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Faery Tale Online is a persistent browser-based game that plays much like a MUD! Be born into a family and into a unique culture and race, play out your life, and interact with other player characters!

Explore the fantasy world on land, sea and air as if you were really there. Weapons, buildings, tools -- all world objects are created by players for players. Uncover lost ruins, mysterious caverns, arid deserts, and sprawling forests -- truly go where your imagination takes you.

Mud Theme: Fantasy, Family, Generations

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Review posted by Brownie
Posted on Fri Feb 19 09:40:37 2016 / 0 comments
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This is a browser based game, that has enforced RP. There are tons of places to discover, races and culture to learn about, things to craft, etc. But, if you sign up today you will not be able to play for MONTHS. Yes, that is no typo. Every character is born into a family, but you have to wait until a mother is pregnant and births you in-characterly. Then, you can log in. After that, you have to actually grow up. That means that you play as baby for some time and must have people feed you. Also, you are completely defenseless, as well. So, if you miss the email and don't realize that you've been born into the world or idle too much without playing your baby, your parents can kill your character. Then, you back to waiting a few months to be born in another family.

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