Erion is a game that takes place in a large, mostly medieval setting. You can join a House based on your favorite style of gameplay. There is something for the Questor, Hack-'n-Slasher, Healer, Explorer, and Player-Killer.

There are 10 primary classes and 30 subclasses to choose from:

- Archers, fighters who hunt with bows and arrows. (Sniper, Beastmaster, Scout) - Clerics, healers and masters of defensive spells. (Priest, Shaman, Venomist) - Gaians, controllers of the earth. (Druid, Sage, Herbalist) - Illusionists, masters of deception and tricks of the mind. (Charmer, Trickster, Mirage) - Mages, skilled spellcasters. (Elementalist, BattleMage, Planewalker) - Necromancers, masters of the undead and maledictions. (BoneCollector, Voodooist, Diabolist) - Psionicists, those who harvest power from within themselves. (Psiblade, Mentalist, Telekinetic) - Thieves, stealthy pickpocketers who throw stars or wield daggers. (Ninja, Assassin, Spy) - Warriors, daemon summoners and masters of combat. (Gladiator, Mercenary, Barbarian) - Witches are skilled in maledictions and harvesting power from ancestors (Occultist, DreamWitch, WhiteWitch).

You can choose from various races such as Elves, Felines, Shades, Vampires, Dwarves, Gnomes, and Fishmen, among others. Later it is possible to evolve into a stronger version of your race such as Human to Angel, Hatchling to Dragon, and Vampire to Lich. One might even strive to achieve a race's final form.

Game Features:

- Several visually impaired friendly options such as battlespam toggles to reduce spam - Multiclassing: max of 2 classes (both classes are leveled seperately) - Max level: Hero 150, Legend 151 - More than 600 skills and spells - Restart command: play as many classes and races as you want without deleting - Class command: replace a class without restarting - Race command: change your race or evolve into a stronger version of your race - Faux levels: gain practicies, hp and mana after reaching max level - Stats influence many character facets - Equipment modification through runes and spellcasting - Hardcore toggle - Weekly automated events (xp, qp, gold, no quest timers, bloodbaths) - 5 continents with large wilderness maps - Mission progress tracking system for custom-built quests - Various word games: Scrabble, Scrambled Phrases, Guess the Phrase - Accounts that can hold unlimited characters - Monster Arena with four difficulty modes - Player housing and player shops - Areas built for group challenges and quests - Solo questing and competitive questing - Player-created channels and channel history - Players can teach one another skills and spells - Familiars and their equipment save through quitting - Potion brewing - A PermaDeath mode option - 20+ different leader boards (most qps, unique mob kills, PermaDeath levels, unscrambled words, ...)

Mud Theme: Medieval Fantasy

Erion Mud Reviews

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Review posted by Jesyca
Posted on Fri Nov 2 20:11:42 2018 / 0 comments
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Erion feels rather different to a lot of other muds which is rather refreshing as a lot of other muds can appear very similar and uninspired, it is very user friendly when compared with other muds and has a bunch of unique content for those wanting something new to try. The staff are also amazing at listening to feedback from players as well as taking player ideas and implementing them. If you are looking for PvP then Erion probably isn't what you are looking for as it has almost none but for those looking for PvE and a relaxed and friendly environment for adventure it is definitely worth playing. The players are incredibly helpful as well as fun to talk with and there is always at least a few people online.

I could keep discussing all its good points but at this point if you like the sound of it, just give the game a go and see for yourself. ^^

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Review posted by Tunker
Posted on Mon Aug 6 16:44:47 2018 / 0 comments
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A new-to-me challenge I have recently adopted the challenge of playing PermaDead characters at Erion Mud and thought it might be of interest to others.

a bit of background: 1) Erion is true hack and slash. I actually like rp, but it is non-existant here. enuff said.

2) The head imm is, in a word, incredible. If you board a good idea, it will probably be implemented within 24 hours AND you get rewarded. (similarly, bugs are fixed pdq, and you get the same reward).

3) there are multiple currencies available, and they are each useful in their way. The major currencies include gold, house points (mostly from slashing), quest points (mostly from auto questing), and champion coins (from the colosseum, but you need gold to buy a ticket to compete in the colosseum). The minor currencies you can discover for yourself.

4) That said, there are a lot of word games happening (think scrabble). These games will give you quest points which are needed for some of the über eq and to make your life generally better. (hint: look for the hangman game!)

5) You cannot have multiple toons (i.e. chars) logged in simultaneously, but toon hopping is rampant. so make a couple of toons, one for testing, the other for PD.

6) there is an extensive list of TOGGLE options.. one of which is Hardcore. Toggle Hardcore makes the mobs tougher, but it gives you more xp (and more house points) per kill. use H/C for your test char… and be careful when using it with your PD char.

There is a lot of nuance to building a PD char… I am going to leave it for you to discover.

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Review posted by Zhuuraan/Tygrah
Posted on Sat Jun 2 12:23:29 2018 / 1 comment
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Rising Kingdoms is a nicely designed mud with a bit of something for everyone. The immortals are very helpful and polite, and will not hesitate to help a new player get acclimated to the game. The players are pretty cool too. There are options for player killing, but involvement in it is optional. The mud comes complete with a nicely designed newbie academy, not the stock mud school but a completely customized newbie school. There are lots of things to do, from quests and expeditions to finding chocolate bunnies and Scrabble tiles and playing Guess the Phrase. There's a few stock areas, but mostly original, and builders add new zones. In fact two have been added recently, Vally of Titans and Jungle of Xyzzyxx. Any way you look at it, Rising Kingdoms is a great mud. Log in and look for me, Zhuuraan or Tygrah. Happy Mudding!

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Comment posted on Tue May 15 20:13:21 2018 by Kalitor:

Great review. In the years since your review, Tygrah, much has been added and developed, as well as player options such as subclasses + multiclassing just to name a few. Many unique areas have been built, and are all excellent additions to the world of Erion! Hope to see you around, Tygrah! -Kalitor/Airia

Review posted by Alia
Posted on Sat Jun 2 12:24:02 2018 / 1 comment
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A very original place where a player always has something to do. You can quest every five minutes, while expeditions have a fiften minute timer. But there's no need to be bored while you're waiting for the timers to wind down.

You can hunt for scrabble tiles where, if you're lucky enough to find the right letters, you can 'turnin' words for a reward of quest points and crystal fragments. Both of which can be used to buy useful equipment. If during the search you happen to come across a letter for 'guess the phrase game' then that's a few bonus quest points for you as well. And if you happen to actually guess the phrase then riches will surely fall into your lap in the form of either quest points, gold, crystal fragments, or even a mudpie. All of which are useful.

You can even go on a short killing spree between quests and boost your limit meter a few points. When it hits a hundred you have a choice of various rewards ranging from more quest points and mudpies, or even a brief period of time with triple exp for those who are actually leveling. Play in hardcore mode, which can be toggled on and off, and your limit meter will rise twice as fast at the cost of mobs that hit 3x as hard. Trust me, though fun that can hurt.

In my case the wait between timers was usually a five minute dash down to toss clothes in the washer, or fifteen minutes washing the dishes. Either way, the word boredom and Rising Kingdoms just aren't related.

For the brave adventurers there's a colosseum where you can face trials ranging from an 'easy' walk in the park to an 'insane' life and death battle where you'll be holding your breath every minute, cringing as your powerful foes hit you for a hundred or more damage a round. However, for those who are victorious the rewards are priceless. You can get an amulet and runes which boost the quest points you get during quests and expeditions. Those are a necessity for those who are in it for the long haul.

There are four automatic events during the week. - Bonus exp for an hour on Saturdays, which makes it the perfect levelling time. - Bonus quest points for an hour on Sundays which makes it a good time to do quest and expeditions. - No timer for quests for an hour on Tuesdays which makes it the perfect time to quests. - Bonus gold for a short period on Thursdays. Not so useful, but still nice.

Each day you can receiving a blessing which comes in the form of potions. The above events are the perfect time to use those potions. Non-stop questing for an hour with a potion of double quest points and double gold running will be sure to make you drool.

For those who are serious about leveling you can form a group, and rather than having the experience split between the group members there's actually bonus experience for being groupped; a very nice way to help pass the tediousness of endlessly slaughtering mobs.

But those events, of which there are many others, aren't the only things that maks this game unique. The classes themselves are very original with skills and spells unique to each. You have the archer who can set traps and use a bow for ranged combat. Then there're thieves whose steady hands allow them to quaff potions during combat without fail. Mages are exceptional with almost imm like powers in that they can spellup another player from a distance. When you see spells like armor form around you then it's just as likely to be the work of a friendly magic-user as it is to be an immortal.

This mud has so many games and events, along with other unique aspects, that there's no way to mention them all in such a short post. The only way to see how original this place really is is to play the game.

That said, I'll talk about the administration. There's only one admin who I've ever seen, but she's very responsive to the players. If there's a problem and she's on then she'll get to work fixing it right away. It doesn't matter if it's something mundane or something serious, she'll still usually try to help. Between that and enhancing the game she's kept pretty busy. But just because there's only one admin doesn't mean the game is lacking in any way.

Rising Kingdoms is a must try for any mudder, pro or newbie, who's looking for a new experience.

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Comment posted on Wed May 16 05:26:08 2018 by AdventureswithJ:

Alia! Great review... I couldn't have written it better myself. Very detailed approach to how the MUD works. Many, many activities, and a solid team of staff (now.) A few updates: subclasses (wohoo!) to further your skills/spells in your chosen class role. Hope to see you around on Erion!

Review posted by Grazzt
Posted on Tue Nov 26 10:14:38 2013 / 0 comments
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Rising Kingdoms is a new mud with 7 classes, 13 races. Along with a great new feature of multiclassing and evolution of races. A new player will find him or herself in a lush game filled with a variety of quests that encourage the use of the player's wit and intelligence.

There is a lot of diversity with quests. There are global, competitive quests ranging from lvl 1-150. A quest master is also available for those who enjoy the fun hunt and kill quests or find the item quests. There are also expedition quests to be done, which range from small to large in size and yield greater rewards,. It's also a great way to learn your way around the mud. You can also collect scrabble tiles, find letters for guess the phrase and a lot more, which makes this mud very interesting and fun to play. Rewards for doing quests are quest points, mudpies, crystals fragments and gold. One thing I like about this mud is that gold is actually relevant.

You even have random mobs running around the mud that can give you rewards if you find the right way to tackle or poke them!

As a newbie, you are advised to go through the newbie university to help you get to know the mud's basics and the way help files and other things work. The rewards you get are also a great way to help you get started on your adventure.

You can buy class-specific quest gear which yield fullset bonuses once you buy each piece, or you can get yourself some nice equipment at the local quest master. What I really like though is the fact you have a newbie quest master which sells newbie weapons for a good price if you are new to the mud and just need something to boost your damage from the start.

You can also choose to join a clan, there are 3 types on Rising Kingdoms.

FPK clans for the bloodthirsty pure player killers that don't mind being looted.

RPK for the player killers that don't want their equipment and stuff looted.

NPK for those who don't enjoy player killing but enjoy the atmosphere and company of other adventurers.

The mud only recently started advertising, so the playerbase is still growing. Right now there are around 8-10 players online during the day, but I'm sure if you try it you can bring your friends along on this epic new adventure.

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