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Mud Address:    hiddenworldsmud.com 4040
Web Address:    http://hiddenworldsmud.com
Codebase:            [Merc] Diku
Listing Last Updated:     July 22, 2023


Out of the ruins of Old Thalos City emerged MERC's Midgaard, the center of the Hidden Worlds. Its environs are inhabited by the creatures of fantasy and magic. HW is based on Merc/Diku mud code and has been around since 1992. If you like the Merc system, then you will love us. Some areas have been kept from the original Merc world for players familiar with them. Our creation team is working to keep the good old Merc Diku feeling with new and custom areas. If you are looking for a simple, fun mud with a good social atmosphere, give HW a spin. This isn't Circle, Envy, Merc II, Rom, Rot, Smaug or other variants of Merc. It's the way mudding used to be. And we like it like that. We support limited player killing, clans, quests, marriages, chaoses and lots of hack and slash. There are more adventures to enjoy than we quickly describe, so come and experience them for yourself! Join us and journey through the Hidden Worlds of your imagination.

Mud Theme: Classic Diku Fantasy

Hidden Worlds Mud Reviews

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Review posted by Punk Girl
Posted on Thu Oct 25 21:26:10 2007 / 0 comments
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Very nostalgic experience if you love the look and feel of a mud versus the sparkly genre of MMPRPG. For me this is it. Fantastic multi-classing capabilities, highly original areas, and ideal if in the dwindling mudding popularity you find it easier to solo than group.

I log in from time to time still to see if I catch anyone who used to play, but alas, it's quite barren. Used to be a max about 100 players and a wait to log on. Now there typically seems to be one player MPing if you're lucky. I miss the good ole days. WOW just never compared.

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Review posted by Pigfarmer
Posted on Mon Feb 5 18:07:39 2007 / 0 comments
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Iíve been a player at Hidden Worlds since the early 90ís. In that time Iíve seen many changes, most of which I really like. Iím doing this player review to update the TMC review circa 1998. In the TMC review it states that many of the areas visited were stock Merc/Diku areas. While there are several areas that are stock (including mud school, arachnos, drow, sewers, and moria ) most of the areas are completely original. The higher in level one becomes, the more s/he can explore the vast land that Hidden Worlds contains.

Also in the TMC review it states that there was a lot of profanity on public channels. While there is an occasional outburst, our rules are very firm in stating the opposite. Usually a reminder is sent either on the public channel or in a tell to the player from an Immortal or even another player and that is the end of it. It has been a very long time since I noticed any further action being taken. We pride ourselves in having a very friendly playerbase that helps new players and as a result most players are eager to follow the rules in order to make Hidden Worlds an enjoyable game for all.

And finally in the TMC review it mentioned that we are old school and like it like that. Compared to some other muds this is definitely true. However in the past two years we have introduced some new player friendly options. Ansi Color has been implemented as well as auto-gold, auto-sac and about ten other options via the config command. While it is still best to connect via a client of some sort (even when fewer players are on, it is still a fast action game) the new options are definitely a welcomed feature.

In closing Iíd like to welcome everyone to try out Hidden Worlds. It is mudding like it used to be, but we have added a few options to make it easier on the modern player. While there are many areas for the lower level players, once you reach mid to upper levels the game becomes much more of a challenge. Acquiring the better equipment is as much of a challenge as attaining the highest levels of the game. Once the highest levels and the best equipment is acquired there are still lands that warp common sense and endanger your every move. Come by and say hi. The players at Hidden Worlds are more than willing to help you get started.

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Review posted by Golen the Ogre
Posted on Wed Jan 3 20:33:21 2007 / 0 comments
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Hi me ogre! Sorry if is hard stand what little ogre say as hims not know how to speak berry gooder. One of dems what nebber die say is ok if ogre say nice things about World what be Hidden.

Ogre member when he was little was more people here dan an ogre could count (ogres not able count berry high though). Now is not quite as many; is sad because is much bigger world than when ogre first found it. Habbe many places ogre nebber see anywhere else, but begin where ebberyone know, so feel like home.

Ogre is like it berry much because each new land is pretty. Dems what make them work hard to make nice, not to make fast. Also dems keep ebberything where balance so little ogres can habbe a good time and so can dems what be bigger than ogre.

Some say it be old skool, ogre not know cause hims nebber go to skool. If you want try, come see if can find ogre. Hims help you kill a big chicken! Ogre love chicken, is taste berry good.

Me hopes you habbe good time and think maybe you like it much as ogre do. Not worry ogre habbe many friend what be smart and not talk like ogre, so dems help you if you no understand what ogre be say.

Thank you berry much for let ogre tell you bout hims home! XXX (ogre)

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