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Welcome to Solar Eclipse!

-201 levels Remort system (after you reach hero at 201, you can restart at level 1 as a new race and class and keep your skills, spells, and 1/8th of your hitpoints and mana) -27 unique races with race abilities, such as illithid with mindflay, machina with circuit overload -11 character classes : (mage, templar, thief, warrior, paladin, monk, bladesinger, bard, ranger, warlock, necromancer) -Class promotion system to obtain additional skills -Close to 100 original areas, over 12000 rooms -Monster Capture system to fight in coliseum and obtain prizes -Mine precious metals to make your own weapons and armor -Automatic quest master that gives 5 types of quests according to your level -Area quests, numerous quests by builders available from the Adeventurer's Guild in town. trade reputation points for rare items -NEW! Quest equipments worn ON TOP of regular eq -NEW! Poach monsters to receive rare items reward -NEW! Reputation system, earn points by playing the game comprehensively -Trade reputation points for rare items -Player-owned houses and shops -MXP support (HP gauges, click-navigation, smart menus, and more...) -Portal-enhanced mudding -Much more

We have a friendly atmosphere and are helpful to new players. So come on in and enjoy this game.

Mud Theme: Medieval/Fantasy

Client Recommendation: Portal,Zmud,MushClient

Solar Eclipse Mud Reviews

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Review posted by Mordor
Posted on Thu Nov 21 10:21:32 2013 / 0 comments
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A standard pitch of 201 levels, 11 classes, with mining/poaching/capturing and finding items, if you were smart, should be enough to lure you here to the realm of Solar Eclipse to at least try the robust combat system and areas. What do I mean? Classes REALLY syngergize well with each other. As you remort into a new class after leveling up to 201 you gain the new class's abilities while retaining all your past abilities. The combos you can dream up are truly endless.

You can expect areas that really make you think out side the box to solve the problem. You like puzzle areas? SE has em. You like insanely hard mobs with great rewards? SE has em. You want areas where you can just murder everything? No problem. You like gathering different types of gear to min/max? You got it, SE has it. Hate gathering gear? Get to 201 and mine the best metals there are and ignore (for the most part) gear gathering. Quest for unique and powerful pieces that attach to weapons, gain reputation points to buy sweet quality of life items. Gain promotion classes to further your abilities and stretch your character to the max.

Enjoy capturing monsters to fight rare and difficult bosses in the arena to gain sweet rewards. Mine up metals to craft armor and weapons to cover gaps in gear or stats. Pick plants to make pills to buff or heal you.

Want PvP? It's there on a voluntary basis. The player base needs to pick up to allow for some sweet competition in PvP. Hate places where you can't speak with the lead IMM because (s)he is too good for you? Not here. Routinely he will respond to questions about mechanics, and even engage in discussion about changing things that may suck, be over powered or under powered. There's even more I could tell you about, like player shops, player housing, marriage/divorce, but sometimes you just have to come here and see it.

TLDR: Give it a shot. Let the world capture ya and people that play it intrigue. Also, if you come and have questions ask for me, Mordor (such a lame name, know) and I'll be happy to assist you, and if not busy, spellup and heal ya!

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Review posted by Fauchelevent
Posted on Mon May 27 08:20:11 2013 / 0 comments
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Solar Eclipse (SE) is a full-featured mud that has a lot of potentials. It boasts of 20+ races, some dozen classes, and a Remort system that allows the player to restart at level 1 with a new race/class and keep some of the uber stat.

The world of SE is a collection of areas based on various themes and popular video games at the time, that the implementers have managed to mash together over the years. Some are just simple hack-n-slash, kill-rinse-repeat type of leveling up areas, some are quite interactive (through the use of scripts) and filled with challenging puzzles, enemies and great rewards.

After picking your race and class, the player is led through a very well written newbie school. It really does a fantastic job ntroducing the mechanics of the mud. After graduation from newbie school, player is then introduced to the Adventurer's Guild, hich sends them on quests to showcase some of the features of the mud. I will list some of them as examples: 1) mine three different types of material to create a device to breath underwater 2) clear out pests in an abandoned mansion; this one is quite fun as some of the pests are hidden and require some interaction with the area to get them out. There is also a countdown of how many are left to clear as each puzzle is solved. 3) make flip-flops in a factory...this shows a feature of the mud where you can combine items to create new ones

so on and so forth. These quests are really fun and I which there were more interactive things like this on the mud.

There is an questing system that is for better or worse, a big part of the game. It sends the player to various types of quests determined by chance and level. Quest points are gained by completing these quests. It is certainly not required, since on the whole the difficulty of the mud is quite low. Questing offers some good prizes in the form of items called sigils. Sigils are pretty useful, they can attach to a piece of equipment and apply stats on top of the existing stats, and quest rewards sigils generally have some more unique features such as a weapon that changes damage type based on the vulnerability of the mob, pretty useful. The bad thing about questing is that it becomes too big a part of the game and it takes away from the other parts. In fact there are a lot of players just sit at the auto-questor waiting for the next quest to be available (it has a wait time of 10 minutes or so in between quests)

There are other fun things like mining and capture which also are really fun and will eat up a lot of time. With mining you can ine different materials and create equipment with various attributes based on the materials. Capture seems to be based on the FFX idea, where a boss can be challenged upon the completion of defeating a certain types and numbers of mobs in an area.

The classes are pretty fleshed-out; although some (in particular monk and necromancer) are a lot more fleshed-out than others. Thief especially is extremely under-whelming. Nonetheless the classes have unique features and are all fun to play. The variety of the skills in combination of the Remort system makes SE have a lot of replayability.

Races have different stat advantages, such as giant having more Strength, naturally. Pixies have in-born fly, parthans (cats) having 50% bonus on hand-to-hand and claws. Pretty diverse stuff, although like the classes, a few of the races aren't that good.

Players on SE are generally friendly and some are even quite chatty. I have not met many unhelpful players during all of my time playing on it. The current immortal staff are really friendly (and more laid back than ever).

At one time there were a lot of clans activiiy (hence PK) going on, however, the mud went down sometime ago and the player count has suffered a lot as a result. It can really use a lot of players.

In closing I think SE is a mud with many good features, and has the potential to be great with more congruent areas and more players. Either way I have really enjoyed playing this mud.

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Review posted by Stealth
Posted on Wed Sep 16 22:15:17 2009 / 0 comments
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This mud, simply put, is amazing. In my opinion there is nothing wrong with it at all. I've tried some of the top ten muds on here, but this one really is the best. Given it is VERY addicting, that comes with any great game, if you're a gamer, you don't really care anyway.

The immortals are helpful, and very friendly. I played this mud long ago, and it was full of life, and very great to play. Then Phoenix left and it all started going downhill very fast. The immortals that ran the place, were all arrogant and obnoxious. I evenplayed WOW for quite some time, who hasn't really, but this mud is my home.

When I heard that Phoenix came back I immediately found the place and came running back. This place is just awesome, and has suffered its ups and downs, but when it all comes down to it, even with crappy immortals it is a great mud. Now that its starting to get back on its feet, i'm sure this place will be the mud to beat soon.

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Review posted by Kenshin
Posted on Thu Jun 14 20:43:02 2007 / 0 comments
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This was the first mud I played and remained the only mud with enough content and pvp strategy to grab me. I tried at least a dozen other muds, trying to find one with a playerbase not so large that you barely talk to people and not so small that there's no one ever on.

The owner Phoenix and many other builders on this mud did a fantastic job and this mud definitely deserves more attention.

I'll never forget pecking away on this game late into the night. This game alleviated all boredom throughout most of high school with my high school friends who also played. Xaetrus, Sergei, Vormav, Rossu, Vladimere, among others.

Experienced and new mud players alike should give this mud a play.

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Review posted by Abraham
Posted on Thu Aug 3 20:40:08 2006 / 0 comments
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First of all, like every other mud, there are the pros and cons, luckily I believe the pros heavily out weigh the cons.

Pro's - 1. The Imms: They are always updating and suggesting new idea's. They actually listen to the players, and help them with any problem they run into. Always working on something new, fixing something old, or atleast thinking of something new. Very friendly..

2. Areas: It has a very nice selection of both original and themed area's. Anything from the challenging Cube, to Shinra Building. A wide selection of both, all well designed, all full of items, mobs etc.

3. Character Selection: To many races to name and I probably couldn't remember all the classes either. But alas, a nice selection for whatever you want. Definite plus.

4. Character Development: There are many different skills and spells, as well as a well designed promotion system for virtually every class. all vary original and custom designed.

CONS 1. Addiction: I'm sure that the addictive power of the awesomeness of this place has lost jobs and ruined relationships. It is just to good for some people.

2. I cant think of anymore really... CONCLUSION - Personal Opinion I started on this mud a few years back and it's pretty much been the only one I've played frequently. 'Well, if it's the only one you've played how do you know it's so much better?' I've TRIED playing other muds and was just bored. Nothing original really. I have played other muds, and tried to expand a little, but I am always drawn back to SE. So if nothing else, give it a shot, 4321


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Review posted by Kirie
Posted on Mon Mar 20 19:28:18 2006 / 0 comments
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Solar Eclipse MUD is one of the most interesting MUD's I have ever had the joy of playing. While I am still very much new to Solar Eclipse and inexperienced as far as the more advanced features of the MUD I have had such a wonderful time getting to know the many wonderful and unique features of the world.

The areas are unique, there are wonderful quests built in to areas and also a very involved questing system. The immortal staff is wonderful. They run small quests for the mortals to enjoy. They are always asking for input from the players on features, playability, etc. If you find a problem and note them about it the problem seems to be fixed almost instantaneously.

Between questing, leveling, and exploring the unique areas you can spend some time mining different materials to forge weapons and armor with, gathering herbs and flowers to make pills with, capturing mobs to turn into pets, and poaching exotic animals around the realm.

The playerbase is growing steadily as more and more people find out what a wonderful place SE is. So come to Solar Eclipse! We look forward to seeing you!


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Review posted by Moki
Posted on Mon Mar 20 15:30:34 2006 / 0 comments
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Solar Eclipse is a mud with a great codebase that needs an influx of players badly. The big positive of the mud is that it has many very innovative mechanics and ideas driving it and is fun as a game on its own accord. The big negative is that currently we are suffering from a very small playerbase. Part of this is because the mud has undergone somewhat frequent admin changes and as a result the code stagnated for about a year or so. But, now that the staff has stabilized and work is being done again on the mud, more players would be wonderful.

Let me talk a little bit about the underlying game. There are eleven different classes: Warrior, Thief, Monk, Ranger, Paladin, Bladesinger, Necromancer, Bard, Mage, Warlock, and Templar. Of those, currently Warrior, Bladesinger, Thief, Ranger, Necromancer, Templar, Mage, Paladin and Bard have promotion classes available. Be forewarned though, the quest to promote is often quite difficult and will test your mind as well as your typing skills. As far as I understand the last two promos are already in the works and will be available relatively soon. Phoenix has made a real effort to distinguish the classes, and regardless of how many remorts you have been through, you will still find yourself using unique skills from all of the classes you have access to. I won't say that the classes are well balanced, as some are vastly superior to others, but they all have their uses and attractive skills.

The promotion classes themselves serve to further distinguish the classes. Usually, with promotion comes access to new and powerful spells or abilities. The abilities usually fall very close in line with what you would expect for the class. So the promoted ranger, a trainer, becomes more proficient in poaching body parts from his prey and also can train captured monsters to be his pets. A promoted mage gains the ability to cast spells as if he were much higher level than he currently is thus letting his buffs last longer and debuffs stick easier. They are all well thought out and serve to give your character a sense of uniqueness that might not otherwise be there after remorting several times.

The remort system is what really can drive you. Eventually, if you spend enough time, you can remort an eleventh time and thus have access to the spells and skills of every class. Character planning goes a long way here though and you can spend alot of time planning which path you want to take to achieve your final goal.

There are a ton of exclusive areas, and very few stock areas remain. I'm not a snob about stock areas, I've been mudding since the early 90s and I remember when some of those stock areas were new but I do accept the fact that the codes for muds have progressed a long way and that those areas certainly do not take advantage of all the features that are available now. In the areas on SE you will find no shortage of brainburners that force you to pay close attention to descriptions to work your way through them. On the other hand, there are plenty of brainless pure move and kill areas that you can use to level with little or no thought.

The other big positive about the base game on SE, is that there are so many original mechanics available to play with. There is a very intriguing capture system that works very similar to that found in final fantasy X. The promotion system and the related quests can occupy days as you fight and solve your way through the quests. New mechanics like poaching will keep things fresh as you exhaust the other possibilities. And this is a key point: the code is changing quickly. Phoenix is constantly coming up with, listening to, and implementing great new ideas for mechanics. So log on and see if you can come up with the next great one.

As of right now, there is no PK on SE. This is mainly because of the small player base. The code for clans is there, and if somebody wanted to make a clan, it would be available as far as I understand from conversations with the staff. It is limited PK in that only those who have chosen to clan or achieved a loner flag can be involved in fights. An active, interesting, and balanced PVP enviornment can only come with a larger playerbase. So if that is something that drives you, connect and bring a few friends with you. The nice thing though is that if PK is something that totally disinterests you, it is a feature that you are never required to participate in.

Early on in this review, I said that a big flaw with SE is the small player base. However, I think you will find that we are generally a friendly bunch and if you have a question, there will always be someone willing to answer if they can. Connect and send me a tell sometime.

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Review posted by Steve
Posted on Thu Feb 2 20:08:12 2006 / 2 comments
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Solar Eclipse is both newbie friendly and great for power fiends. With the well thought out remort system and balanced classes/races that have been tweaked over the years, SE has a winning formula. There is a wide variety to choose from, but there are still the classics for people new to this mud to choose - like Giant Warrior!

Since I started at SE, I haven't gone back to any other mud. On occasion I head off to another mud to have a look around, but I've always found them clumsy in comparrison to the constantly updating Solar Eclipse. All the imms and players are Newbie friendly. Give it two or three sessions... and kiss your social life good-bye.

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Comment posted on Mon Jan 23 15:32:09 2006 by Cayr:

The most recent revamp caused about 90% of the pbase to leave. What the above review does not state is that there are barely any players left on this MUD, sadly. It is as great as he says, but it is ultimately an empty shell of its former self.

Comment posted on Tue Jan 24 00:04:43 2006 by Dekar:

Solar Eclipse took a nosedive when Phoenix left the mud in the hands of a couple yahoos. Most of the people left because of the admins' ability to anger most of the population at all times. Since then Phoenix has come back, and the mud is regaining its playerbase.

I logged in to Solar Eclipse and noticed the immortals have started working on areas again. There were six new areas openining, and new players are coming in to the mud everyday. Although, they have a hard time staying because of the still relatively low population. This MUD deserves another chance because many people work hard to make it what it is. The only flaw it ever had was because of bad management, and that problem has been removed.

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