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Mud Address: 4555
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Codebase:            [Smaug]
Listing Last Updated:     February 06, 2019


It is the beginning. A new horizon, where there was once null and void, now there stands a glowing world, a beacon of hope and prosperity to ALL of the Universe. The world is named Azuria, for a very good reason; it shines Azure, defying those who would taint its viridian charm. Together the peoples of the world celebrate their freedom by building a great city to honor the Gods who built the world with their Creativity and inspiration. Darkhaven, the shining metropolis of Azuria.. opalescent like a pearl amidst the forests and valleys of the world. The surrounding lands are free to explore, for the adventurers who inhabit this strange land, and they will discover a myriad of secrets and troubles amidst the azure of the world.

The gods are watching us, with every step we take, and blessing Azuria with their infinite wisdom; as they design new worlds to explore.... welcome.

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Azuria Online Stats
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# Days Listed23
Last Connection StatusConnect Refused
# Days With Status7
Total Telnet Attempts2149.304
Total Website Attempts23610.261
Telnet Attempts This Month2146.903
Website Attempts This Month2367.613