Lands of Oneiro
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The light at the center of the cosmic dream is fading as the chaos of oblivion tears away at the edges of reality. All of creation is at stake.

Kyranos The Sorcerer King has led his people, the Dusk Elves, into hiding on a border world of far from the persecution of the Dawn Elves. The peace of the last four millennia is about to be shattered as creatures of chaos threaten the world of Synoros. The ragged edge of Oblivion approaches and all are doomed!

Lands of Oneiro is a free to play Multi-User Dungeon game set in a unique high fantasy universe with class and race specific story questlines.

Mud Theme: Unique Setting

Additional Noted Features:

  • Passive Tutorials - No Stock MUD School
  • Class and Race Specific Quest Storylines
  • Quest Journal Makes It Easy To Stay On Track

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