Moral Decay


Moral Decay is an advanced fantasy LPMUD. Its main features include:

* A detailed, limb-based combat system * A dynamic, player-run economy featuring 6 available types of businesses * Eight interesting and diverse classes * Weapon and non-weapon skills, trained through use * Racial language system, also trainable through use * Wide variety of original areas, including six major cities * Built-in party system to allow player cooperation * Player Killing allowed, but discouraged... not a PK-wild mud * Experienced players willing to help newbies get started * Well-established environment: Moral Decay was started in 1992 * Lots of fun!

Mud Theme: Medieval Fantasy

Moral Decay Mud Reviews

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Review posted by Xiola
Posted on Sun Jul 12 21:23:28 2009 / 0 comments
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Moral Decay is one of the most entertaining muds around. The added layers of a player-run economy makes it more than just a hack'n'slash then quest mud. The relatively low number of required quests also makes it a joy to play.

When you are wanting to try out a new class, multiple character creation is encouraged. The new web page is

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Review posted by Jared
Posted on Tue Aug 19 21:21:11 2008 / 0 comments
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This was the first MUD I had ever tried, and I was instantly hooked by the unique limb-based combat system, and the challenging leveling curve with threatening death penalties.

There are class styles to suit every player in this game, you can blast enemies with magical thunderstorms and conflagrate them filling rooms with flames and destruction. You can let loose and go berserk swinging your weapons faster than an eye can blink, spinning and whirling while dealing immense physical damage to all who may be in your path, you can sneak through the darkness, lurking through the shadows, waiting to unleash your wrath of poison and neck-slitting on an unsuspecting victim. You can even bring ferocious beasts to life, sending them to mutilate your opponents with relative ease.

With the amazing different types of classes, spreading from magic to melee, tanks to burst damage, evil to holy, any person can easily find at least one class they thoroughly enjoy. My personal favorites are thief and mage.

Another very fun feature in this game, is the fact that there are countless mini-quests, and hidden items/areas to be found in the most unsuspecting places, from cities in the sky, entered through mysterious magical ropes, to centaur havens, hidden in the most curious wilderness.

Unlike most games, where you find all of the best players using the same equipment and fighting the same monsters, you can work hard to find some unique equipment and monsters to kill, in areas no other players have found, making this game very unique. The combination of resets and a vault also make the game much more fun, and challenging.

Lastly, I love this game because it flows so perfectly, the balance is so awesome that you can play the game at any level, and never feel like it is too easy to too hard. Many other muds I have tried are just simply 'too' something, whether it is too complicated, too simple, too easy, too boring, too spammy, whatever it may be, Moral Decay tops it all, and has various interesting minigames within, such as poker, paintball, and many others!

I hope you give Moral Decay a try, if only to see a functional limb-based combat system! See you in there!

Jared (Riko/Whiar/Silther)

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Review posted by Abbot
Posted on Wed Apr 9 22:14:47 2008 / 0 comments
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Moral Decay is one of the more realistic muds in existence today. I started playing myself more than 10 years ago, and although it was much harder back then, it keeps you interested because of the depth of each room and npc.

We don't simply fight a monster with such and such hp. The monsters have history and background. Sometimes you need to explore to find this background, sometimes you can talk to certain creatures to find out more about what they know. This leads you to very interesting quests with rewards from cash and xp to unique items.

I am now a wizard there, coding for the world that will always be part of my life because of the rl friends and good times i've had while logged in.

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