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AlexMUD is the oldest surviving DikuMUD, having passed its ninth birthday in March 2000. Because of its age, it may not appear to possess all of the 'features' of the newer MUDs. However, a revamped skill and spell system very different to what might be found elsewhere, all add up to give us a a certain uniqueness that will only be discovered once a player has started his or her adventures.

AlexMUD has no levels. All skills are improved through use, while spells can be increased by discovering more powerful versions of those that a character may already possess. While roleplaying is not required, it is strongly encouraged, for mortal actions have everlasting consequences...

'Many years have passed, and the kingdom has recovered from the destruction of the 5th War and the high cost of the Dwarven Alliance, which has since dissolved since the stoppage of payments. The Council of Ardenfall continues to rule the kingdom, but many folk living outside the capital have begun to mutter that the Council favours too much the people of that city, to the detriment of the rest of Ardenia. Tensions have begun to rise, and the outland nobility have become more vocal in their opposition.'

Mud Theme: Science Fiction Fantasy (Medieval)

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