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Champions MUSH is an online version of the role-playing game Champions, created by Hero Games. ( We are now using the 5th Edition Rules for conflict resolution (combat, contests of skill, etc.).

We are set in the city of Colonial Bay, Virginia, USA. The time is the future, the year 2058. Superheroes fly the skies and patrol the city in search of crime to stop and villains to put behind bars. In their spare time, they get to know each other and are able to form teams to combat the villains that plot more havoc each day. We have solo heroes as well as team heroes.

Champions MUSH relies on plots created and run both by the players and the MUSH's GameMasters (GMs). We allow players to play heroes only. Each player is allowed three characters maximum. Champions MUSH is diverse in its characters and type of play. Please come and take a look around at this small and friendly MUSH. The system is complicated but loved and cherished by many in table top games. This is a game that requires great patience and skill. Great rewards to those who come and try.

Mud Theme: Superheroic/comic-book theme based on the Hero Games product Champions.

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Review posted by Thomas
Posted on Tue Jun 4 18:54:09 2019 / 0 comments
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So, this game uses the HERO System. It's fairly complicated as a system. No books are provided, but they have their House Rules on their website.

The players themselves tend to be pretty nice. There is a small player base however.

However, the Staff in some cases are not.

I recently tried to rejoin and was told to "stick to American comic books" among other things and one Staffer started griping whenever I tried to make a Brick with some martial arts on it. Apparently whatever fit in their "vision" of things was not something they were happy with.

As far as the setting and types of characters, it has a good vision otherwise. You will easily notice the comparisons to others. From Captain America to Captain Marvel, Thor, and others. Their in-character grid is a good medium size.

I will say again that if you can get past the Staffers, it's a good place to hang out and to play at mostly.

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