Age of Legends: Tales of the Lance


Welcome traveler! You have arrived at Age of Legends: Tales of the Lance! With over 15,000 rooms, there is adventure to be had by all! With a scribe and brew option for magi and clerics, you can support your fellow adventurers more readily! With scripts running in the game, you can be assured of surprises (both good and bad) all around! There are friendly innkeepers in every town to help you find a room and to keep your supplies and equipment safe until you return. Do you wish to be a knight? The Knights of Solamnia are waiting for you! Do you wish to be a magic users? The Conclave of Wizards are now enrolling! Perhaps you prefer to feel the touch of a god and their blessings? The different religions are ALWAYS looking for new acolytes! Let's also not forget the world renown Thieves Guild in Palanthas (though to be honest, I'm not sure why they are so proud of that...). All of this and more waits for you in the world of Krynn! Just visit us at port 6010! Happy adventuring!

Mud Theme: Dragonlance

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