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Mud Address: 27723
Codebase:            [Custom] MUD2
Listing Last Updated:     November 10, 2018


This is the latest incarnation of Richard Bartle's MUD2. MUD2 is the direct descendant of the _original_ MUD, as developed by Richard Bartle and others at Essex University, England, in 1978.

The stated goal for this site is to provide a stable, long-standing home for MUD2 players around the world. The game is available for a low monthly subscription fee which helps cover the costs and the effort associated with software development and system maintenance.

MUD2.COM is operated by Viktor T. Toth, aka Viktor the arch-wizard, who was also an arch-wizard on the Kesmai and NVN incarnations of the game. Players of CompuServe's British Legends (BL) know him as MrSpock the wizard.

Mud Theme: You haven't lived until you have died in MUD2!

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MUD2 Stats
Raw Data Average Data
# Days Listed7974
Last Connection StatusConnected
# Days With Status77
Total Telnet Attempts3870.049
Total Website Attempts2640.033
Telnet Attempts This Month2959.516
Website Attempts This Month00.000