Chronicles of Ivalice: Emberstrand


Journey back to the era before the Lion War, before the Rise of the Church of Glabados and the purges and the famine--back to a time when the many races lived, a time of Men, Moogles and Monsters. The forces of Archadia had been defeated, the Bahamut warship fallen. Peace had been restored in Ivalice, but only for a short span. The people of Ivalice had yet to suffer the folly--a simultaneous explosion of all the land's magicite, resulting in a titanic wave of mist--ripping apart entire cities and driving people mad in droves. Outbreaks of monsters and magical fiends swallowed villages whole. Tales of the massacres committed by the Viera, frenzied by the mist's power are still told to this day, and it's survivors have not forgotten. The world as the people knew it ended, but Ivalice and the world survived. Enter Emberstrand, considered by many to be the most important city in the post-folly Ivalice. Built on the Giza River from the nearby remains of the great old Dalmascan capital of Rabanastre, Emberstrand is the trade capital of current-day Ivalice. Schools of thought, magical and otherwise thrive here, and law has returned to the land. It is a time of sky pirates, once just a term for airship crewmen--now a title reserved for those who still brave the skies to continue trade between lands. The Sky Pirates aided the Judges in bringing law and civilization back to Ivalice, however with order came political strife and turmoil. The council of three presides over the city, acting as it's local government and overseeing the day-to-day needs of Emberstrand's citizens. At Chronicles of Ivalice: Emberstrand Muck, one may be almost anything thing they wish--Hume, Viera, Moogle, Nu Mou, as well as more classic fantasy races such as goblins, elves and golems, as well as selection from nearly 40 others. We offer plots open for participation regularly, as well as free interaction with on-grid role play available anytime. Chargen and approval is real time, no lengthy email application required. Be you pirate or knight, Summoner or sage, your story begins in Emberstrand. Join us awhile, and tell us your story.

*Battle fiends with your friends. *Participate in Development Discussions and be heard. *Explore the rich theme built upon Final Fantasy XII.

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Mud Theme: Final Fantasy

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