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Mud Address: 9000
Web Address:
Codebase:            [Rom] ROM 2.3
Listing Last Updated:     January 23, 2008


Stick in the MUD, founded in February 1994, was one of the first ROM-based MUDs online. Originally a hangout for displaced ROM players and University of Toronto engineering students, it quickly became populated with new mudders and evolved its own identity.

Stick attracts beginning and experienced mudders who are looking for a simple, friendly, relatively clean ROM-based mud to explore. It retains mudders who enjoy the diversity and spirit of community that endure year after year -- and it retains mudders who just... can't... resist... the urge to log on....

As a game, Stick in the MUD is much like its name. It doesn't change quickly. This is not a 1000-area 80-race MUD with 100 people on at all times. The implementors are a couple of boring ol' computer professionals who try hard not to take the game, their roles, or themselves too seriously. They keep good backups, fix bugs, and otherwise sit around and socialize like most everyone else.

For the player who prefers to keep running around killing monsters after reaching immortality, Stick offers a reincarnation option with expanded race/class selections.

Mud Theme: Social / Fantasy

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# Days Listed6671
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# Days With Status1272
Total Telnet Attempts5560.083
Total Website Attempts5420.081
Telnet Attempts This Month2528.129
Website Attempts This Month2989.613