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When is a superhero not just a superhero?

When is a game about superheroes not just another game?

When that game is based in a completely new and original world, one intricately crafted with its own history, its own heroes, and has been built with room to grow. When that world allows players to create characters of their own that are fully realized as the champions or villains of that world, who are known by society, either celebrated or reviled, and have been adventuring that way for years. When the focus of the game is on telling finely structured, interwoven stories that promote character interaction and development, that allows players to explore the superhero genre with a freedom that both encourages new and exciting perspectives while still respecting the fundamentals that have made superhero stories such enduring tales... That's when.

Welcome to Alternate Identities MUX, a role-playing game set in a fictional Earth with an entirely original roster of heroes and villains, some established by the administration and some created by the rest of the player base, but all holding unique places of status and celebrity in a way that is rarely available elsewhere. Recently introduced to the world's established history are mysteriuos fractures to the very fabric of reality itself - anomalies of time and space that have given opportunity for the champions of good to prove their worth and the agents of evil to sow further chaos and malice. This is the backdrop against which players will write the stories of their characters, free from years or decades of changing plot-lines and rotating editors, a wide canvas on which to paint a unified tapestry.

With an experienced administration, a rich and detailed theme, robust In-Character city grids and an easy-to-use Wiki page and log repository, Alternate Identities MUX is looking for creative role-players who are as eager to tell stories in this world as we are. Please browse our site to learn more about the theme and world, characters that are already cast or who exist as part of the game's continuity, and logs of our role-play. Then, if you have an original character idea that you'd like to have exist in this world, email us a character concept to join in!

When is a superhero not just a superhero? When that superhero's alternate identity is you.

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