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Adventures Unlimited began over 8 years ago as a modest stock rom mud with not much more to offer than any of the thousands of other stock muds. Over the years, the mud has grown into a multi- faceted community with a detailed world, consistent roleplay and many features.

We pride ourselves in bringing a game with integrity, stamina and honesty to our players. Our channels are free of cursing and the environment is friendly. Our players are helpful and enjoy aiding new players. Our immortal staff is talented, experienced and dedicated. Many of the staff have been part of AU for over 5 years.

Adventures Unlimited is not a cookie cutter rom based mud. The development has been focused not on what other muds provide to their players but instead on the path that AU occupies alone. The land of Tharel has been developed continuously throughout the years of the existing of AU. It has gone from a completely stock world with no original areas to 75% original with over 14,000 rooms.

AU continues to develop and evolve. Our website contains logs of all of our changes made from 2001 to the present day. The vast amount of work shows our longterm dedication to the game and the player base. We have high player satisfaction and provide a quality and fun product to our players.

Come and join our community! Experience the land of Tharel!

Mud Theme: Medieval Fantasy

Adventures Unlimited Mud Reviews

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Review posted by Durion
Posted on Mon Aug 6 16:06:43 2018 / 0 comments
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One of the best gaming experiences I have ever had, No matter what I try I just keep coming back to AU! with 17k rooms and a comprehensive newbie school the game is easy to pick up but hard to put down!

You have your choice of religion to enjoy RP enforced PK without fear of looting, we have a comprehensive auto map so you can see your enemies coming or even better, see your victims before they see you!

I urge you to at least try AU once or twice for that matter, if you like MUD fantasy games with alot of choices, characters and freedom this is a top choice in my opinion.

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Review posted by Ohtarithil
Posted on Fri Mar 1 23:05:53 2019 / 1 comment
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This mud has been the same story repeated over and over, just look at the previous reviews compared to this. I was driven out of the mud by the Imms and their bias. I have watched many other dramas with the imms happen every few years to the point where the playerbase is now averaging max 2-3 a day and up to 8 players on a saturday night.

I persisted along with my friend, Arken because we loved the tradition and the familiarity. It got to the point where the Imms were never online, and when we post about balance issues/bugs it took far too long to be seen. Thats ok, people have lives.

Arken was then muted and was put up for banning which the Imms took a vote on. Because Arken had done some in-character things to piss off the Immortals mortal character, she and her husband swiftly voted for the ban. The Immortals themselves dont even play anymore, what little playerbase the mud had left has been driven out. I decided to quit voluntarily like many others before me because the mud is basically dead and I got sick of playing basically by myself.

It is really a shame that a great mud like this has been destroyed by out of character shenanigans. We loved this mud, we grew up on it together, we wanted it to thrive, we kept suggesting things to build the playerbase back up, we helped the newbs who would just quickly leave after they seen the embarassing player list. Its hard to move on, but the mud is officially dead.

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Comment posted on Fri Mar 1 23:05:53 2019 by Ohtarithil:

However despite these issues, I've moved past it and still play, because great games make you want to keep coming back.

Review posted by Caron
Posted on Tue Apr 12 14:56:42 2011 / 0 comments
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I just recently got back to this game after about 6 or 7 years(?) of me being inactive, well that is what it feels like, too long! I really love this game, that's one of the main reasons i came back to it and the staff is brilliant here, fair and really newbie friendly.

Adventures Unlimited offers alot of things for the roleplay fan, but i think one of the best parts is the actual Map (automap) that shows you everything happening in the room and where characters are in the land. It gives you this wider perspective of things and makes it alot more fun to play. I was a hardcore PK fan of this mud and it's still active and kicking after so many years.

I urge you to at least try AU once or twice for that matter, if you like MUD fantasy games with alot of choices, characters and freedom this is a top choice in my opinion.


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Review posted by ChePan
Posted on Mon Apr 4 18:37:52 2011 / 0 comments
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Around the end of 2008 my fiancee introduced me to Adventures Unlimited. I was new to mudding, the only net gaming experience I ever had was paragraph role play, and was very unsure of myself when I first began playing. I didn't understand anything at the time, but the players on the game were very quick to help and advise me.

This made it a more enjoyable experience, the fact that everyone was patient and willing to lend a hand. Of course at times there weren't any players online, but that happens. But more often then not there are people on who are very friendly and a pleasure to game with.

Being a new player to the whole mud gaming, I had a hard time navigating the newbie school at first. But soon it became easy and I quickly fell into a comfortable playing state. There is an automapper which is awesome and makes the game even more enjoyable.

I have been told about bad experiences on the game from times long passed. They are very few compared to the good stories and experiences that have been shared with me as well. The mud is under new ownership and the new owner is wonderful, as helpful as he can be and always trying to sustain the level of excellence the mud has.

Rules and regulations are enforced, but leniency is there. I have never seen someone no channeled or banned for a ridiculous reason. All have gotten what was due to them for their behavior.

Immortals are selected for their understanding of the game, how they interact and what they can offer to the game. All of the immortals and staffers I have met so far are wonderful and very helpful.

The game is still receiving new areas, built by people who have played the game, so the areas are unique and made specifically for Adventures Unlimited. The stock areas are going to be going through a face lift as well, which will make the game stand out even more.

The only problem I have with the game is role play. Personally I have a hard time starting or continuing a role play but players have worked with me on that. Other than that, it is mainly that participation in role play is low. Recent events have boosted the rp, but more is definitely needed.

Any who are looking for a new, friendly and well put together mud should give Adventures Unlimited a try. Since I began mudding, I have tried many others and AU stands out. I prefer it and have become an AU addict.

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Review posted by Gene Mingo
Posted on Tue Aug 19 18:45:56 2008 / 0 comments
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I was having problems connecting to the mud I usually play, so on a recommendation I tried AU.

At first glance, it has everything one could want in a fantasy based mud. Interesting race choices and most of the standard classes one would expect with a few more creative ones.

I quickly made a character, which was very easy to do and jumped right into the action. I found the newbie school and quickly started to get some xp so that I could move on to questing and player interaction. The school was easy enough and seemed like most I have encountered on similar styles of muds.

The mud is listed as RP encouraged and I do like to RP so I was very interested in getting done with the school.

About ten minutes into the game my first hunger warning flashed up. I didn't give it much thought. I just ate some food and kept on xping. Then almost ten minutes later it happened again. So i ate once more and went back to killing mobiles. The third time the hunger warning flashed was ten minutes later. At this point I started to get a bit annoyed. How many times do I need to eat in one day? Well after just sort of an hour I had to eat five times and drink a lot. I am not sure what causes my intense need to be eating all the time, but is was very annoying. I asked why I had to eat so often on the newbie channel and was told that once my constitution was higher it would happen less. This was really not the answer I was looking for. Luckily for me I had chosen to play a warrior char and was spending training points on con already.

While I will probably try to get past the eating annoyance, more than likely I will not make this my mud of choice. I really can't understand why on an RP mud you would have the hunger come up so fast. I can imagine myself getting into some nice RP with another player and having to eat three or for times before we can finish a single conversation.

Other than the eating problem, Adventures Unlimited looks like a great mud filled with countless hours of exploration and quests.

Oh, Did I mention the other players were very friendly as well.

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Review posted by Nicora
Posted on Sun May 25 20:07:06 2008 / 0 comments
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Hi! I have been playing AU (as we old players call it) for many years on and off as time dictated. We are a very novice friendly mud and enjoy helping fresh faces get started.

AU has a number of diverse races, each with their own stats, vulnerabilities, resistances, language, and region of Tharel.

AU has 9 solid classes to choose from. The classes range from a monk to a cleric to mage to knight classes.

With two new coders we are looking for some exciting changes!! There's an ASCII map that's updated with every move to make movement extremely less painstaking.

Unlimited Questing, roleplaying, temple roleplaying, gaining levels, Clan wars, Idol pushing and reward winning are just the start of what this mud contains. You will never become bored and if you do happen to become bored, try another race and class for awhile. So many races and classes to choose from makes it even more interesting!! That is without even going into detail about the guilds you may be able to join.

If you are a person who cannot follow the written rules of the game - that are listed, then this is not the mud for you. Immortals are fair in their decisions. They don't spend their time on the mud simply to make the player's base miserable. They work very hard at keeping the peace on the mud and making it a clean and fun place to roleplay, quest, even chat a bit to friends.

Want a fun, fair, clean place to play? Come on over to Advetures Unlimited and remember the Immortals are not your slaves, but they are there to make your stay fun and enjoyable!!

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Review posted by Heather
Posted on Tue Feb 14 12:23:18 2017 / 3 comments
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I always promised myself that if I ever had decided to post a review i would make sure it was true...

The game is great. The players are amazing, the mechanics of the game absolutely incredible. They are incredibly newbie friendly, easy to play. The PK system is fabulous, the temple list extensive. Not a big playerbase, but close knit. They do alot of fun stuff for us there...

But, all good things have bad to them as well... I have seen numerous people kicked off this mud, most of the time, making no sense whatsoever to myself, and still, I stuck around because I had faith the the immortals were fair, and honest... Boy, was I backwards...

I thought that until I, myself, got kicked off the mud, and no matter how much I pleaded for a reason why was given no honest reason, other than being told that I was spreading rumors about the immortals, which confused me, and left me wondering what I had said. I pleaded for them to enlighten me and got nothing, other than a disconnect.

I love the game, and will miss it, but I find that the immortal staff need to at least somehow communicate better. I am not spreading rumors, not talking behind anyone's back, and should I ever get an explanation will delete this post actually, for the game is a great mud, and great community.

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Comment posted on Sun Aug 19 10:13:41 2007 by Thoy:

Sounds like typical megalomaniac MUD. Avoid it like the plague... there are plenty of friendly MUDs out there.

Comment posted on Fri Nov 16 11:45:40 2007 by Damen/Edge/Hiro:

As stated above I have played this game for about 7 or 8 years. Within that time I said and did a few things that broke regulations and I was punished for them. The staff here are HIGHLY lenient and if you're banned from the game it is because you broke a regulation thats punishment is considered grounds for banishment. All the regulations and their punishments are posted when you first enter the game and should be one of the first things read when you start playing. The staff of AU don't have to build and code. It is not their job, but more a pastime for them and should be shown the highest of respect for their dedication.

Please don't let the review I am commenting on sway you from playing a mud that is truly a Legend in itself. I have been playing here for a REALLY long time and the mud gets new areas and changes so often that I still haven't seen all of it or done even half of what there is to do. Just keep in mind when you come that this game is also played by kids and it is one of our missions to make sure it stays safe and fun for them to play.

With that in mind disregard this review and stop in, have some fun, and see for yourself. That's about all I can say since Anaia's review down from this one about sums up what you can expect to find in our wonderful Mud.

Sincerely Damen Blood, Soul Reaver

Comment posted on Mon Jan 30 02:44:59 2017 by Ohtarithil:

I would like to note that the above commenter Hiro doesnt even play anymore as he left due to the same reasons.

Review posted by Anaia
Posted on Tue Apr 24 18:39:11 2007 / 0 comments
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I remember joining AU about a year ago and receiving a warm welcome from players and staff alike. Questions were answered, and to be truthful I was made to feel like a part of the family. It worked, over a year later I am still here and I am lucky enough to have seen many changes.

Trade guilds so a player can make crafted armor, weapons or jewelery are optional, with more trades in the works. Be warned, they are time consuming, I myself, chose the Jeweler guild and have spent MANY hours practicing and improving, but that's quite alright, because usually the OOC conversations keep me interested.

We have a Temple system too, a player can choose (or not choose) from a list of Temples throughout Tharel, where they can work on gaining temple rank and become a Temple Leader. Player run clans, player owned shops, a wonderful quest system, all this and more, keep us interested and coming back.

The PK system is fair and optional, although granted I don't see much action, but then I play a scholar who really isn't THAT into warfare.

There are a few Stock rooms remaining, but the staff continue to work to change this, a lot of the MUD is unique to AU, built by people that also play themselves. I hope you try it, I hope you like it, and I hope you stay to become a member of the AU family.

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Review posted by Giuseppe
Posted on Fri Feb 23 18:54:34 2007 / 0 comments
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This is one of the best games I have ever played. Sure, it has all the features we expect from MUDs these days; autoquests, occasional immquests, well balanced races and classes. I know, it doesn't have a flashy medieval name, but don't judge a book by its cover!

Here are a few things that I really love: * Armorsmith, weaponsmith and jeweller professions (miner soon to be implemented) * Social ranking system from Citizen to Duke * Player owned shops and manor houses * Runes that can be used to increase armor stats and give weapons elemental damage * Fishing - which is technically useless, but awesome all the same.

Combine this with an intensely deep RP environment with a temple and PK system and you have one of the best MUDs going around. The people are friendly OOCly and are happy to help out the new guys and the helpfiles are extensive.

Imms are constantly working towards the improvement of the game, visit the webpage and check out all the recent changes. Then check out the consistency of game improvements with the changes archive. While all these great changes are taking place, it has not made the game unplayable for newbies - which is fantastic.

If you come on by, look out for Giuseppe (that's me), I'm always willing to help out a new guy.

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Review posted by Sicone
Posted on Mon Oct 23 17:29:44 2006 / 0 comments
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I started playing on A.U when in college at the suggestion of a friend and quickly got addicted. Since then I have tried a few other muds and mmorpg's and nothing could hold my attention for more than a day or so, usualy less. A.u has been an on again off again affair for me since I first started playing. Some players come and go here, but the core community remains and gladly welcomes all newcomers. Plainly put, I love Adventures Unlimited; it's a lot of fun.

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Review posted by Imria
Posted on Thu Aug 10 19:04:47 2006 / 0 comments
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I could say a lot about AU, much more than would fit in a review. The following is just the first things that come to mind when I think about the MUD. For more information, please check the website ( or visit the game itself - we'd love to have you.

THINGS I LIKE (in relation to...)


- Even with a fairly small playerbase of all different types, I frequently come across someone I don't often have much to do with (or even avoid) and discover that roleplaying with them is actually very rewarding.


- They are dedicated to working on the game. There's always new code being worked on, ideas in planning, areas being built. Even if things might not be implemented tomorrow, they can be expected in future, and there's always a lot to look forward to.


- There's a main focus (a powerful artifact) that everyone can take an interest in, work towards, and shape roleplay around. Bits and pieces of the artifact come into the game regularly, some as roleplay, some to give rewards, and some to have interesting effects on other characters.


- There are great original areas with character and depth, many helping to shape the roleplay of characters and religions. They're all fun to explore; many are fun to hunt and quest in, and there are plenty of fun places to take all sorts of roleplay as well.


- There are frequent updates, both for large projects (tradeguilds, advanced quests, new class skills, etc) and smaller, neat little skills that can really enhance the game.

THINGS I DISLIKE (in relation to...)


- Many players use IC skills and actions in OOC ways to avoid disadvantages, for example 'sparring' enemies in order to avoid the IC repercussions of attacking someone else, sharpening weapons for enemies by OOC agreement because there are too few sharpeners of some alignments, hunting with enemies because it's more difficult to level alone. It causes problems for witnesses and the IC environment in general.


- Though some player requests receive a quick response, others can take too long. The reasons might be good (time differences, RL commitments, etc) but it can be frustrating when a simple request drags out for days.


- Though there are major ongoing conflicts in the game, there are often periods where nothing seems to be happening. Everyone seems content to be friends, there are no important threats or challenges to drive the characters.


- Some stock areas remain (to be replaced in future), and especially compared with the current area standards, a few are really bad. Unfortunately, they're low level areas and commonly visited...


- The death system in particular (though I think it's common across a number of MUDs), and perhaps a few other aspects, can be really frustrating and difficult for new players, often something they can't get through without a great deal of help. At quieter hours, or when there aren't many/any high level characters about, the necessary help can be hard to come by.

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Review posted by Ytrewtsu
Posted on Thu Jul 27 18:00:24 2006 / 0 comments
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I am one of the co-owners of Adventures Unlimited. I have played the game for 1000's of hours and been involved in the development of this mud from its infant stages to what it is now, 7 years later. The mud has evolved and changed drastically over the years. This review is meant to inform a player who might want to consider Adventures Unlimited as their new mudding home. I will try to provide realistic and truthful insight into this game.

AU has been developed over 7 years. This development includes 7 years of high quality area creation and code additions. The mud is stable and has a long term dedicated staff.

The world (Tharel) is 150 areas of 10639 rooms. 8545 rooms (actually more) are original. Prior to adding an area to the world, each one is edited for content and grammar as well as balanced for mobile strength and equipment statistics. The world is cohesive and consistent with background information provided about the land of Tharel. Some stock areas still remain in the world (approximately 2000 rooms). The world would be better without some of these areas. Additionally, the introduction area (Jarrel's Survival Training) could use revamping. The transition from that training area to the regular world can be difficult. Some of the areas are very difficult and can be frustrating for players who are not experienced with the game.

The code has been regularly developed over the years. Although the development has been fairly consistent, it does not always reflect what the players want to be developed. Each of the classes have their own unique skills. The classes could be more developed to provide more depth into their abilities. An introduction system is provided to allow players to roleplay their actual knowledge level of who is who. Racially based languages provide varied communications. AU has channels, most of which are ooc. The channels that are ic can only been seen with a charged magical mirror.

Tradeguilds, multiple forms of questing (conquering areas, autoquesting, mob lists and collecting souls), roleplay, hunting other players and much more keeps the player base busy. The tradeguilds are not fully completed and development is sporatic. The code is good but certain features could use revision or expansion.

Player killing is regulated and must be justified through the player motivation/justification system. This system requires all attacks to be consistent with a character's roleplay. Their motivations must be submitted to the staff prior to joining the system.

Most roleplay is based on temple affiliation or political bias. AU could use some new blood to infuse more life into the roleplay. Some of the roleplay can be a bit stagnant however this problem could be alleviated with the addition of more players. The roleplay on AU has improved greatly over the years and the staff does a good job of promoting a roleplay friendly environment.

Overall AU is a pretty good mud that with further work will continue to get better. Players who enjoy a mud that has good roleplay, good areas, friendly players and a long term vision will enjoy Adventures Unlimited.

(It is impossible for me to evaluate all features/aspects of this mud. The website has more general information.)

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Review posted by Esithae
Posted on Wed Jun 21 18:28:20 2006 / 0 comments
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I just celebrated my 6-year anniversary at Adventures Unlimited. I have tried other MUDs, but none of them offers nearly as many of the features I enjoy at AU. Some of these features include:

-A friendly playerbase that is ready to answer any and all questions thrown their way. When you create, you are greeted by many players, and often Immortals, all encouraging you to ask questions.

-RP encouraged status allows for a couple general OOC chat channels, with a global IC channel explained through the use of enchanted mirrors.

-An RP-enforced, optional PK system. Players are not forced to join the player killing system, but if they do, they know that a team of Immortals is making sure other characters don't go around murdering people for OOC reasons.

-An indepth mythos that has impacts on the current state of the world.

-A medium-sized player base of around 25 players at peak time allows for characters to become well-known legends, remembered even after their deaths.

-A complex system of religions based on the Gods of the mythos.

-An elected, character-run government.

-A complex repair/crafting system.

-Customizable equipment, which you can make to suit the roleplay of your character.

The list of features goes on, but I'm running out of room. The main thing that I love about AU is the playerbase, which is dynamic, friendly, and close. I have made many friends on AU over the years, and I intend to make many more in the future. Stop by and visit us some time, you'll be welcomed.

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Review posted by Acin
Posted on Tue Sep 14 20:15:50 2004 / 0 comments
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Adventures Unlimited is one of the best muds i've played! You learn quickly and the newbie help is great. The newbie guild is quite detailed and interesting. It has quite a big map and the activities the immortals do are cool. I highly recommend this mud. It would be good for both the new mudder and the expert mudder.

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Review posted by Mirein
Posted on Sun Jan 11 21:59:56 2004 / 0 comments
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Adventures Unlimited is extremely newbie friendly and is fun for both newbies and the players of the highest levels in the game. It offers wide selections in both races and classes and many skills you can learn.

There is a broad variety of weapons and armor available and with so many pieces of equipment out there, no one will be quite like you. To personalize it further, you can create deep descriptions of yourself to make the MUD more enjoyable. The players who play there are great people and always help.

Adventures Unlimited is very deep and has many rooms and areas. There is a great help system in use there that covers practically every feature of the game. It can help you in finding where to hunt at your level, different spells, skills, clans, etc...

There are simply too many good things to say about AU and I cannot fit them all here. If you should come, hope you do, you will be immediately greeted by many of the players on and offered aid in every way.

It is extremely easy to get hooked on and won't leave you with any regrets.

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Review posted by James (Sicone)
Posted on Thu Nov 13 18:30:52 2003 / 0 comments
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I was told about A.U in september and have almost 250 hours logged since then. It was my first mud and as far as i'm concerned, the best. I have been to a few other muds, but they are no where near close to being as great as A.U. The atmosphere is friendly and helpful. All i can say is that I love Adventures Unlimited and would be truly sad if anything ever happened to it .

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Review posted by Snav
Posted on Thu Oct 16 10:16:47 2003 / 0 comments
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About a year and a half a go, maybe even more so than that, a good friend of mine talked me into trying a text based game. Of course, having never played a MUD before I was hesitant, I much preferred consoles with their pretty pictures to text. She made it sound quite intriguing though so I succumbed and tried it out, the MUD I joined being Adventures Unlimited of course.

Quickly I was turned off by everything, all the commands simply confused me, but every thing got smoothed out thanks to the players and the MUDís staff. Everyone was quite patient with me and more than willing to offer help and advice for the newbie me.

Soon enough the commands became like second nature and then the actual reality of the game came into play. To me it was actually better than just about any rpg on any console; the only real limit that your character has is a growth limit of level 100.

I could waste the rest of my space on here telling you about all of it's vast features and it's wonderful players and staff, but I wonít. You should really just go and find out for yourself, and hopefully youíll become just like me; addicted to AU and still going strong.

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Review posted by Jadestar
Posted on Thu Oct 16 09:58:31 2003 / 0 comments
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I've been playing at Adventures Unlimited for nearly four years now. I've tried other MUDs, sure...but something has kept me here. Maybe they put something in the water. ^^;

AU is constantly working towards eliminating all stock areas, and actually isn't too far off at this point. And the custom areas are _good_. In recent years they've implemented a great temple system which really bolsters roleplay. And unlike some places, roleplay actually is the focus here. There's no player killing without it, which is essential in a MUD, in my humble opinion.

The quest system is quite evolved, with different questmasters depending on level and alignment.. not to mention the occassional immortal-driven quest, which are always a blast. Clans exist within the temple system, and tradeguilds have been added for additional, custom skills which are independent from one's race or class.

If all the code modification isn't enough for you, the players should be. This is where AU truly shines. The staff, and the playerbase itself, is extremely kind and welcoming. If you have a question or a problem, it won't take long to get it solved. 'Plus, it has Fuujin! No other mud has the awesome Fuujin who is best of everything!'

... ^^;;

Do yourself a favor and give this MUD a shot!

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Review posted by Isis
Posted on Tue Jul 29 18:20:48 2003 / 0 comments
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I started playing Adventures Unlimited almost a year ago now. I was completely burnt out on mindless killing and had been hopping muds just about every other day for awhile and the first thing that caught my attention was about 15 people greeting me the moment I logged on.

They have an expansive set of help files on just about anything you ever want to know. The staff there does not get enough credit for the time spent on the little things that make the world keep going. They are very friendly, easy to talk to and ready for answer if you have a question.

The temple system is great. Many temples you can follow from Pure Evil to Chaotic to Neutral and Pure good and everything in between. Tithing gives you rewards on temple status and you are able to add stats to your symbol.

The Immortals occasionaly take time out from the building and coding to rp with their temples and run quests(which I love doing). The players are extremely friendly and most of them do just about anything to help a new player get started. So if you are looking for a great MUD with a friendly staff and player base come on over and visit Adventures Unlimited. I can almost guarentee you won't want to leave.

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Review posted by Kiradus
Posted on Sun Jul 13 15:18:34 2003 / 0 comments
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When I first started playing at Adventures Unlimited nearly 4 1/2 years ago, it appeared to me as just another stock rom 2.4 codebase which came out of the box with a few downloaded extra areas. While I was looking for another free text based RPG to play at since my prev2ious one had gone pay to play, I happened to stumble across this mud through one of my friends. While I was not familiar with ROM or any of the other types at all when I first started, I decided to stick with this one for a while since the players and staff members were helpful and friendly, two of the better aspects that I like to see in any game. While it took me a couple of years to be offered as position as a staff member, and I couldn't see behind the scenes much, AU did progress quite well out of the stock design to the layout which the land currently uses to this day. I think that was when I really got hooked. Languages were implemented, as were several other new features such as a greeting system, where you won't actually know a players name until they greet you. Until that time you will see their race titles, which is another nifty feature. Some of the better features to this day are the temples, in which the players can join the temple of one of the many gods and goddesses each with its own unique RP aspects. The clan system is also based on the temple system, which each of the major temples with their own clan or clans they can join. There is also an automated quest system that is a bit changed from the basic one. There are now 9 different questmasters, 3 for each level range and 1 for each alignment or temple. When you have passed level 35, you will have to seek out the middle range questmaster which suits your temple or your alignment. One of the newer implementations is the tradeguild system. Here players can join tradeguilds in which they can repair weapons or armor, and even create them when they reach the proper skill required in repair. While there are only two guilds currently available and many more planned, I believe this sytem could be a lot of fun. Another fun part is the entitlement system. Here players can earn ranks from citizen (lowest) to Duke/Duchess (highest). While not much is really offered through this position yet other than the RP value, those who hold the rank of citizen or higher can vote in the Mayoral elctions. This is a time in which the players can elect a new player to be the Mayor for two months real time. This is a really cool RP value, and with the addition of the Sheriff and Deputy Mayor position, even more RP can come from it, such as fines to players or even the clans, and other systems to come such as imprisonment for crimes. I would highly suggest that you stop by and give AU a try, and I can guarantee that you won't be disappointed, as the builders, myself included try to make the game more original and the implementor and the rest of the staff members try to make the game better for everyone.

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