dies down. New zones are added constantly to keep the eager explorer in all of us busy. Hidden mobs teaching special skills. Built in quests anyone can do (not clan related). Your always finding something new.

Mirrors has very unique ideas on how the channeling and 'talents' are coded. You cannot select which of the many special qualities (talents) you will be given, instead you must wait for them to emerge in their own time. Channeling has been coded as close to the book as possible, you are able to tie, release and hold weaves. Talents include channeling (Both male and female), Wolfbrothers/sisters also have a chance to be so rabid they cant SPEAK! Oracles (Mins ability), ability to see weave residues, ability to see Ta'veren and more being added.

Any fan of the series would do well to come play for awhile. I'm sure you will find it time well spent. All the players and Immortal staff are more than willing to help anyone getting started and will see you right.

Take a look.

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Review posted by Rindoa
Posted on Wed Jun 21 20:22:09 2006 / 0 comments
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I would have to give Mirrors of the Wheel a great big thumbs up. They have captured the spirit of a mud and built in that spirit which is always a bonus for the player. The mud is beautifully written and is easy to get lost in. When I first started playing, I didn't give it too much of a chance. And then when I really got into it, I found that this is one of the few muds I needed to keep playing.

So I would highly recommend this mud for any one looking for a mud to play, but even more so to those who are fans of Robert Jordan and the Wheel of Time book series.

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