Dawn of Demise


The Great War of the Mages, the Arcanix, nearly destroyed the world, and all man's glorious works. The Protectors of Life managed to defeat the Lords of Chaos, and lock them out of the Realm. But now, several centuries later, the magic of the seals has been weakened. One of the Evil Lords has managed to cross the boundaries between the Planes, and seeks to revive the Arcanix. Only a single Protector stands against him. He desperately seeks aid for his beleaguered world, and has sent out his call across the multiverse. Even though the call was meant for aid, the Evil Lord has managed to slip some of his evil minions through the gate, and so the battle rages on.

The forces of Chaos have found a strong foothold, and it is feared that once again the world stands at the Dawn of Demise.

Dawn of Demise implements many new features and ideas not seen in other muds. A small list of our unique features include:

* Advancement to level 100 and dual classing. * Pets save and level like player characters. * A unique automated quest system that offers enhancements to your character and their items. * An advanced and balanced monetary system. * An arena that allows any players to battle without repercussions. * Unique areas, and tons of them. None of these cut and paste areas either. DoD has been around for over seven years and alot of thought has gone into the creation and development of our areas. * Many unique spells and skills developed by our team (just to list a few): -Cast spells effects that stay in rooms and even roam for a length of time. -Creating and setting of traps. -A unique mapping system if you have the skill or spell. -And much more...

Mud Theme: Fantasy

Dawn of Demise Mud Reviews

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Review posted by Lotus
Posted on Mon Jul 23 22:52:38 2007 / 0 comments
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The Dawn of Demise, in my opinion, should be listed above the #1 TMC listing. The world is unlike any other mud I've played, as most are simply clones of other muds. DoD has original areas, and even a few areas based upon ageless AD&D questbooks. If there is something you are looking for in a mud, DoD has it, and if it doesn't probably will if you give your ideas to the immortals.

The Staff is awesome. I, in fact, am applying to be an immortal myself. They are quick to help out with problems, unlike other muds I've played where the admins are online but currently at McD's.

I've been around on this mud for a little over 5 years, and there are still several things I don't know about the all areas. There are that many things to do in the world of the Dawn. Dod has the option to be PvP or Peaceful, with the option to change without having to make a new character.

Also the Dawn has an arena setup so Peaceful characters can do battle in PvP without being PvP. Areas are still popping up. There are always new things to do. Recently there was a playerwipe, so everyone can start fresh. Everyone has a chance to own that clan, or whatever you may.

Final word. DoD is a mud that I will never decide has 'gotten old' I've never found another mud that even compared to it. Come on in, make a character or five, and get caught up in the Dawn yourself.

My name is Lotus. I'm a Gith Assassin. And I'll gladly help anyone that needs help with just about anything. See ya on the Dawn of Demise.

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Review posted by Lin
Posted on Tue Jul 10 23:40:57 2007 / 0 comments
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I have been playing for about 8 years, I have had many great times on this mud. It's very fun and very Roleplay oriented. You can dual class (level to 100 one class and then choose another class and level to 100 again and then combined it makes a dual class with both classes' skills) You can slay fantasy style monsters, do quests to find rare gems, kill other players or be peaceful non pvp. You can use your imagination to it's fullest extent and enjoy your adventure into The Dawn of Demise!! We are always willing to help with anything you might need; so come join us, we're waiting for you!

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Review posted by Therath
Posted on Mon Jul 9 23:13:33 2007 / 0 comments
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In terms of area, this is a very large mud with plenty to do. We are currently in a rebuilding stage as far as the pbase goes, but it will get bigger. If you're looking for a mud that doesn't have a ton of people logged on constantly getting in the way of your quests, this is the mud for you.

You'll get to know all the players very well, and the staff is eager to help new people and we are currently building new areas. I've been friends with a lot of the players on here for years now, and we play other games together as well. This is the kind of mud that you will want to play for a while.

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Review posted by Tertullian
Posted on Mon Oct 23 19:52:17 2006 / 1 comment
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I've been playing on the Dawn of Demise long enough that my original review has long since dropped off Mud Connector. I came to DoD after the previous MUD I was playing degenerated into an unpleasant, name- calling mess. I wasn't a party to that drama, but found it imposs- ible to concentrate nonetheless. I liked the SMAUG codebase, so I took a look around the SMAUG web ring until I found DoD.

The Dawn of Demise is quite enjoyable. Unlike the previous MUD I had played, it wasn't tough on newbies. (No more dying and losing levels because my character is too weak to fight a squirrel!) At the same time, not everything is handed to you on a silver platter. DoD has a variety of classes, races, areas, clans, and quests - a good enough mix to make it interesting. After creating numerous characters and exploring much of the MUD (still haven't covered it all), I was invited to be an Immortal.

Since becoming an Imm, I have greater knowledge of the inner work- ings of SMAUG, and thus I better appreciate the hard work of our coders. The staff of DoD have made a great many modifications to SMAUG, many of which are publicly available. And we try to be as helpful as possible to our players. To that end, we are currently working on a Wiki walkthough of the MUD [tdod.org/wiki] which explains everything from getting started to commands to quests, even revealing spoilers.

Unfortunately, our playerbase is very low at the moment. Which, of course, is why I'm writing a review. I can't claim that the MUD is perfect, but what is? We just bought a new server, so we're not going away any time soon. I know we face stiff competition from MMORPGs and that text-based MUDs probably seem ancient by comparison. I, however, appreciate the greater versatility and literary quality of the text-based MUD. Obviously, you do as well, or you wouldn't be here. So, if you are at all inclined, check us out.

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Comment posted on Mon Oct 16 20:31:43 2006 by Thalantyr (or Drizzt1216 to MC):

Dawn of Demise was the first MUD I ever had the fortune of playing, and it is the reason I was originally addicted to text based games. My friend who got me addicted to mudding some 7 years ago was a big fan of Eternal Darkness, which I played but never much liked it. (Many people do, my intention is not to slight it in any way.) 7 years later I still play Dawn of Demise every now and then, I admit more to see the old players who I miss than to play the MUD itself. All in all DOD will always be my #1 MUD whether I play it often or not simply because I like many people will always have reminiscent feelings towards the first great MUD I ever played. I believe that with your help Dawn of Demise can becaome the great MUD it once was to so many people and still is to me and many others.

Some of the greatest features in my opinion are its quests (no, not that qutoquestor mob, these are actual scripted quests), it's large world, and it's remort system (pick a class, reach level 100, pick another class, reach level 100 at which point you gain back all your skills/spells from the first class). Also a cleric/mage is not the same as a mage/cleric, because only a character's prime requisite can be raised higher than their other skills and a character's prime requisite doesn't change when they remort.

Review posted by Myz
Posted on Wed Mar 23 20:50:50 2005 / 0 comments
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Having owned my own mud and played on numerous others, I have become extremely picky when finding a new realm. Dawn's modified smaug totally blew me away when I first arrived. Everything from the dual class code to the quest system impressed me. If the technical side of the mud doesn't catch your attention, then the staff will.

Dawn's immortal staff, as well as their dual avatar playerbase, are all very helpful to newbies. I played this realm for about a year and then became a staff member and I have loved it ever since. If you decide to give us a try, my name is Myz, and I'd be glad to help you with any questions you may have.

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Review posted by Velvet
Posted on Mon Feb 21 20:17:35 2005 / 0 comments
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If you like AD&D you will like DoD. If you could never get into AD&D, this is much better(more visual). I love it there. I started out as a warrior and now have a few alts there. You have bunches of choices for races and classes, so it's hard to get bored with it. There are lots of areas to search, things to learn, spells to adept, quests to solve for glory and experience, and so much more!

We can always use new blood and the other players are very helpful too. There are also a lot of helpfiles for self teaching. Come join us and enjoy the fun world of Dawn of Demise!

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Review posted by Kangta
Posted on Sun Jul 5 09:52:03 2015 / 1 comment
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If you like magic, glory and games that take the time that they are worth then you will love dod. I've been playing dod for a few years now and i love it! I'm working on more characters because dod is a neverending game of searching, learning, adepting spells, solving mysteries (quests) and much, much more!!

We have a lot of players but we always welcome more and you can be sure there will be someone there to help you if you are in need and there are plenty of helpfiles for self teaching. I hope you will join us and enjoy the world of the Dawn of Demise!

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Comment posted on Thu Jul 2 05:59:22 2015 by Vizzini:

Kangta is a dork,but she's right. DoD is a great game with a lot of customization and a lot to offer! Come join us and see for yourself!

Review posted by Chimaira
Posted on Mon Oct 4 19:45:21 2004 / 0 comments
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Since I started playing dod I've experienced annoying newbies(kids, altrag, etc.)not to name any names. Anyway, since I started I was chimaira, the sea-elf thief, and became a member of the clan sylvan empire. From there it was all fun. Endless possibilties of where to go and so many things to do. Then I joined guardians of sigil and from there I flourished and leaped onward.

Dod is a very friendly mud and has a wide member base it has so many options on things to do and trouble to cause. I like it because I've brought in 14 new people and they in a short period of time became very good players. It is a very easy game to master and play with great skill. Just playing dod I've gotten into smaug programing and I am in the process of building my own mud. But that is all thanks to minex and gangien.

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Review posted by Lotr Gaevan
Posted on Mon Sep 27 23:28:32 2004 / 1 comment
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About 2 years ago I started playing MUDs, but couldn't find one that worked out right for me. I found one that was fun, but I never had the time to really get into it. That was DoD (Dawn of Demise). I stopped playing muds for about 6 months, and one day I found my old MUD client on my computer, so I figured I'd try it out again. I made a Mage called Dagger. I played it for a little while and was hooked. Eventually I decided to make an Angel; Reaver. Soon after, even though i still wasn't the greatest MUDer out there, I joined the Sylvan Empire, a newly created Clan. Soon i was a leader of the clan, and I got lots of help to enhance my MUDing skills. Now my Assassin, Lotr, is the leader of his own clan, and I have an immortal on DoD's Buildport.

Basically I'm trying to say that even if you are new to MUDing, or an old veteran, DoD is an excellent place to play, be it Hack'n'Slashing Mobs, or Slaughtering your enemy clan members in pk. Here at DoD, the Imms are friendly, and willing to help you out with any problem you may have, as are many of the old Dual-Classed Avatars. I can't do enough to thank the many of them that helped me out when I had problems, whatever they were. Thank you all. And for those of you who haven't spent time in the realm of the Dawn of Demise, come check it out. You won't be disappointed.

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Comment posted on Mon Sep 27 19:55:05 2004 by Chimaira:

Yeah, he's right. He's the one who got me into this game.

Review posted by Glistenheath
Posted on Mon Jul 5 21:39:01 2004 / 1 comment
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There's thousands of muds out there. Some work and some do not. Some are worth playing and some aren't even worth the effort of making a character. But some muds, the real dedicated ones, are overlooked. Hidden underneath the other imitations. The Dawn of Demise is one of those muds.

My review would probably be just like any others so I'll make it short. This mud does have talent. Yes, the pbase is small atm, but usually becomes addictive to those that stumble across DoD.

Pkills exists. Roleplay is encouraged and growing. It's well built with no modern objects mixed with a fantasy world. You won't see a knight drinking a coke and eating chips, nor wielding a double-barrel shotgun.

DoD mostly revolves around AD&D. There are clans to join, and clans to be made. Orders, Guilds. Wars, Chaos, Peace and even Betrayal, but most of all, Fun. Dawn of Demise for life...

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Comment posted on Mon Jul 5 10:30:20 2004 by Ravva Rae'Talis:

Despite some player arguments, DOD is a pretty friendly mud. You can be pk and join a clan, or non-pk and join a guild. I joined mainly for the clans, House Rae'Talis in particular, a drow clan. Wars and treaties come and go, it really keeps you on the lookout.

You start out as a single class, when you reach level 100 (avatar) you remote to another class. You level only in the second class and may only use those skills until you reach 100 again and become a dual avatar, where you can use skills from both classes.

There are plenty of skills, and for mages, more spells than I can keep track of. Thieves get to trap rooms and objects, steal from other players if your pk, and backstab. Since I've really only played a thief (I'm slow to level, though thieves are one of the easiest to level) I don't know much about the other classes. I hope this helps show you a few good things about this particular mud.

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