Nuclear War Mud


Nuclear War Mud is a Post Apocalypse mud held in the future 2046 after a nuclear war destroyed pretty much everything. The government is trying to rebuild the city of Abacus. Parts of the city is thriving. But Gangs have taken over the city and divided it up. There are currently five gangs operating on Abacus: Hackers, Jetscreamers, Inquisitors, Tennos and Undergrounders.

The Hackers: ------------ The symbol of this gang is the portable computer, which comes equipped with an instant communication line between members. There are resident software programs available and resident hardware is also available for purchase. The Hackers are the longest surviving gang on Abacus. They are very reputable. They have special attacks for outlaws also.

The Jetscreamers: ----------------- The totem of the Jetscreamers is the 'screamer,' similar to a souped-up motorcycle. Programs are available for purchase from the JS professor. These include a communication line between all gang members. The Jetscreamers offer a wide variety of programs that are both resident and non-resident. Non-resident programs will be lost after you quit the game. However they have 2 special attacks for their outlaw members.

The Inquisitors: ---------------- The Inquisitors are a cult of people who think that the world has gone wrong. They believe the nuclear holocaust was a holy purification and that there will be another, unless the world is 'cleaned up'. The Inquisitors believe that street gangs and the corporations are evils that must cease to exist to avoid the final holocaust. The Inquisitors are somewhat secretive about themselves and their skills. Inquisitors will take part in the torture and death of those they consider evil heretics.Their headquarters is an old pre-war church which they have renovated.

The Fighters of Tenno: ---------------------- The symbol of the Fighters of Tenno is the white frontlet with the rising sun pictured on it. The Tennos have dedicated their time and money to the masters and instructors of the gang, and from that they have learned special martial arts powers. Among the powers one can find Tamaeshiwara, which is normally used to break bricks or wooden boards, but the Tennos have proven it useful on people as well. The headquarters is located in a beautiful dojo built Japanese style. Fighters of Tenno have the opportunity to buy an apartment in this dojo.

The Undergrounders: ------------------- The Undergrounders are dressed in long black coats, smell like dirt and are a filthy, peace-loving gang. They have fled the evil wars on the surface and are now waiting underground for more peaceful times. They have built an underground tunnel system but no one but the Undergrounders know very much about it. The only things that are well known are that they have developed their own language and there are rumors that they eat the corpses of the dead.

We will be working on player housing, player shops, crafting, and much much more!

Mud Theme: Post Apocalypse Mud

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