World of Naruto


World of Naruto is based on Naruto, written by Masashi Kishimoto.

In this MUD, you choose from one of 9 villages, one of 65 clans, a specialty out of Genjutsu, Ninjutsu, Taijutsu or Ninja Artist, a blood summon from Toad, Serpent, Slug or Hound, one of 11 guilds (or none at all).

You can do one of 2 types of auto missions (kage or reward), mob-run missions (get item, etc), imm-run missions, player-run missions (leaders only).

Players can become leader of their village (kage), their clan, or their guild.

Players begin life as an academy student, pass exams to become a Genin, go through the Forest of Death in their Chuunin exams, fight legendary ninja in their Tokubetsu Jounin exams, battle the 6 Paths of Pain in their Jounin exam, and finally defeat True Pain for their S-rank exam.

S-rank ninja gain the immortality jutsu and can choose a new body.

Whether you love Naruto, love MUDs or even if not, there is something in this MUD for everyone.

We offer all that you would expect to find in a World of Naruto, all mobs, skills and ideas from the series.

Mud Theme: Naruto Ninja Anime

World of Naruto Mud Reviews

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Review posted by Lee Kioya
Posted on Wed Mar 25 20:57:23 2009 / 0 comments
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I will say this, the mud is accurate, especially with the NPC and their levels of difficulty. It is very involved and very descriptive.

Also, it provides a challenge. This is not a mud you will simply breeze through to the highest level. All in all, I give this mud a 4/5. :-)

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Review posted by Anon
Posted on Tue Jan 20 19:26:19 2009 / 0 comments
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The mud is only in its alpha phase really, with maybe 6 or so original zones. Everything else is still stock. There is only 1 coder and he refuses to let anyone help him/her so the work is generally slow-going. That, and he/she doesn't take well to criticism or anyone giving their opinions on his ideas makes it a rather dull game to play.

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Review posted by Ichike
Posted on Fri Oct 16 21:17:01 2009 / 2 comments
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I made this mud in February 2008 after having the idea in December 2007. I had watched all of the Naruto episodes and mangas and wanted to make a Naruto mud to reflect that.

We used Rom, because I like Rom, and we modified the areas that we had to make them Naruto-themed, as much as we could. From there we made many Naruto-real zones. We changed many existing skills to make them Naruto jutsus. We made our own. We made many things that made it like Naruto.

We have a long, long way to go before we are really Naruto. In many ways, perhaps we will never get there. Many people get frustrated by our lack of success in getting there too.

We have only a few people that regularly play, perhaps 20 or 30 total, and at any point in time we have perhaps 10 on at once at maximum (although our all-time record is 17). Because I am in Australia and many of the other staff and regular players are from Australia, we have someone on for most parts of the day. Just the same, we rarely have too many.

One of the keys to the mud, in my opinion, is that this is a 'people's mud'. Not only do we allow whingeing, but we encourage it! If you have a complaint, that is genuine, then we will reward it and restore anything you lose. On top of that, any bugs that are found equal 5 mission points per bug, every idea 5 mission points per idea, as at when they are implemented/changed. Many people get their names to ideas and bugs, so that you are not penalized for whingeing - rather, you are encouraged for making it a better place.

One day we hope to be what we initially aimed to be. In the meantime, please help to make us as good a World of Naruto as we can be.

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Comment posted on Tue Jan 20 15:53:58 2009 by Anonymous:

'Not only do we allow whingeing, but we encourage it!' - bull

You slam people who argue with you about things, you slam people just because they don't agree with you, heard you even muted someone, lol. Even if that player doesn't quit, i quit.

I honestly wouldn't play on a mud with such a childish Head Imm.

Comment posted on Fri Oct 16 06:54:13 2009 by Ichike:

It is unfortunate that Ihvron wrote the above, as we had something of a misunderstanding. I am glad to see that he finally came back. Ihvron was one of our prized players who became a little bored having reached the max level and being so far ahead of other players and started cheating out of boredom. I feel like this is my fault in many ways, for I did not provide enough to entertain him. I work so hard on making it good for newbies that I let down our long-term players. I did not mean to punish Ihvron any more than what his cheating gained him and I think that it is forgiveable what he did.

I am not upset at the above comment, but would expect that over the balance of time such comments would be the minority.

Perhaps saying that we encourage whingeing is a bit misleading, as there were stages where that went out of control. Perhaps I should have said that I encourage constructive criticism and ideas. Outright whingeing did get to be a headache.

Nonetheless, I hope that this feels more like a MUD that belongs to each and every player who comes along, rather than just to me. I try to make it belong to players, with player leaders and so forth.

In all of our time, we have only had 1 serious cheater (whose account was deleted over it) and have only had to ban 1 person (for spamming). Our players are divided into factions, good vs evil, RP vs not, PK vs not, and so forth, but I think overall everyone is very friendly. The number 1 rule is to have fun, and I think that most people have this.

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