In DUMII you start your life as a young adventurer, and then set out to explore the world to gain power as well as treasures, finding adventures and friends along the way. Unlike most other muds, you don't gain any experience for killing things, but there are still plenty of foes to fight. When the gods notice your progress, you are challenged with a quest to solve on your way to eternal fame and immortality.

DUMII has a high quality standard with both its world and its features. Some of the features are:

* Classless & raceless system (be any class/race you want). * Four different alignments, with different quests to solve. * Player-run guilds. * No rent for your saved equipment. * Very friendly parser. Either of 'get the egg from the basket.' or the abbreviated 'g e b' is valid. * Very newbie friendly, with well-written help pages and friendly players to help you. No detailed character creation. * An extensive list of original actions/socials is available to all players, with free-text emote commands available to responsible role-players as well. * Built-in macros/aliases, automapping and word wrapping. You can set your page width and page height, and the server will adapt to it. * There are no fixed colours anywhere; all colours can be changed to your own preferences. * Many games are available like Fourday's Bindings or Kalah. * You can buy your unique, personal home and it can be located almost anywhere in the world.

Mud Theme: Medieval Fantasy

DUMII Mud Reviews

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Review posted by Traxis
Posted on Mon Apr 12 22:05:19 2004 / 0 comments
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DUMII. While the name may not be as exciting as others, the game itself sure is. What makes DUMII so unique is that it doesn't rely on hack and slash killing to gain points. In order to gain points, you must explore the far ends of the realm, and gather items and then dump them into the void, for a wide variety of points. At a certain point, you will receive a riddle describing your quest. Your quest will be a little test to see if you are worthy of reaching a new level. Complete the quest and be rewarded with a new level. Simple as that.

The game itself is truly unlike anything out there. Since there is no repetition of killing MOBS for points, every time you go to explore a new area, or the same for items to dump, things may be different, such as someone has already beat you there! But you may be thinking it's bad to have more mortals on at once. Well you're wrong, because with more mortals, the more the items are worth.

Overall, the game is worth a shot. If you do not try this game, you do not know what you are missing.

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