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Mud Address: 5000
Web Address:
Codebase:            [Unknown] Gatherer
Listing Last Updated:     April 17, 2009


The Gathering is one of the oldest talkers still running. It is based around groups rather than rooms and to improve the experience, users can be in several groups at the same time. This enables you to chat in one of the public groups, chat privately with friends or loved ones and discuss your favourite band with a group of fans.

Unlike most talkers, there are no staff to manage interpersonal disputes. Instead, users are given the power to protect themselves from verbal attack - even going as far as being able to ban other users.

Combined with both these features are all the standard facilities you expect from a modern talker - mail, news, games, ANSI color - making it a fun and enjoyable play to chat for everyone.

Mud Theme: Social , Chat , Talker

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The Gathering Stats
Raw Data Average Data
# Days Listed7974
Last Connection StatusConnected
# Days With Status14
Total Telnet Attempts3780.047
Total Website Attempts5400.068
Telnet Attempts This Month2748.839
Website Attempts This Month32810.581