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The year is 2065. The world has changed. Ravaging diseases and computer viruses have brought humanity the brink of disaster. Magic has returned to the world allowing those with the will to use it, extraordinary powers and abilities. The lines between man and machine have blurred as science finds new ways to incorporate cybernetic wonders into flesh. Data pirates in the new world called Deckers, interface with the virtual reality of the matrix to plunder one of the worlds remaining commodities; information. Unexplained Genetic Expression as it is called changed the race lines from color to species as Trolls, Elves, and other creatures of legend emerged from all walks of life. Corporations who are powers unto themselves put on a warm and fuzzy face to the public while striking each other in silent shadow wars using freelance agents known as Shadowrunners. This is Shadowrun, and the setting for the MUD known as Deckeon. For nearly a decade Deckeon has strived to recreate the Third edition Shadowrun game in a role playing enforced MUD.

Mud Theme: Shadowrun

Deckeon Mud Reviews

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Review posted by Haint
Posted on Mon Oct 6 11:17:20 2014 / 0 comments
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I found Deckeon in May of 2013 when I had the urge to play something Cyberpunky. I had tried other Shadowrun muds, but found most of then oblique or disappointing. In Deckeon I found a small but dedicated player base, a very faithful porting of rules from 3rd edition, and basically, a bucket of fun. Life has called and dragged me away more than once since I started playing, but I check in from time to time and binge.

So let me break it down.

The Great: +Most Faithful port of SR 3 I've seen to a MUD. +Karma gains for RP, Combat, Rigging, Decking and Casting +Conflict resolution done through dice and TNs and the option to see your dice rolls for tasks. +A pretty large world to kick around in. +A decent variety of auto runs to do.

The not-so-great: -Sustaining Foci aren't coded in, so mages take a hit there. -A lot of skills aren't supported in the hardcode (mostly B/R skills, a number of pilot skills) -Small player base means there isn't a whole lot to do when not auto-running or programming or murdering ghouls in the FFZ. -The learning curve is steep to start with, but you get the basics down pretty darn quick.

That said, I think Deckeon is a really solid game and a lot of fun. And with all the recent developments with SSR and SRO, maybe folks might want a taste of a more genuine and in-depth Shadowrun experience.

Hopefully people will read this and check out this lil gem.

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Review posted by Ape (Vinicius B. Meireles)
Posted on Tue Mar 31 17:49:43 2009 / 0 comments
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I've played Deckeon many years ago for a couple of weeks and then left because of real-life time-consuming matters. About two to three weeks ago I've come back to find that it was still there, and its creator, Trip, still very active and still coding, even though most of the staff seems to have gone inactive.

The MUD is totally original, with an interesting combat system, automated johnsons who give out many different kinds of runs. These are randomly generated and designed so different types of characters will have an easier or harder time doing different types of runs. There is also a plotted run that you can choose to follow in parallel to your 'free' activity. You can start it as soon as you get out of the character generation process. The world is populated with randomly generated mobiles who successfully give it a 'crowded' feeling.

Even though the building, help files, room descriptions and general standardization is not perfect, including some code yet to be done and features to be properly implemented, all of the main shadowrun features, for all the archetypes, are already implemented and working. Everything is in and ready for an awesome time of roleplaying and action. I'd dare say this has room for both the serious roleplayer and for the powerplayer, as there are ways to get karma by doing runs, using magic, decking, rigging and killing.

Not everything you do goes unnoticed, though. Murdering citizen (and maybe other creatures too) brings bounties upon your head and that might turn encounters with security personnel less pleasant. Players who belong to the LoneStar organization might also come after such individuals. You can also play a bounty hunter, a DocWagon medic and, it seems, other roles when participating in player-run organizations.

At the very moment, players seem to be what it lacks most. However, activity seems to range from one or two to maybe five to six people on at a time. Maybe due to that, even the gamemasters (who run the GM-run runs :p) seem to be inactive. That however, is about to change, as you and I take part in this awesome Shadowrun world.

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Review posted by Nathyrra
Posted on Wed Sep 10 18:02:17 2008 / 0 comments
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Hi there, I'm Nathyrra, and I've been mudding on Deckeon for the better part of the year, so I'm a relatively new player on the MUD, but I've known a few of the players for much longer than that.

Deckeon as a MUD is extremely versatile, offering several different experiences depending on the type of character that you choose to play. The custom class feature allows quite a bit of freedom, and I find that even after 10+ different characters, I'm hankering to make another, just to explore another part of the game. :)

The combat system is unique and almost real-time in it's layout, as well as having several different types of weapons (which I love, personally, I can't get enough variety). There is also an extensive magic system, as well as decking matrix, and any mix therein that you can imagine.

The world is large and original. While the descriptions of the rooms are often mispelled or otherwise bland, the auto-map feature glosses over this, and I find the only times I'm looking at a room description is if I happen to be needing a clue for a run, which usually isn't too often.

The playerbase isn't large, at most 15 active players at any one time. But, the PB is helpful and fun, each playing their character quite well. Even the ones you just love to hate are doing the job very well; the emotions almost threaten to invade your real-life! That is one of the hallmarks of true acting and roleplaying, after all.

The staff is helpful, even if there are few available at most times. It's a small MUD with a small staff, so it can be overlooked. Also, with the relatively odd times that I usually play, I don't get to see the imms often.

Bugs are few, and the ones that are there are quite well-known and avoidable, as well as not detracting from overall gameplay. Development is ongoing, even if it is at a somewhat slow pace, and new features as well as glossing over of defects are always being implemented.

Overall, I love this MUD. I've been playing MUDs for about thirteen years now, and this is definitely one of my favorites. My only complaint is the relatively small playerbase, but that's up to other people getting brave and trying something new!

Seriously, you've never played anything like this before, and you won't regret it. The learning curve is moderate, but with the helpful PB and Imms, it is easily overcome.

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Review posted by Eod
Posted on Wed Sep 6 20:00:46 2006 / 2 comments
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It's hard to find good quality MUDs these days. That's a fact, not an opinion. As arrogant as that sounds, it's the truth that many of us veteran MUDders have encountered, as we've seen just about every 'unique' innovation the MUDding community has created. Meaning that for every 100 MUDs out there, 5 of them are truly unique. Fortunately for you, I'm not here to ramble about my philosophies on MUDding, I'm here to talk to you about this diamond in the rough, Deckeon.

You're not going to find a better representation of Shadowrun than Deckeon. It's packed with areas, mobs, and scripts that'll keep you guessing until the end. That's not an exaggeration, because it takes players literally hundreds of hours before they can reach a point in their character that'll allow them to fully explore the world of Deckeon. It's just packed with challenges, quests, items and secrets.

The gameworld is utterly unique. The original coder has turned this ordinary CircleMUD into a masterpiece, containing an automapping feature that actually LOOKS like a map (you're going to be impressed), trade skills, a vast array of commands to RP, a sickening amount of ways to customize your character, and most of all, a sense of individuality in the game. Every single character that has a place in Deckeon is unique. Skills range from bows and arrows to hand guns to katanas to laser cannons. Vehicles from super racing bikes to big limos and helicopters. Oh, and the world, every single mob has it's own story to share (via the rumor) command, with unique stats, inventory, and a purpose on why they're there. Auto-running Johnsons assign randomly made quests that can have you snooping around in gigantic and heavily guarded megacorp compounds or lurking underneath a graveyard to save some dumb human.

Looking for PvP? There's an underground arena that the corps sponser now and then to find new muscle. Guns and ammo not good enough? Go to the local doc and start sticking metal in your body, have your muscles amplified, replace your natural eye, lace your bones with titanium. Sounds grotesque? Walk the path of a mage, wreaking havoc with fireballs and conjuring creatures that haunt your nightmares. Or better yet, be an adept (like me) and pull off insane stunts like using a derringer and guiding its bullets to kill, or catch arrows out of the air. The possibilities are absolutely endless.

In all honesty, there's no way I can explain or document the full features of the MUD. I'm not going to try and impress you with propaganda. This wasn't requested by an immortal. If you look, this MUD's been around for quite awhile, with not that many reviews or votes.

And therein lies the problem. Despite the brilliance of the MUD, it has a rather small playerbase. But, hey, you're reading the review. Why not stop by and give it a shot?


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Comment posted on Mon Jul 17 08:54:45 2006 by Trip:

As a player I can say that he's right, it's a great game to play. As the coder, I would just point out that it started its humble beginnings as a ROM 9 years ago, not Circle.

Comment posted on Mon Sep 4 16:19:59 2006 by Jaga:

Good review, quite true. but do not listen to him about the adepts! Be a decker. This mud has a great matrix. It's fun and easy to learn, and has an already active decker community.

-see ya on the electron horizon. -Jaga

Review posted by Heimdall
Posted on Fri Jul 7 18:29:18 2006 / 0 comments
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Deckeon is closely based on the Shadowrun 3 rules and does a great job of recreating that world. As a new player you will find the world challenging and without luxuries such as autocombat found in some other muds. This is part of what attracts me, the mud offers simply automated runs as well as more intricate puzzles you need to solve yourself. Sometimes information only can be obtained through interaction with other players and if you enjoy roleplay then this is the mud for you. The information is provided through IC (in character) meetings and conversations, the OOC channel bans IC information so you really have to get to know the players by meeting them.

Although the playerbase is not big, they are friendly and quite helpful in most cases. Of course when you play a thug and another player plays a Lonestar officer then it is likely that other player will come after you. I have been busted quite a few times already and all but one of them was done through in-character means. Some calmly bringing me in using their authority, others tricking me so I was distracted and then busting me. Besides being a cop, thug or bountyhunter you can also join docwagon, which means you can come to the aid of players and/or NPC's. All this is optional of course, there are plenty of ways to keep yourself occupied.

It will probably take a long time to build up your character, this is not a matter of 'leveling' in a class but earning Karma with which you can buy the skills, magic or stats that suit you and by establishing contacts allowing you access to the illegal goods. I know I'm, not a great writer and I can't put it in words the way I feel about it.. all I can say is it is a great mud. Come check it out!

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Review posted by Jaga
Posted on Mon Mar 20 14:26:59 2006 / 0 comments
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ShadowRunners, are you tired of the sprawl of Seattle? Then try the mean streets of Denver. No matter who you are, we have something for you!

-Street Samurai's, plenty of Cyberware and weapons available. Lots of runs available in a large original city set on the U.C.A.S. and Sioux Nation border.

-Mojo slingers, constantly refining magic system. Alchemy is available, loads of spells and charms. Hermetic and Shamanic magic are both practiced in the area.

-Deckers, A large local Matrix to explore, Stores with the latest decks and util's, or find a local to program it for you. Matrix combat is well implemented and easy to use.

-The mud is great for roleplayers, we have a great player community with plenty of RP opportunities available.

So come give Deckeon a try, and soon, you'll be as hooked as a stim-junkie on payday!

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Review posted by Golgo 13
Posted on Wed Jun 22 03:32:11 2005 / 0 comments
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The best Shadowrun MUD on the net so far! Heavily modified Diku engine compatible with SR 3rd edition. Realistic world with enforced roleplaying environment.

Players can start their own businesses ( clubs, shoppes, garages, etc ) by building new locations!

Working social skills! Intimidation, Interrogation, Negotiation! Very friendly game masters, available and courteous. Three thumbs up!

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Review posted by Tick
Posted on Wed Jan 12 18:09:48 2005 / 2 comments
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As a fan of the shadowrun video games, but not table top, I had a hard time discovering Deckeon, mainly because I didn't think to look. As far as text can go to mirror 32 bit(?) snes graphics, I think this game goes the distance by adding depth of ability to RP which is encouraged and softly enforced (although char background/desc is required for a short description and voice).

It has coded features like; autoruns for when money is slim, matrix hacking for a little more of the same, a graphic map representation of your place in the city of denver (2065) along with an accurate overall of the city and while it's easy to run over areas with the map on there are hidden mprogs, story style npc runs and the like which are easily overlooked without going to room description.

An impressive arsenal is at the hands of the player such as standard weapons and explosives, crippling spells or physical adept abilities along with cyber implants which can leave you a twitching, sputtering, overpowered mess, although as far as I know it's all done by the tabletop rules.

The main downsides to the game revolve around small playerbase and some fleshing out to be done in building. Hmm...well that's what comes to mind. Stop in, take some time to read the intros and be sure to hit automap when you get out of the newb school.


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Comment posted on Mon Jan 10 12:51:08 2005 by Candi:

This comment is more in reply to the comment that Dew posted rather than the review that Tick posted. Dew is someone who has not played Deckeon for quite some time and who was banned from it in the end. The slams he makes against Mulciber are unwarranted in my opinion, and the things that Dew says about him are far from the truth.

There have been many changes made to the MUD to make it as close to the SR3 rules as possible. The staff members continuously pick through the BBB to improve and refine the MUD. There have recently been quite a few GM-sponsored Shadowruns with dice rolls and the whole nine yards to make it as close to the real table top game as possible.

Yes, there were times months ago, that I had problems with some of the GMs there myself, but I think we all kind of worked it out, got over it, went on, you know? Trip has done some fine coding and put in some very awesome and well-done updates. Deckeon was the first MUD that I have ever played, and I have spent thousands of hours there. I still frequent it and consider it to be the best multiplayer game I have ever experienced (and I have played many many different MU-s).

Comment posted on Tue Dec 7 15:38:47 2004 by Dew:

I'm not sure of the exact date that I began on Deckeon, but it was some time ago. I played on Deckeon for around three years as both a regular player and a staff member as well as a builder. My first couple of years on Deckeon was fun. I enjoyed it quite a lot. The game was wonderful and full of good times. Unfortunately, I would not say that is the case now. I admit it has been some time since I last played on Deckeon so things could possibly have changed to an extent, but I somewhat doubt that with Mulciber still being around the place.

Deckeon is all about 'RP' and Shadowrun. That's the whole point of it. Part of the reason I left though was because I realized that RP and Shadowrun on Deckeon are...really not RP and Shadowrun. Well, it is a MUD, so I suppose that the RP on Deckeon is about as good as it will get for any MUD. I currently play MUSH/MUX now, where -real- RP can be had. Shadowrun on Deckeon is a horribly skewed version of the real thing.

Most of the rules go out the window and it is basically just the theme of it stuck in with a different rule set sort of. Or rather, there is a lack of rules. For a MUD, Deckeon has some pretty good code, I admit. A lot of time was put in to it and quite a lot of it is original. The playerbase however is rather small and a few of the staff, or at least when I was there, are not exactly good people. The head guy was Mulciber when I left, and I believe he is still around.

He is not exactly the kind of dude you want in charge of a place, you know? If you like mudding and you like the Shadowrun theme, go ahead and check out Deckeon and get your own opinion of the place. I'm not going to put it down or insult it or anything, as I spent a few years there myself.

I will state my own opinion though, and that is that I believe the place has gone downhill quite a lot and that it could use some serious changes. There are other muds i find more enjoyable in this genre. Those are the premier Shadowrun text based games, mainly sticking as close as possible to tabletop rules and all have great roleplay. These are, of course, MUX/MUSH codebases though, so are quite different of an experience than what you would get from a MUD.

Review posted by Adam
Posted on Mon Dec 6 07:13:52 2004 / 0 comments
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This mud solves a few of the most classic problems with mudding and adds new dynamics.

-The mud has an openended, but realistic ecconomy to it. Money here is actually valuable, and you never see the more experienced players just giving away money. There is a huge amount of player to player business. Items carry a very real value. There is absolutely no level requirement or any other unrealistic sort of requirement to wield powerful items. However, those items carry high street values, so you never see the more powerful players just handing them off to the weaker players. The ecconomy on this game is very real and immersive.

-The mud has well developed street politics. The rp here is intense. There are no PK restrictions, however there has to be a note sent to an imm about why you pk'd. You don't have to have a 'good' reason, you merely have to have an rp reason to do it. This is the most realistic and well managed system for player killing I have ever seen, and the imms here do an outstanding job of managing it.

-The mud is updated often, about twice a month, and the players' ideas are fairly often used. There is a message board for ideas, and it is genuinely used.

-Deckeon does an outstanding job of following the ShadowRun game. Updates are done constantly to further comply with the ShadowRun rules. Even if you did find a part of Deckeon that wasn't following the ShadowRun rules, if you told an imm about it, they'd run off and fix it.

Whether you've played table top ShadowRun or not, Deckeon is a game worthy of getting highly addicted to.

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