Dragon Balls Transendent Warriors
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Friendly immortals constant player based pking and role playing invovled. We are also looking for builders with exprience in smaug building and rp immys and other things as well. other wise sit back enjoy and have fun. always open and always live with new fresh and idea, most players that join us will love our mud and want to help and improve better on it please join us and lets keep it fun.

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Review posted by clu
Posted on Thu Mar 21 17:13:48 2019 / 0 comments
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Friendly staff, helpful players all around good mud to spend your time on. you want some thing to replace evo truth or any of the other saga mud base. my mission in life to owning a mud is to make sure there is a safe envoriment that welcomes players with open arms, we do not allow trolling or bulling of any kind on our mud were to be helpful and have a good time with each other. you want a place to kick back and relax and have someone to talk to then feel free to join us. we are always willing to take feed back on how to make the mud better for you. so please come try our mud and dont delay.

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